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Ballad Business Poems | Ballad Poems About Business

These Ballad Business poems are examples of Ballad poems about Business. These are the best examples of Ballad Business poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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What are your Words of Poetry meant for Oh Sage

The wrothful man has regotiated his saliency,
The humble man has neglected his post of "Your Excellency",
Let the pirate look through my one eye of transpareency,
Hope my superman sings along to those dracula's frequencies,
These are not Bulls written in pure fantasy,
Our fleur-de-lis and its very ecstacy,
Not meant for agilely minded Perverts,
Spliffs meant for Godly minds,exhalling Wisdom and Truth.. Selah

Reading to the salient ears of age,
Your teeth gleaning this vast ears of corn,
Seeing men's rage shorten their years,
Or what your ladies who smiled at my no-beard-style have become,
Easy skanking is what my ears hear,
A tip of God given talents,
Many a quail showering my Sweet Heart with "Works so excellent",
God breathes his creative spirit to minds We call "Salient", Selah

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The Law is Broke

Oh, shudder at the tales they tell
of making bricks or weed; 
they're made to work without reward.
their childhood's gone to seed.

They're selling drugs and stolen goods
from car to street to door;
and trading guns for merchandise
with quotas to get more.

Where is their hope devoid of God?
and who will share His name?
The law is broke;  then who will stand
to rescue them from shame?
Young girls are made to turn a trick
and boys must live with sleaze
for food and shelter, clothes to wear -
just bare necessities.

Some run-aways, some throw-aways
they're humans dealt as slaves.
They need defense from threat of harm
to shield them from their graves.

Where is their hope devoid of God?
and who will share His name?
The law is broke;  then who will stand
to rescue them from shame?

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Remembering those days

Remembering those days

I’m remembering those days
That I’d be there on that stage
Blowing a storm on the old blues harp
Oh man, I used to rage
Some said that I was the best
And I loved that ego boost
So I would wail those blues notes out
All hanging kind of loose.

The folk would come and buy me drinks
And praise me up a bit
And I would smoke the wacky baccy
Oh man, I really loved it
And then I’ get so bloody soulful
I’d forget just where I was
My eyes all closed my body swaying
Like a man completely lost.

Sometimes I’d open up my eyes
And folk were standing there
All their dancing stopped by me
With people everywhere
Just watching me the way I played
Entrancement on their dials
Then afterwards they’d buy me beer
And everyone was smiles.

But then I’d get stuck in the booze
And my head would start to spin
And with my big, loud cockney mouth
I’d raise a lot of din
Always got myself in trouble
Cause boy I loved me grog
I guess I’ve settled down a bit
Life’s really tamed this dog.

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P.S. I'm The Salesman

I spill my heart,
I spill my guts,
And you may ask,
Why all this fuss?

Owners Selling Dogs,
Owners Selling Guns,
Oh there is more,
And it's been great fun.

Day after day, month after month,
Countless are the hours I spend,
To create this behemoth,
Seemingly to no end.

Owners Selling Cars,
Owners Selling Trucks,
Oh there is so much more,
But I'm having no luck.

So to you I turn,
To seek your advice,
Do I have more to learn,
Or will this suffice?

Owners Selling Motorcycles,
Owners Selling Motorhomes,
But one thing I just wish is,
I didn't have to do this on my own.

No brokers, no dealers,
No agents or salesmen,
You'd think that clients,
Would now be rushing in.

Owners Selling Businesses,
Owners Selling Real Estate,
Look and you will find,
The greatest I could create.

So if you have the time,
To surf the net some,
Check out my sites,
And just add dot com

Owners Selling Boats,
Owners Selling Land,
Please just take a look,
P.S. I'm the salesman.

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Pipe Dreams!

In our lives filled with lofty goals,
We may reach for much beyond our means,
And as interest is piqued and grows,
We sell wisps of notions as our pipe dreams, 

Yet while news breaches concerned factions,
Of those who would off-hand discount our plan,
You may well consider these actions,
To be the final throes of a desperate man,

Watch me rush headlong at windmills,
Listen to my brave and salient battle cries, 
For with nothing I easily afford the shills,
This puffery of pipe dreams which may sink or rise,

Take account of what may be lost,
Incredible credible reputations,
So to me the onus is tossed,
And I afford pipe dream facilitations,

But as prospect becomes tangible,
And peppered pipe dreams begin to spin,
Overt liability then manageable,
The need for my Quixotic services thin,

The writing’s on the wall distinct and clear,
Yet I long for the impossible it seems,
Where I keep the company of the grand seer,
And remain the nexus of fantastic pipe dreams.

