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Acrostic History Poems | Acrostic Poems About History

These Acrostic History poems are examples of Acrostic poems about History. These are the best examples of Acrostic History poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Mediterranean island, where one finds so much to do
Abundant days of sunshine and the sea is limpid blue
Lavender, thyme and laurel; history spreads in rich galore
The temples, feasts, devotion bring religion to the fore.
Acclaimed for fruit and honey and the fish that’s brought to shore.

This is a friendly nation; you’ll be welcomed by a toast
To the best of health intended to last long while she’s your host.

Contest: A poem you have not entered in a contest #5
Sponsor: Poet Destroyer A
Placed: 6th

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A is for apathy, “You all know you are!”

B is for itching, “Why can’t I have a car?”
U is for the umbilical cord. You never cut from Ma.
N is for neutral, “Why should you take a stand?”

D is for dependent, “Hey, one always needs a hand!”
A is for angry, “Well, why the hell shouldn’t I be?”
N is for nostalgia, ‘cause in the past we’re free.
C is for the ocks ;) who run the whole damn show!.
E is for euthanasia, “When your old just GO!”

And all that spells abundance, in case you could not tell?
Or went to school in Texas and never learned to spell.

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'Youth Day'

Y - yesterday, we had this bright future
O - owned by us
U - under African Skies
T - they promised us the world, in
H - hindsight it was never theirs to promise

D - daily grace are attained from God
A - and that is the only surety in a world where 
Y - young people are still being used as pawns

In South Africa, we celebrate Youth Day every year on 16 June. It commemorates a pivotal point in our history 16 June 1976 in the fight against apartheid.

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Nelson Mandela

N – either one of his parents
E - nvisage the route he would take,
L - eaving behind the security of a place called home, 
S - earching for that elusive freedom 
O - nly a few had the joy to experience
N - ever shying away from a challenge

M - aking the decision to give up his “freedom”
A - lbeit with rudiments, pursuing a dream, many dreamt but
N - ever had the tenacity to turn into reality,
D - arkened days with years of imprisonment followed
E - arnestly trying to convince the world that, 
L - isting people differently, because of skin color build
A - nimosity and negate the fruition of freedom…

*This young man will turn 92 on Sunday, 18 July 2010*

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Love came down at Christmas

L Long ago travelled Kings
O Opened their minds to prophecies
V Visiting from afar they brought gifts of Gold, Fracincense and Myrrh
E Eastern Star guiding them lighting the way

C Company of Heavenly Host
A Allelujah! Angels appeared to Shepherds, telling Savior born
M Manger for bed wrapped in cloths in Town of David
E Evangelically proclaimed Christ the Lord

D December 25th designated day
O On which we recollect
W Why/way Christ entered our world
N Nativity only part of His story

A A new testament
T Tells of new covenant between God and His people

C Christ's coming to Earth
H Hailed as new born King, Holy
R Risen Lord, righteous redeemer, 
I Intercedes for us as
S Spiritual Saviour to save sinners souls
T Time for Truth, Trust, Trinity
M Man's belief in God of Love,  
A As Father Son and Holy Spirit
S Shall be saved

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Space Age

            Space Age
Ships float up forever out
Pilots who once sailed seas find new spirit 
Airborne crafts fill the air 
Children grow into machines that take them away
Earth was once their only home
And now the universe in endless boundaries is theirs
Geared up for foreign playgrounds, gone in an instant 
Eternity is only minutes away and just beginning there

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Jimi Hendrix..Rock Star and Legend

J	imi, a talented guitarist
I	n the world of Rock
M	ade young girls cry 
I	n his world, how he shined!

H	ard wired to play
E	arly love for guitars
N	ever found Nirvana 
D	ying each day, endless pain
R	iding strings of his music	
I	n his mind, demons taunted	
X	iting  too soon, young legend!

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911—Underground Overtime Night Workers (Acrostic)

Nine Eleven—a dark day lives of many workers were stolen away
Individuals worked all night; stayed; without seeing the light of day
Nose to the grindstone below floor level they labored productively
Effectively moving papers, stacks, racks, speedily and so selectively

Encouraged basement overtime; more taxes paid; they worked away
Loyal workers; dedicated to the cause; laziness to them—not a gift!
Earnestly they called home to say, “Honey I am working another shift”
Encouraged by those who stayed; coffee and donuts— no need to pay
Encroachment above they never did see as terror stuck during the day
Night’s darkness envelope the light; underground darkness of the night

© Joseph Spence, Sr., 8/27/09
© All Rights Reserved


Joseph S. Spence, Sr., is the author of "The Awakened One Poetics" (2009), which is 
published in seven different languages. He invented the Epulaeryu poetry form, which 
focuses on succulent cuisines and drinks. He is published in various forums, including the 
World Haiku Association; Poetinis Druskininku, Milwaukee Area College, Phoenix Magazine; 
Möbius Poetry, and Taj Mahal Review to name a few. Joseph is a Goodwill Ambassador for 
the state of Arkansas, USA, a college faculty, and a military veteran.

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O ut of control
I t shouldn't have happened
L ots of destruction

S hame on BP
P lease stop this disaster
I irrate and upset
L ots is at stake
L oss of God's creations

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Twin Towers

T wo buildings once stood tall
W hen one day they would fall.
I n the sky the planes flew
N ot knowing what they'd do.

