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Marriage Acrostic Poems | Acrostic Poems About Marriage

These Marriage Acrostic poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Marriage. These are the best examples of Marriage Acrostic poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Reach For The Stars

Rising before me, are your eyes,.. like the stars
Embracing the light, while reflecting the moon
A room filled with people, ...yet it seems we're alone
Closer you've pulled me, as we dance to one song
Hearing old music, that we knew long ago

For, you and the night, have been here all along
Over the moon, where we wanted to be
Reaching for stars, in our own magic way

The questions I’ve asked, I know you have heard
Here and hereafter are just steps apart
Each step brings me still, gentle heart!

Some things are intended, that we never part
The place I belong, is always with you
All things I have longed for, I've had from the start
Reaching for stars,  .... I climbed over the moon
Stars shine in your eyes, as we dance to old tunes

For the Romantic Contest
Sponsored By Regina Riddle

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Willow Tryst

Without words I follow you
Into the willow's sheltering shade,
Leaves softly swaying sweet welcome
Limbing a tree serenade;
Overhead song birds keep vigil
Watching love between man and maid.

Tambour rythym of two hearts
Racing, impetuous and free,
Yearning for love's sacred moment
Secretly shared with a willow tree;
Two lovers tryst, my husband with me.

October 5, 2014

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Lekker contest

L ooking good she thinks, looking slim
E yeing the glow that's coming from within 
K nowing that all eyes will be upon her
K neeling at the altar will be LEKKER
E very person will have eyes that stream
R econstructed legs has allowed this dream

D oesn't know when pain will ease
R emarked on the baskets of doves for release
E yes now misted over Tad must be my guide
A t the stroke of 12 ,my husband will be at my side
M aking me for sure the happiest bride

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What's In A Name

A ~a cost too high to pay
N ~no fidelity; no endurance
G ~goes without saying; we flunked
L ~loved the Bling that came with it
E ~ever after; not in this lifetime
S ~so, there you have it; we’re done
E ~elated; we’ve come to this conclusion
Y ~you can refer to me as ~K~; without the last name

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Generous nature nurturing our plants and family too
Altruism sprinkled with lots of hopes and loving care
Reaching for the sun and spreading warmth to many souls
Daffodils her Springtime flower pushing through the ground
Energetic grandchildren are fertilized with play
Neila My Forever Love, The Gardener of My Dreams

©2013 Rick Zablocki

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I caress you in my arms
and your beauty alarms me...
your soft skin disarms me
and your musical voice charms me...
I lose myself within you
everytime our lovemaking begins a new...
And I knew in that moment
that I had to vent my sentiments
I love you and my essence would plead too
that I drink you, I eat you, and I breath you
...I need you!...

By Soul's Floetry 

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Can there be more solid man
On the couch he’s planted here
Under blankets and old books
Calling orders for more beer
Has he grown a set of roots

Planting him eternally
Or is it possible
That he ‘s related to a tree?
As I glance at him again
Taking drinks and giving smiles
Oh, I’d rather have him home--
                       TV’s cheaper than gas miles

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A Marriage Creed

A Marriage Creed So now my little Man, you've gotten tired of grass" LSD, goof balls, hash" and pills. Someone pretending to be your friend - decided to introduce you to me, Miss Heorine. Well honey, before you start fooling around with me, just let me inform you of how it's going to be. I will seduce you and make you my slave, I have send men much bigger than you to their graves. You think that you can never become a disgrace and end up like poppy seed waste. You will start inhaling me one afternoon. You will take me into your arms very soon and once I have entered deep down in your veins - the craving for me, will drive almost insane. You will need lots of money ( as you have been told ) for darling - I am much more expensive than gold. You will swindle your mother and just for a buck, you will turn into something vice and corrupt. You will rob and steal for my narcotic charm and feel contentment when I am in your arm. The day you realize the monster you have become - you will sollemly promise to leave me alone. If you think that you have that mystical knack - than darling just try getting me of your back. The vomit, the cramps, your gut tied up in a knot, the jangling screaming for just one more shot. The chills and cold sweat, the withdrawls pains can only be cured by my little white grains. There is no other way and there is no need to look, for deep down inside you'll know that you're HOOKED. You will despertely run to the pusher and then you will welcome me back to your arm once again and when you return ( just as I foretold ) I'll know that you'll give me your body and soul. You'll give up your morals, your consceience, your heart and you'll be mine untill DEATH do us part...
)2/26/2014 Written by Lucilla M. Carrillo Note: This will be the last poem that I'll write on this. I don't want to bore you. I just feel that more people need to know about this problem...

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My Companion

She's like the essence of variety.
Her ability to inspire me
taste like passion when she says "Hi" to me.
She'll never lie to me.
Cause she's truth.
She's love like a harsh lesson
and more precious than a subtle blessing.
Constantly testing my sanity like a harsh whisper...
And unlike fear... her sister
I kissed her and never knew lonliness
cause this...
was not an option
after adoption of her promise
She's my companion and like my heart
we were made to be together
She is forever and to sever us... is death.
Like breath without her there's no me left.
Life... my wife... my existence
I'm so deeply in love with you
Pain... I insist this

By: Soul's Floetry

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MEN acrostic


               Maybe G_d was tired when he enlivened Adam first
               Who would organize the world so full of stuff--
               No man can find his keys without a woman toting purse

Victoria Anderson-Throop (c)2013