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Business Ballad Poems | Ballad Poems About Business

These Business Ballad poems are examples of Ballad poems about Business. These are the best examples of Business Ballad poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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What are your Words of Poetry meant for Oh Sage

The wrothful man has regotiated his saliency,
The humble man has neglected his post of "Your Excellency",
Let the pirate look through my one eye of transpareency,
Hope my superman sings along to those dracula's frequencies,
These are not Bulls written in pure fantasy,
Our fleur-de-lis and its very ecstacy,
Not meant for agilely minded Perverts,
Spliffs meant for Godly minds,exhalling Wisdom and Truth.. Selah

Reading to the salient ears of age,
Your teeth gleaning this vast ears of corn,
Seeing men's rage shorten their years,
Or what your ladies who smiled at my no-beard-style have become,
Easy skanking is what my ears hear,
A tip of God given talents,
Many a quail showering my Sweet Heart with "Works so excellent",
God breathes his creative spirit to minds We call "Salient", Selah

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P.S. I'm The Salesman

I spill my heart,
I spill my guts,
And you may ask,
Why all this fuss?

Owners Selling Dogs,
Owners Selling Guns,
Oh there is more,
And it's been great fun.

Day after day, month after month,
Countless are the hours I spend,
To create this behemoth,
Seemingly to no end.

Owners Selling Cars,
Owners Selling Trucks,
Oh there is so much more,
But I'm having no luck.

So to you I turn,
To seek your advice,
Do I have more to learn,
Or will this suffice?

Owners Selling Motorcycles,
Owners Selling Motorhomes,
But one thing I just wish is,
I didn't have to do this on my own.

No brokers, no dealers,
No agents or salesmen,
You'd think that clients,
Would now be rushing in.

Owners Selling Businesses,
Owners Selling Real Estate,
Look and you will find,
The greatest I could create.

So if you have the time,
To surf the net some,
Check out my sites,
And just add dot com

Owners Selling Boats,
Owners Selling Land,
Please just take a look,
P.S. I'm the salesman.

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Pipe Dreams!

In our lives filled with lofty goals,
We may reach for much beyond our means,
And as interest is piqued and grows,
We sell wisps of notions as our pipe dreams, 

Yet while news breaches concerned factions,
Of those who would off-hand discount our plan,
You may well consider these actions,
To be the final throes of a desperate man,

Watch me rush headlong at windmills,
Listen to my brave and salient battle cries, 
For with nothing I easily afford the shills,
This puffery of pipe dreams which may sink or rise,

Take account of what may be lost,
Incredible credible reputations,
So to me the onus is tossed,
And I afford pipe dream facilitations,

But as prospect becomes tangible,
And peppered pipe dreams begin to spin,
Overt liability then manageable,
The need for my Quixotic services thin,

The writing’s on the wall distinct and clear,
Yet I long for the impossible it seems,
Where I keep the company of the grand seer,
And remain the nexus of fantastic pipe dreams.

- Before I get too much bad press here I want you to know 
the term ‘Puffery’ means to build something up with flowery language.

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The Law is Broke

Oh, shudder at the tales they tell
of making bricks or weed; 
they're made to work without reward.
their childhood's gone to seed.

They're selling drugs and stolen goods
from car to street to door;
and trading guns for merchandise
with quotas to get more.

Where is their hope devoid of God?
and who will share His name?
The law is broke;  then who will stand
to rescue them from shame?
Young girls are made to turn a trick
and boys must live with sleaze
for food and shelter, clothes to wear -
just bare necessities.

Some run-aways, some throw-aways
they're humans dealt as slaves.
They need defense from threat of harm
to shield them from their graves.

Where is their hope devoid of God?
and who will share His name?
The law is broke;  then who will stand
to rescue them from shame?

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Remembering those days

Remembering those days

I’m remembering those days
That I’d be there on that stage
Blowing a storm on the old blues harp
Oh man, I used to rage
Some said that I was the best
And I loved that ego boost
So I would wail those blues notes out
All hanging kind of loose.