T oo many people died
O n that day we all cried.
W hat happened no one knew
E xtreme anger just grew.
R emembering the fear
S o keep your families near.

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Thanksgiving Betrayal

Has lots of good food
And gratitude, sometimes moods.
Not all celebrate it;
Keeping this in mind,
So you can gain perspective from woes of humankind.
Go to a native pow-wow
In any state, at all;
Very often natives will tell you about how
In their own words, about the death call.
Not celebrating thanksgiving,
Grants them the respect they deserve.

Because of that first Thanksgiving;
Every tribe has suffered and observed;
Tears, trials and deceit;
Ran, as they were thrown a bad curve.
Along Americas’ rivers, lakes and even streams;
Yes many folk have suffered.
As a result, they have a traumatic past, of lost dreams;
Legacies of sorrow; for their pain’s, not one bit buffered.

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Joan of Arc a 15th Century Maverick

Joan, the girl, met messengers from heaven.
One time, two others with her saw them, too.
Archangel Michael, Gabriel, and hosts
Noticing while discerning she obeyed.
Over and over she attended mass.
Forgetting not their guiding instructions.
Armored with her banner and faith she led.
Royal armies soon saved beloved France.
Chauchon and half-truths bought the maiden death.

Joan of Arc, forgiving and faithful, was burned without complaint.
England's revenge, a martyr's glories, now, an innocent saint.

© February 24, 2012
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest: MAVERICKS 
Sponsor	Cyndi MacMillan

Form: Acrostic with a Couplet refrain.

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For every month of March in every year

For every month of March in every year

For every month of March in every year
Of course marks days to my renaissance
Refurbishment, metamorphosis, rejuvenation

Every day of my life is never a dearth
Virtues are ample in each of them
Even I befriend and I reciprocally befriends
Revelation, rehabilitation are fine things
Yes that usually surround most of my day

Moment by moment I sense reasons and purposes
Of why precious is my being to this land of living
No matter coma, the what though
Till now that not all envisage comes to pass
Happy I am for those ones that come to pass

Of every month that revolves the year, aside
Full moon counts, is my month of April

Mind loves sharing the joy of half of that month
At least with hearts and eyes that give succor-
Roommates, family members, friends near and far
Comportment in consternation, plus compensation
Have to be my compilation till that day departures

It's in my day, meant to set aside by me 
Nay, all day stand and bring the best to me 

Even at work that I'll always be occupied by
Visitor's wants and needs, and by colleagues' things…
Elders' summon demanding full attention to their plights
Resting intermittently with siesta and dusk
Yes, all of these are pertinent and need to be orchestrated

You see when I tell you I do have time, not to check time...
Etching some of the things I believe will guest and best me
Anywhere, everywhere ...all times, so long as the world continues to live
Relics too relevant to living -the leader, the lead- will the encomium me be


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Justice must see day in all situations

Universe is calling to those with ears

Society must listen and understand

Too many times, much is said no one hearing

Invisible attention in action

Creating and promoting hypocrisy

Enough is Enough, Justice must Reign!

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Common Sense

Cannot find it anywhere, that I look,
One has it when they are born to know.
Many think they have it, from a book.
Many feel, they have it, with such glow.
Only thing that can be lost and never found,
Never to be returned, thoughts are bound.

Sense of commonality, can rule the world.
Examples surround us every day, unfurled.
Now that you think, you have not lost it.
Send this to a friend, who has not one bit.
Each day, it is gone, true revelations sit.

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Alchemy (An Acrostic)

Ancient science launches research towards new technology
Learning new disciplines to increase the power of their patron
Creating new magics; generating spendable gold from lead
Hinting at greater knowledge hidden in the realms of men
Evolving sciences increase the expertise of kingdom soldiers
Machines, potions and tactics to defeat enemies of the king
Yesterday's mysteries leading the world toward today's reality

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Admiral Cardula VI

A legend that has been used and abused so much,
Deals with the undead, blood drinkers as such,
Many stories from all over the globe are told.
I have seen every movie, ever made and sold.
Real Vampires exist of this I am so very sure.
An evil form, well maybe, and without a cure.
Legends all begin with some sort of partial truth.

Can anyone definitely be sure there are no such things?
Ages have past and we still find new creatures on earth.
Realistically I cannot believe all the tales that clings.
Dracula the most famous Vampire for all it is worth.
Unites all the lore, that humankind has believed.
Listening and embellishing, has been what perceived.
A soul taken, by another has to be evil, they all sleuthed.

Victims of such a violent death are bound to be evil.
I would expect more from today’s world, less medieval.

written as an anagram for 
Vladimir Dracula

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A  llegiance
M  orality
E  xcellence
R  espect
I   ntegrity
C  aring
A  merica

These are the foundations of who we are
The events of history that have occurred have served to define us as a people 
And a nation !!!
Heroes were born of this tragedy 
And lost...
While showing the finest example of America 
Strength, honor and commitment 
What we are about 
We shall never fall 
We shall never fail
The unity of this nation is unbreakable 

Eric (and sometimes not)

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The Elephant Man

Just a boy of three
Oblique to be
Skeletal grow
Enraging flow
Proteus syndrome
Humbled him
Captured hearts
Applauded him so
Royalty he got to know
Elephant man he came to be
Youthful not like you and me
Mistreated and hurt
Exposed and shown
Ridiculed in public
Robbed and disowned
In his final years
Condition takes
" In memory of a poor soul "

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Choices of Words

Children learn from what they hear and see.
Have you ever heard certain words from a child?
Our thoughts and feelings spread to them from me.
Intentions are good, though prejudice comes wild.
Carefully, we should not press our evil, outwardly free.
Every time, we do, it will come back, oh, so beguiled.
Senses of the child are impressive, guided by thee.