- Before I get too much bad press here I want you to know 
the term ‘Puffery’ means to build something up with flowery language.

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Run the Game

I run for ever
I run for fun
The ample resource clouds my judgment
I am further from the truth
I only see sky 
My conscious is my compass
I try to elevate and articulate
This is air for ever to breathe
Going to fall in the shadows
No-name is the order of the day
I symbolize confusion 
Then the elevator goes down
I am in the dark place I belong 
I transpose for reality 
My orders are complete
I am a heat seeking missile
Point me and I destroy
This is my future and past all rolled into one
The game is over 
I have only regret as my friend

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Greed is greed
Is greed in greed?
No greed no grade?
Greed of grade
Is grade is a greed?
Real greed is greed.
Greed is danger.
A danger is greed.
Greed oh greed
Stop the greed.
Who is greed?
Greed is greed
And what is greed
And greed is what?
Its greed, greed of agreed
Agreed to greed
A grade!
Oh greed
Lovely greed
A real greed is dangerous
Dangerous of greed
It’s in a higher grade
People are poor are by greed
People are rich are of greed.
Oh greed!

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logan number 2

keep my pace, stupid as others are, horizons belong for us not other than, steal my heart 
whenever opprotunity presents a kick to the chest. just like you did shameless ill natured
proving yourself a fool.

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i'd craved you beneath 
a sullen stroking hinder
i'd mastered your total 
morale absolute need 
for touch as simplicity 
mattered less throughout 
the graveness rather 
flowing between a covenant 
a sinking nook above seaside inn 
where memories rolled out 
with the evening tide 
coasting hushes mass sighing 
an yet you followed 
aimlessly beckoning my thrushing 
hints timelessly awaiting 
a rush of wetness bathing 
in tasteful chatter wandering 
about canyons of steel 
bending binding a cast frame 
casing emotions intertwined 
over a bottle of coppola 
my bronzed glow lit up the room 
the shore kissed new jersey at noon

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brothers, are we not for bargaining?

leg locked alibis 
graciously amused; 
seeped sideways 
upon the hour… 
if not vivaciously yellowed… 
partially true… 
and or, 
patiently negotiable… 

brothers, are we
not for bargaining? 

more so phrase…
institutionalised mediocrity… 
the cycle unbroken … 
the cathouse hosts
katyusha minds; 
volatile yet effective… 

brothers, are we 
not for bargaining? 

a quarter pound 
of deaf ear sold… 
draught droughts 
and earrings;
without vowel or self asphyxiation… 
presentation is 
only half the battle;  
inherent ostracism
brothers, are we
not for bargaining? 

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We would like to welcome you
Please come in and sit down
We’re so happy to offer you
A seat (down on the ground)
We think your work is special
And for a tiny price
We would like to show the world
Your work, won’t that be nice?
See your name (for a tiny fee)
In the books we’ll sell at…cough
But we’re offering you this special price
Of fifty percent off!
What page you ask? Well let me see
Hand me that magnify glass?
Yes here you are, next to two great works
“Belly Lint” and “Gas”
Every poem another dream
(And another wad of bills.)
Those who hope to share their work,
Pride, our easiest thrill.
We don’t mean to trick you
That’s a bonus in the deal.
See where you signed?
Well legally, you paid, we didn’t steal.
The books they maybe shabby
The CD poor quality
We don’t cater to poets friend
We slurp from vanity.
You didn’t get MY money
But not all see that it’s a sham
I searched for a beginners’ friend
I found another legal scam.

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When you are writing a poem
or a book or your name a letter
you must use plenty of flourish
which to me means something
must shine out to be seen
and noticed and remembered
by whomever is reading your creation
Mark Twain said that using 
the right word can be compared to
lightning and a lightning bug

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Career Opportunities

A beautiful lifestyle guarantee:
All these wonderful gifts for free!
Read about indiscretions,
In the latest ads they've got running:
All the secret alliances you could be planning.
High-class, back door man's agency stands here;
Nobody gets through the front entrance easily:
 maids, s and some high-class s.
Bureacracy assures a business fee for the license:
He operates as long as the city hall makes money.

While the business community removes
Ladies of the night in ripped, fishnet stockings
That their mothers wouldn't approve of.
Forget the dealers and their offerings of  ;
Enslavement to the streets is an opportunistic game.