The folk would come and buy me drinks
And praise me up a bit
And I would smoke the wacky baccy
Oh man, I really loved it
And then I’ get so bloody soulful
I’d forget just where I was
My eyes all closed my body swaying
Like a man completely lost.

Sometimes I’d open up my eyes
And folk were standing there
All their dancing stopped by me
With people everywhere
Just watching me the way I played
Entrancement on their dials
Then afterwards they’d buy me beer
And everyone was smiles.

But then I’d get stuck in the booze
And my head would start to spin
And with my big, loud cockney mouth
I’d raise a lot of din
Always got myself in trouble
Cause boy I loved me grog
I guess I’ve settled down a bit
Life’s really tamed this dog.

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Velvet maiden

For my very special lady who inspires me to write

Velvet Maiden

Velvet maiden of the dawn
You graceful butterfly
You touch my heart with all of you
And me, I’ll not deny
That I be mesmerized by you
Your anthem plays within
I look at you; a symphony begins…

I see you there my Aphrodite
My rose of tenderness
And something deep within me stirs
And does my heart caress
As heartstrings start off one by one
A symphony of love
And makes the heavens resonate, above.

A long, long time ago, my love
You crashed into my life
You married me, you nurtured me
I caused you so much strife
For you my heart is flowing deeply
With love so very true
I love you babe, I’ll tell the world “I do”

Rose of love, how I love you
How I breath your essence daily
You’re a sweet and tender butterfly
And I would say to thee
My velvet maiden, I be yours
Oh, I be yours forever
Yes, I’ll be yours until the twelfth of never

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We would like to welcome you
Please come in and sit down
We’re so happy to offer you
A seat (down on the ground)
We think your work is special
And for a tiny price
We would like to show the world
Your work, won’t that be nice?
See your name (for a tiny fee)
In the books we’ll sell at…cough
But we’re offering you this special price
Of fifty percent off!
What page you ask? Well let me see
Hand me that magnify glass?
Yes here you are, next to two great works
“Belly Lint” and “Gas”
Every poem another dream
(And another wad of bills.)
Those who hope to share their work,
Pride, our easiest thrill.
We don’t mean to trick you
That’s a bonus in the deal.
See where you signed?
Well legally, you paid, we didn’t steal.
The books they maybe shabby
The CD poor quality
We don’t cater to poets friend
We slurp from vanity.
You didn’t get MY money
But not all see that it’s a sham
I searched for a beginners’ friend
I found another legal scam.

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The current players in Swtor

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Oh, to the mine that filled the minds,
with it's gold lust and lore's,
millions of tons, moved by fathers and sons,
passed through her glory day doors.

Like thunder that rumbled the ground Neath their feet,
the classifier pounded the ore through the screens,
in a building that shakes and wobbles and leans,
for more of the precious glory day dreams.

Repetitive pounding of the stamp Mill hammers,
like the sounds of a thousand distant drummers,
pulsating waves that slap the chest,
watered down memories are all that's left.

The grind stone's worth, like a glacier crushing earth,
vibrates the vertebrae of the spine,
unsettled pace, that's passed by space,
pushed forward through double-vision minds.

So goes the procedure,
with no time for leisure,
for the ghostly goal,
of the Carissa Gold Mine. 

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brothers, are we not for bargaining?

leg locked alibis 
graciously amused; 
seeped sideways 
upon the hour… 
if not vivaciously yellowed… 
partially true… 
and or, 
patiently negotiable… 

brothers, are we
not for bargaining? 

more so phrase…
institutionalised mediocrity… 
the cycle unbroken … 
the cathouse hosts
katyusha minds; 
volatile yet effective… 

brothers, are we 
not for bargaining? 

a quarter pound 
of deaf ear sold… 
draught droughts 
and earrings;
without vowel or self asphyxiation… 
presentation is 
only half the battle;  
inherent ostracism
brothers, are we
not for bargaining?