Our parents embedded both wrong and right on each.
Freedom of choice is what everyone has, within reach.

Words, deeds, are what teach the young, indeed.
Our greed can also be pressed inside the seed.
Ruthlessness also transfers, but what does it breed.
Does anyone know for sure, what children will need?
Sacrifice your evilness, or your children’s spirit will bleed.

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Born January 31, 1953  – Rev. Rebecca Guile Hudson – Died January 30, 2048

HeRe, tell the truth,
   liEs The Right Reverend Hudson
 reBorn almost a century ago –
 thE time was winter,
suCh long, long hours
baCk in cold, cold days
 clAndestine rape

SaFety was unim-
poRtant for women
whO were married –
noNe spoke of
  thIngs back 
  By God! This woman
   refUsed to let that
  get In the way of
 her Living –
she Excelled at life

she Understood her birth
    diD not define or restrict
her Self, her choices, her
      lOve, her presence, or her death –  she
    kNew, with certainty:  only truth is true!

Nota Bene – January 30, 2048 is the 100th anniversary of Gandhi’s assassination

We Thank All That Is Good She Was Here!

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Love's Reverence, a cover of ''A Boat Beneath A Sunny Sky''

Chivalrist of pure intent
Honoured by the ears that lent
A tale recounted to content

Resplendant wonders brought to ear
Laments that draw an unseen tear
Evasion of the heart's deep fear

Soft young mind and placid eyes
Lucid to the tale's disguise
Unseeing the truth behind the lies

There upon the golden water
Wimsically listening to the lauder
Inclines the middle Liddell daughter

Days have come and years have passed
Golden evenings couldn't last
Erosionary time has swept too fast

Dreary dawns and bitter nights
Overcame the muse's might
Dead and gone, that fragile light

Greiving when his heart was tore
Secreted to land of lore
On through Wonderland he'll soar

Now to dream forevermore

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Have You Forgotten

Hours upon end
All we have arrived to is less then a final decision
Vengeful misconduct of our nation
Earth Mothers shriek as we rage along the freeways, disregarding ill conversation

Yes, we must have forgotten
Our lovers, friends, brothers, sisters, mothers, and fathers
Unburdened by the fact that they lie beneath our feet

Facelessly trapped in underground tunnels in mine shafts echoing urgent
Oars can no longer reach them below the whitecapped pain in the Asian tropical
Rings of fire, Manhattan buildings humiliated, crushed onyx embers, airplanes fly
Guillotine dreams, crumbled into  cobalt seas by the ways of the Levies of New 
Orlean’s beautiful jazz trumpets and Mardigras beads spilled on the streets 
To crash and burn beside the car bombs of Baghdad 
Tabernale wars waged inside holy lands and genocide in our backyards
E plurbis unum in eagle-eyed ire has been bleached to the blind color of our flag
Nadir, nail your colors to the mast

we must have forgotten

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Angel Of The Odd

Again we design ourselves of realization.
Never owning any facts beyond stabilization,
Great men have pondered many things in time.
Eventually they say that answers are sublime.
Lessons of happenings have no true organization.

Odd things happen to all who transpire.
Flesh has no protection from any mire.

The odd and unusual happens to all.
Heaven or Hell will not stop a call.
Expectations shall exploit in fall.

Offbeat deals will never be explained.
Do not know if they can be constrained.
Doubt not the unusual shall be retained.

written 02-08-2014

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Political Corruption

Partisanship hinders compromise
Oblivious voters put cronies into power
Likeability trumps substance
Idiotic commentators bicker
Tension builds amongst the people
Idealouges pollute the system
Charming individuals manipulate
Society falls apart

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Rome, NY (2003)

Rome, NY

Unto these schemes renew
The temper held in sway;
This time, listen, like the murmur
Of your heart; so tender,
So subtlety does it keep time with
The Universal notion:
If Angels cross the oceans,
if Devils soar the skies;
if solace seeps the surface,
How shall you travel?
I am told,
Nightly growing old,
Accept it.

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Erasers Removed Just Like Prayer


Empty souls enter the room
Rush to the waiting desks
Answer questions from rote
Spirit filling is left (out in street)
Erasers no longer in the room
Removed just like prayer____

(Most schools no longer have chalk boards and erasers but have electronic equipment)

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September Eleven


N*ever forget this day 
I*n our hearts forever lives 
N*ever forget this day 
E*nemy took many lives 

E*motions running still deep 
L*et's remember nine-eleven 
E*mbraced our brave heroes 
V*iewed it all on tv screen 
E*ntired world was in shock 
N*ever forget nine-eleven 

Dorian Petersen Potter 
aka ladydp2000 

September 2, 2009 

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The One That Got Away

Tears of the heart wash away what is forgotten.
Heartaches spoil the tenacity of what to remember.
Eventually all things fade, both righteous and ill-gotten.