These white collars workers insist on discrimination;
As long as they go around with their golddigging wives;
They are the ones to make the exception.
We don't talk about their little indiscretions;
As long as 'don't ask, don't tell' replaces the question.
"Put on your ripped fishnet stockings, my love!
As long as we're in this posh hotel room, nobody cares
About dry brown toast from the local bar!"
And room service that requires a tip on the table
Much larger than his precious, cheap fifty cents.

Think about going there for an interview?
Put on your best fake happy face;
Don't look like a living, walking disgrace!
Think about what the price of making money is.
Call that a career opportunity?
Private escort agency?
Girls arrive desperately;
Underage, possibly?
Call that a career possibility?

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The Year 2000

Where have all the ranchers gone?
Long time passing,
Where have all the ranchers gone?
Long time ago,
Where have all the ranchers gone?
Slowly broke one by one.
When will they ever learn?
When will they ever learn?

Where have all the cattle gone?
Long time passing,
Where have all the cattle gone?
Long time ago,
Where have all the cattle gone?
Gone to slaughter everyone,
When will they ever learn?
When will they ever learn?

Where has all the red meat gone?
Long time passing,
Where has all the red meat gone?
Long time ago.
Where has all the red meat gone?
It's just a memory like the sun!
When will they ever learn?
When will they ever learn?

Where have all the butchers gone?
Long time passing,
Where have all the butchers gone?
Long time ago,
Where have all the butchers gone?
They're on welfare everyone.
When will they ever  learn?
When will they ever learn?

Where have the healthy children gone?
Long time passing,
Where have the healthy children gone:
Long time ago.
Where have the healtly children gone?
Gone to rickets everyone.
When will they ever learn?
When will they ever learn?

Where has America gone?
Long time passing,
Where has America gone?
Long time ago.
Where has America gone?
We thank the folks in Washington!
Why couldn't they see it come?
Why couldn't they see it come?

This poem is sung to the tune of   Blowin' In The Wind

It  was written in my Column The Sandhills Schrivner 
in the Western Outlook Magazine in October l976

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Go to the Ant

Go to the ant and learn (2x's)
Go to the ant, ant, ant
Go to the ant and learn-  (Chorus)

She digs her house down deep
She builds her house up high
And though she has no king
Her armies stay alive

In the summer she will reap
For the coming winter sky
She gathers everything
Her colonies survive


Consider all her ways
She's small but she expects
Her people stay as one
And she is strong and wise

So number all your days
Prepare for what comes next
And til everything is done
Let no sleep tempt your eyes

Go to the ant, ant, ant (3x's)
Go to the ant  


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Creativity, Rest, and Money

Personal trainer pasttime profession
Explosion of love and life
And massive mechanistic strain
of Money and management

What comes
Of this personal pride?
Stubborn bootcamp bellows
My soul in arears 
Transmitting the dance and exchange

Who needs
The service of muscle and nerves
My urgent truncating peace
Chomping this temporary meet and greet

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The God's of Greed

Pinnacles rise calling their name
Letters on an index they became
At one time ethics reigned
The slaves had value in some past day
Cast aside no longer having a place till his grave
The God’s finding cheaper more willing slaves
More riches for them to plunder 
Gold for them to save
A new land to take
Humanity they forsake
The God’s of Greed always thunder
That is not their fault that mankind suffer
That any man can be a God of Greed
Provided he serves only his own need
And use the slaves for what they be
Pawns in chess game
Played by the God’s of Greed.

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My Sweatshop

We open at 5 and close at sunset 
I expect a lot of production, I provide water and towels for sweat 
A complimentary lunch that comes in a can 
There is a choice of ham or turkey made from SPAM 
They love the conditions, so they don't want to stop 
I have many benefits owning my own sweatshop 
I have people making jeans and shoes 
My business, by the Department of Labor has been approved 
One girl is pregnant, but not by me 
Her parents put the blame on Cathy Lee 
Now another 16 hour shift has ended 
Immigration came through, my business license has been suspended 
They say I am the cause of tax evasion 
Oh well, I have enough money, time for a vacation 
I ask Cathy lee to meet me at the New Haven Truck Stop 
I need expert advice on how to run a sweatshop 
She has given me the advice I need 
She said don't use cotton, save money by switching to tweed 
She also said lower their wages 
For defiant workers, provide empty cages 
It all comes down to making your business the cream of the crop 
I got advice from the expert on how to run my own sweatshop