Our lives make choices even when we do not enable.
No-one will ever say that one person makes their mistakes.
Each one of us has held repercussions of a label.

Truth is we all lost something, though we know not what.
Hearing of others loss we feel compassion to give a lot.
Amid our own losses we harbor guilt, without thought.
Traveling, sometimes not understanding what is sought.

Great loves and friendships are forfeited, for no reason.
Our passion placed on hold, till rise of another season.
Taking tolls on our spirit, blaming all, on a certain demon.

A deficit of affection plays a role in which we become.
Women or men, whom leave or are cast, will succumb.
Another shall bring warmth, building a new rhythm.
Yea though, the one that got away shall bring wisdom.

written for
Sponsor Thvia Shetley 
Contest Name The one who got away 

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Give Ireland back to the Irish

The familiar sound of gunshots rings out in the dead of night,as a sniper takes position in the bushes out of sight,
Past my front door I hear the sound of many marching feet,as II Para make thier presence felt upon a Belfast street,
Gerry Adams does a hard days graft and then it's homeward bound,as a British soldier just nineteen lays wounded on the ground,
Well he fought for Queen and country so it comes as no surprise,as he drew his last breath,said a prayer and there a hero dies,
So many slain civilians there just casualties of war,do these people even realise what it is they're fighting for?
Or has the whole point of it got lost in the mists of time,the I.R.A take credit for thier latest deadly crime,
In a safe-house miles from nowhere ther's three loyalists lying dead,one in a grave[he was buried alive]and two with one straight through the head,
But the score it was evened before the cock crowed three Catholic civilians were slain,and there's rumours of vengence and fights to the death and calls to keep calm from Sinn Fein,
As politicians armed with pens sit counting up lost lives,the Ulster Paramilitary sit sharpening thier knives,
And loading slugs into the clip of someone elses gun,cpme on now lads there's dirty deeds awaitin to be done,
In Londonderry,County Down,in Belfast,newry too,the catholics and the protestants keep Ireland torn into,
as our children grow up in the shadow of fear,there's a stench of death and bloodshen here,
So you with the power to give us a chance,let's find a solution and finish the dance,
give Ireland back to the Irish....please,or bring the whole damned nation crashing down to its knees.

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In A Whisper

written by:Brandee Augustus

It was something I thought I would 
Never get over. I mean, think about it, how do you get over the pain from the words of
   someone you considered 

A friend, if not your best friend.

With it happening twenty-five years ago, it's a wonder why it plagued so
Heavy on my mind and waking thoughts.
It was just just four little words, "You're mom is ugly."
Seeing yourself in your
Precious mother's 
Eyes can make you believe that you are this distorted creature who could never be loved or 
  beautiful; however, I grew to learn that the 
Real "ugliness" was in the person that said the words and have learned to listen to a heavenly
  whisper that keeps my mind free!

written for the "Why oh Why" contest
sponsored by Constance~A Rambling Poet
originally written June 6, 2009

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Roots of Africa

Celebrating the Legends

African Arise! Arise! Arise Africa ……………………
Dig deeper into your conscious, causes of your discomfort
I heard you are rich in diamond, gold and oil, but you are still vagabonds
I am sorry Mother Africa; I know your husband is corrupt and very abusive
It is because you divorced the TRUTH and covered yourself in illusions
True Legends died for your freedom but you are still chained in metal slavery
Together we can rise, together we can fight and together we can win, yes raise Africa, rise!

I heard you want to rise above the storm, very inspirational
But can your people afford to pay the cost, which may cost them everything
Like discomfort for comfort, pain for payment and persecution for purpose
Your success is questionable, because leaders who have no roots are leading you
If you think I am lying check your clock: you are not where alleged to be by this time
I do not blame you Mother Africa, but your parents, your husbands, and your children
True Legends died for your freedom but you are still mentally/spiritually incapacitated 
Together we can rise, together we can fight and together we can win, yes raise Africa, rise!

I heard you exchanged your birth right for a piece of meat, discredit!
Come let me show you who you are, your power, potential, possibilities and possessions
Africa you are powerful before your birth, royalty and kingship runs in your veins, cryptic!
You are the center of riches, minerals and hope, hoping you could see this, fascinating!
Arise black man, arise black man, you best in sports, music, movies, poetry, finance, governs, 
Tell your sisters and mother, its time to arise above fears, failures and falsehood, be legends
True Legends died for your freedom but you are still divided, failed to see power of unit/love
Together we can rise, together we can fight and together we can win, yes raise Africa, rise!


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Spirit Torch

Souls are guided by interior circumstances infatuated.
Persons are accountable for own actions devaluated.
Internal guidance is always there in some kind of form.
Reading the right or wrong is what will break a storm.
Indirect words may help with any decisions that inform.

Torch within your spirit will always guide you true.
Our hearts and minds will deliver a softer clue.
Recycle the tribulations that you have lived thru.
Carefully make the right choice in what pursues.
Heal mistakes; forgive yourself, before darkness ensues.

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Inviting Love

I linger and wait for your single touch.
Now and forever our love will grow such.
Vogue of emotions that will go beyond,
Impatience of our time sealed with bond.
Traces of our fervor are written in history.
I have lived and loved in a past of mystery.
Now as before we found each other’s heart.
Grown from enthusiasm from being apart.

Lost we were in the folds of past consequence.
Only to be guided by cupids divine providence.
Vows that we share go beyond our universe’s legacy.
Each of us bound in affection, fulfilling our destiny.

written by
Cecil Hickman

written for
Sponsor nette onclaud 

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Full Circle

From darkness was where creation started.
Universally life acquired existence slowly.
Light the power which gave life openhearted.
Love which came grew into passion fluently.

Coming from the power of glory as been told,
Imploding creativity of the soul so sincere,
Revolving into the black holes that appear cold,
Cycles of life may begin again, so ever near.
Look into the abyss, see not dark, see the gold.
Everything has an end, though have no fear.

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What Difference

Why is it we think one race or color is different at all.
Have we not seen evil and good in every facet of life?
Anyone know of any color of man or woman ever,
Tracing back in time, all have had devils and saints.

Do not propagate lies and distort one another’s difference.
I have been guilty of judging whole races just like others.
Forgetting, not all persons of one race ever feel the same.
Forgetting rulers have always made decisions for them.
Each one maybe wrong or maybe right, only time tells.
Rulers always set the tone of any fight or war conceived.
Elected freely or by overthrow, they decide the start.
Now you ask the questions of African nature as set.
Criticize I cannot do, since my statements above are true.
Every human upon this earth even Africans; have both clues.

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Blessed is the world because of Beethoven's music.
Escaping pain, he played piano for his father.
Enduring, to avoid the wrath of the nightstick,
Transforming musical style; never mediocre.
Hopelessly in love with his  “Immortal Beloved”
Overtaken by deafness, he composed with fervor.
Victorious, despite disability…patience.
Evermore an eccentric, music played in his head.
Never quitting, he immortalized perseverance.

© November 6, 2011
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
FORM:  Acrostic with rhyme
Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest:  ANYWHICHWAY any theme/form max of 15 lines 
Sponsored by: Brian Strand

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God Bless America

Gracious thought has been dropped from human inhabitants.
Our hearts have become cold and distant to almost everything.
Deference has no meaning for us or any other human.

Before we can carry onward, we must remember the beginning.
Lessons remembered are the key to our future roads to travel.
Every soul must search inward to see where we are headed.
Success is truly wonderful and we have fulfilled our winning.
Success without faith is gone, and the road less traveled tortures.

America has blessed each one of us from the beginning in faith.
Mercy is upon our leaders, for they have lost the true reality.
Erasing their hearts and minds of the reality, united we stand.
Refuse greed mongers of their desires, replacing with honesty.
Individuality of the representatives was our ancestor’s goal.
Call out God Bless America in truth, faith, freedom, to all.
Anything less will be the end of whatever time we have left.

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I n growing up I was always proud

L incoln spent so much of his life here

L eaving us only for a higher calling.

I nto the fray of national division he strode

N ow convicted of the certainty of the cause.

O nly in the quiet moments alone could he bear the grief

I n the need to calm the nation by bathing it in blood

S o that all men could here be free.

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Theatrical Overture

Shadows form a discreet curtain shrouding love's address      
Entering the hypnotic stage, stardust caress     
Refracting moonbeams sweep balcony focusing spotlight on gleaming tress     
Endeared minstrel plucks heart strings wooing his princess 
Nightingale perches in love's apron unbridled passion to express
A romantic balad with blithe melody, congruent harmony; decorum to dress 
Dancing to the orchestra, striking a subordinate note; fealty to impress 
Enthralled audience captivated by the last, ingratiating bow of courtliness

Medieval Stage vocabulary

apron: a stage that projects out into the audience area.

orchestra: orchestra pit is a lowered area between the stage and the audience. 

An allegory, comparing theatrical play to wooing troubador.

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Clouds parted
Children pranced
Laughter is flight
Xtreme delight
Vivid is the sight
I Am...
Magic Acts
Cats in hats
Call my mind
Change my time
Xquisite in sight
Xtreme delight
Xperience flight
Vividly me
I Am.

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Tall                            Structures
Offering                     Shelter
Withstanding              Blows
Evaporating               Lives
Raping                      Families
Security                    Needed

An acrostic poem about the twin towers of 911.

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Individual choices.. Identities allowed

No King to rule.. to none we bow

Determined are you to reach the top

Each of us can rise or flop

Perhaps you're one who doesn't care

Even that's allowed.. It is! I swear!

No one will ever force you to matter

Dance if you would at the foot of my ladder

Energy and drive heeds freedoms call

New recruits prepared to fall

Can we ever forget the price they pay

Ever thankful for Independence day!

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Freedom to Choose

For everyone there is freedom of choice
Remember that everyone has a voice.
Each person has liberty forever more.
Exemplary words will always be the score.
Do not hesitate to say what’s on you mind.
Only remember the goal, be careful and kind.
Make every effort to not block out and be blind.

Take your respect and share with all humankind.
Our freedom managed, on what others find.

Choose to impart your words, on others you see.
Have enough will power for theirs to remain free.
Our freedoms are shared with everyone in agree.
Our freedoms always gave, in total degree.
Since the statue in the bay, so given us to be,
Each person’s guardian, receptor, she’s lady liberty.

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Serpent Woman

Mirrors remind her she must live alone
Everything she sees, she turns to stone 
Dismal future she now faces
Ugly snakes upon her head like laces
She is a gorgon, Medusa is her name
Athena punished her, for beauty was her shame 

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Graciously receiving anything that may be given by another,
Realizing that whatever you lack it could have been worse.
Accepting what you have been given and share with a brother.
Telling at least someone once a day to stay their steady course,
Involving someone new in something they have never done before.
Telling your savior that you are thankful for what he has given.
Unifying any couple back on a track with a heartfelt score,
Dealing with your inner self, showing others they are forgiven.
Each of us should do these things, without making it a chore.

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Saddle back shoes or shag if you please
Trends by the thousands, hair as big as you can tease
Yoga and Yo-Yo’s; Yuppies the majority of the crowd
Leggings and Levi’s; Colors vibrant and loud
Eyelashes as fake as the breast upon your chest
Styles they come and go as we try to look our best

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Pandoras Lament

Presents of beauty, music, and persuasion, given to her and more.
A woman most earnestly desired, the first completely created by lore.
Now call her name of Pandora, which means “All gifted” forever.
Desired by Prometheus, but given to Epimetheus a brothers love to sever.
Only her curiosity set forth a chain that will remain until the end of never.
Remember, she was gave a jar, told not to open, for anything ever.
Alas she broke the seal, opened the jar, she felt that she was so clever.
Sending out such evil to which we may still be paying, with such a score.

Let this be a warning, to all who are gave such things, by a higher power.
Anguish and despair, will come to you, as it did her within her living hour.
Misled by her curiosity, she scurried to catch the contents she had exposed.
Eagerly she tried, but all had escaped, but one item that remained un-disposed.
Now we all must find, what she never let escape, from the jar that was gave.
Tell you what it was; you say so bold, hope for now and beyond the grave.

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Greek Suite

Ancient fortress, the wind carried to me your silent call,
Commune with your warring deities way deep in my soul.
Rooted among the scarred ruins strewn through the ages,
On thy hallowed ground I stand to pay my humble homage.
Parthenon, implore Athena to shield the shining city
Over whose skylines you kept watch for centuries.
Like an eagle surveying this old Hellenic kingdom
In majestic splendor - now and forevermore -
Stay regally proud, mighty and strong.


Phidias by his labor sculpted you into a majestic temple
Atop the craggy Acropolis to watch over Athens beautiful,
Rugged boulders, pine forests, ancient agoras and all.
The mighty god Poseidon lusted for the siren call of your city.
Her wisdom dictating, goddess Athena won’t cede it away.
Eons ago you rose up for Athena and till this day you survive,
Not anticipated by Pericles and other mortals, dead or alive.
Only you alone for sure can tell the rest of humanity why
None could put you down though centuries had gone by.

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Assassinated or
Controlled by

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By and by you might just agree.
Undeniably life is just floating free.
Babies are gorgeous, we all do agree.
Blowing bubbles, there are cute to see.
Living life is the same, to some degree.
Each one of us looking out in esprit,
Seeking way out of life’s, bubbles spree.

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If you listen to the words of this song your soul will display.
Nearer to the truth of faith, will all the words show truth.
Do it in the name of Heaven, be justified in the end.
Every time I recall this line, my heart flutters in dismay.
Lost treasure on mountain, to die for it would be uncouth.
Intelligence to be your guide, all their treasure would send.
Building greed and destruction, sharing was offered to all.
Let peace shine upon the earth, good will and love to all men.
Every war has been fought for good, though it served only sin.

“One Tin Soldier” is the song that had an everlasting thought and impression upon my life.

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April My Love

Assured to find a muse
Penmenship must be at its best
Relaxation and motivation is needed
Inspirations will be its bounty
Let the world discover its tale

Tribute To All Poets

Remember April Is 
Poetry Month 
May You All Find That Muse

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M an of God,yet sinner too
O rdained to rule and guide
S aviour of the Hebrew side
E xposotor of the word and law
S inger of songs..and author

See more at Ex 2 Acts 7 Ex 4 Deut 5 Ex 15 Deut 32

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A Dedication to Nancy Lynn, Nat'l Stunt Pilot

From the traces of Amelia Earhart
Her roots We could be tying
Considering how she had
Mastered "the Art of Flying"
So naturally doing her Snap rolls
The way a Computer geek
On the Internet, does his scrolls
Soaring through thin air
About the Earth's equator
Using her woman's intuition
To be her navigator
Knowing by heart, all the dangers
Of taking such a risk
Believing, solely, within herself
That "People are only killed by Cockiness"
Despite, how Our courageous Amelia
Had cold disappeared
Was Nancy still fascinated
Feeling worse things to have feared
Like being made to stay from
The one thing she did desire
Recalling how Confidants
Tried to convince her to retire
Although, She would Never give up
The freedom of flying her XL 300 Plane
Pressing on, with A sunny disposition
Ignoring the possiblities of there being rain
Because she had a "rep to protect"
Being a Stunt Pilot, Nationally known
Becoming right before Our very eyes
A legend to her death tragically flown
Upon "staying the course"
Like the crew of Colmbia Seven
Looking to defeat all odds
Getting lost between earth and heaven
Putting a damper on her plans
For futhering her flight thru the friendly skies
Except in the Spirit, appearing as a Cloud of Smoke
From which We choke in between the Cries

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Nine One One

Nine minutes, to become a hero, what could be done?
Individuals, gathering, for one goal, act as one.
No one knows, exactly how this tragedy, begun.
Exemplary persons stepped up, under the gun.

Our thoughts and prayers will go forever more.
Near and far memories will live in our hearts core.
Emptiness felt of losses, along with devastating gore.

Our past should guide us, never let down, our guard.
Never again, to let enemies, deal us, a deadly card.
E Pluribus Unum will always guide our spirits hard.

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Home Improvement ... (acrostic)

Here I am

Pals to
May be
Not just
This temporary accomodation.

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Human, is part of the word humane.
Universally, we should all be human.
My worries are; have we become insane.
Animals are to be treated, the best we can.
Nearer to God, we should be without distain.
If you mistreat an animal, that would be inhuman.
Tell me why, we allow so much worldly, human pain.
Yet, we all strive to save animals, with much acumen.

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My Crystal Ball

Many say that the future no-one can predict at all.
Yet through our past many prophesize what they saw.

Crystal a metaphysical item that has held much mystery,
Recollections of stories told that so many could see.
Yet not only through all seeing balls are parts of history.
Stars have been used to foretell, in amazing accuracy.
Thoughts brought on in different ways, blind us deeply.
Allusions in dreams have come true rising in lucidity.
Like for me, my dreams, not all but some, pan out literally.

Blessings or maybe a curse, time will show us all veracity.
Another century or after end, our knowledge will hold infinity.
Listen to all the stories being told, some chaos, others indemnity.
Learn there are many things that we know not of our residency.

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Totally peaceful~ a picnic in the park.
Restful~  relaxing~ fishing~ riverside.
Amazing~ building castles~ at oceans edge.
No strife ~ no stress~ cloud watching.
Quiet and calming~ a  misty midnight walk.
Untroubled ~ unusual~ under the moss draped oaks.
Idyllic ~ impressive~ stars on a black velvet sky.
Longed for~ nature's music~ lovers hand in hand.

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Middle Ages

M anors towering
Over the horizon
Western skies ablazon
With majesty possessing.

E arth trodden soil
Bearing feet of noble birth
Tramping blades of aged turf,
Hearts destined to inner turmoil.

D anger lurking in
Shadows of the silent souls:
Smoldering, burning coals
Leaving scares of ashes within.

I nsightful minds too
Rare to locate in this time,
Appearing so sublime
Their radiant light shining through.

E vening abbey bells
Sound the coming jubilee,
To mass we grandly flee
The Sabbath day the priest foretells.

V iking raiders come
Arriving by the ocean,
Longboats sail in motion,
Stealthy in their horrible glum.

A rmies marching near
Pillaging every city
Sorrow filled with pity,
Echoing cries of solemn fear.

L aughing now has ceased 
Only silence here to reign
With nothing left to gain
So many loved ones now deceased.

T ime is ticking to
A close, another plunder
Resounds like dark thunder
Beckoning to “The Red” anew.

I nto the misty,
Frosty air of the midnight
Eric leads the new fight
Away from the ruins gritty.
M an after man of 
Norsemen racing to the west
Shouting cries of the beast
Charging towards the mountains above.

E arly morning now 
Is here, but the Viking king
Is nowhere to be seen
He has fled after half a bow.

S ilent knights stand tall
For they have fended the 
Scoundrel attack; they see
New rays of hope starting to call
“Long live Christ Jesus,
 Savior of us all!”

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Worlds End

Why is it we always believe profits of doom of words.
Only human nature believes the worst and hope for best
Reality is that we strive to be worried in great herds.
Listening to the worst of times hiding from our zest.
Dealing in hardship and bigotry, when we are all the same,
Seduction of evil seems to be all and everyone’s game.

Evil is not the demon we should be fighting against today.
Nearer to each other, we should be and that would be the way.
Driving away prophetic doom, precious peace would play.

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C herish and maintain 
H ope and faith
I n God our Father
L ord of all creation who rules
E ternally in every situation

FOR THE PEOPLE OF CHILE- hold on to your faith, regardless!

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The Prophecy

Telling of doom and despair, they write in poetry and prose.
Hearing and deciphering as in any piece, varied elucidation,
Every century, has a foreseer of the past, their words have rose.

Preparing for tragic events, is like finding something un-lost.
Reality sets in afterwards, when the details and time has past.
Only profiteers gain from our fears, while humanity pays the cost.
Prophecies are words shared, written of mind and heart.
Hearing tales from the past, though written only after the fact.
Every one in their hearts, know the truth‘s, from the start.
Careless weaving of tales can bring such harm and destruction.
Years may change the words, prophets continue in the part.

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Amish Tragedy

Amish families weep as they bury their

Murdered daughters; those poor

Innocent little girls torn from their lives and

Sacrificed on an altar of self-pity by a suicidal man.

Heavy hearted we watch these quiet people who


Take nothing from us and ask for less,

Readily forgive without question the man responsible.

Asking not for vengeance or justice, but also

Going to his wife and children in peace;

Embracing them in the love of God and

Demonstrating the true meaning of forgiveness.

Yes, I believe they shame us.

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Celebration 50:XXII

"Out of many one people" should not be read or spoken lightly
Untold heroes held arms with the unsung to make this a reality
Trouble teeming they defied, no obstacles could their will defy

Marching from plantations, hungry roaring in their bellies, these
Ancestors: noblemen, farmers, slaves, dreamers of a new place
Nation builders, warriors, though fragments of that mighty race
Yearned, planned, toiled, fashioned the flag blowing in the breeze

Omniscient God we give you thanks for love and the guiding hand
Nurturing in us gold of spirit that we may always believe your will
Eternal is to prosper us green as mountains, golden as our sand

Proud of this heritage carved from the black of night, and toiling till
Energetically through darkness into light, O God, we give thanks
Onward now for the golden tomorrow, green in vigor and in youth
Patient in virtue we march together, solidarity binding our ranks
Love that made us, love eternal, and love the motive in every heart
Eternal Father, bless each one, and each determined to do his part. 

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Take these thoughts within your mind.
One should know what suffering is.
Realizing if you are questioning the act,
Then it must be cruelty in some form.
Universally if it causes suffering at all,
Reality is that the act must be torment.
Exacting the realization, this act is, Torture

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H.R. 3162

Rolling arrogance
Invasion of mind
Perception skewed by wire

Revelations are rarely kind
Evolution of self reliance
Pernicious egos construct conceit
Under the pressure of false-flag terror
Battling ourselves mercilessly
Leaving the thieves to pillage
Individual thought too great a threat
Constitutional privilege rendered dead

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B road minded
A blessing to others
R eady to take a risk
N atural gentleman
A friend of God
B ible believer
A lways a team player
S on of encouragement

See more @ Acts 4;36/9;27/11;22,25,30/13;1,50/14;12/15;36,39/I Cor 9;6/Gal 2;1/Col 4;10

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Complacent Desires

Courage and boldness we have forgotten in these days.
Our ancestors had only future expectations to live for.
Maybe, we have slaughtered the ideas; they had in a way.
People relaxed and comfortable, nothing new in store,
Laziness of no dreams or desires; we have it all today.
Anxious not for any changes, let us keep it the same.
Centuries of ruins would not exist, if they had no fire.
Expressing nothing that we have now, without a game,
Now think; where we would be, without their simple desire,
Trapped with no mechanics, science, or exploration aim,

Dreams are what made us, this so-called great nation.
Everyone wants to fight progress, save the past notion.
Salvation of our ancestor’s greatness is in information.
I want to preserve historic ideas, creations in contemplation.
Relics, continued treasure, do not forget about expansion.
Events from the past show we are full of personification.
Secure the now, and then stand firm for forward motion. 

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Phidias by his labor sculpted you into a majestic temple
Atop the craggy Acropolis to watch over Athens beautiful,
Rugged boulders, pine forests, ancient agoras and all.
The mighty god Poseidon lusted for the siren call of your city.
Her wisdom dictating, goddess Athena won't cede it away.
Eons ago you rose up for Athena and till this day you survive,        
Not anticipated by Pericles and other mortals, dead or alive.    
Only you alone for sure can tell the rest of humanity why     
None could put you down though centuries had gone by. 

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The Surge

D angerous moral atrophy as the
E ver-deepening war orgy visits
B urgeoning bile from out the
A battoirs release of souls to their
U nspeakable death.  Watch a
C arefully orchestrated mosaic of
H onorable enlisted twisted to
E ntertain an illusion of security
R eminiscent of hitlerian thrusts
Y earning to control.

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Fleeting Power

Look who is trembling in the corner, helpless
As a dog that has lost its fearful bark and bite;
Man of  the moment he used to be, merciless,
Endlessly going after perceived rivals in sight.

Driven by greed for power and devoid of civility,
Undoing old statutes to fit his crazed ideology,
Cast from the throne, a sorry image of a man,
King of the hill, king of clowns, is now all done.

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I look Into my glass.
Viewed or wasting grace
Set, "would God It came to light
My Heart had melloy as rhyming
By Champagne grown fill cold to Me.
Could loney wait my endless rest with equanimity.
Time, to make me a poem understandable lines
Steals, lets part abide; and shakes this Champagne a toast
At Eve with applause of no even from the Outside I could sense
Inside of welcome, lack of abiding Life like Balloon's In the Air, a certain
Melody sounded a show loveness faith one now It's gone and read at this
Radio, each poem neatly my Ears He foundly call who He noctice wrote

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Quickly, sword in hand, he dashes to the battlefield,
Undaunted by booming cannons aimed right at him,
Inured to adversities far greater than his tiny shield,
Xpecting to wage his lonely fight, though not to win.

Only his soul knows what he really and truly wants,
To be a worthy foe or just an annoying mosquito?
In the end he is forgotten, mere footnote in history,
Crushed, wasted, relegated to the bin of ignominy. 

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F earless they stand
R eady to fight
E endurance they pray for
E motions running high
D evoted to their country
O ptomistic in their goal
M others' tears falling

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M- ust strive to be all he was predestines to be.
A- and trust the GOD above,  who will
N- nevermore depart.