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Brother Acrostic Poems | Acrostic Poems About Brother

These Brother Acrostic poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Brother. These are the best examples of Brother Acrostic poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Sister girl 
African pearl
Such finesse
So much, you have to give.
Yes, you are beautiful!

Are you paying attention to me?
Nile I am.
Dark and handsome man and confident…

For the love of God
In this real world
Never have I 
Ever exploded with deep words of lust!

Sophisticated woman
After thoughts
Savoring your body
Suc-cor your tongue
Young and free!
Affixed to your smile
Depths of passion!

Feel me
Indigo blue
Nice fit on you
Enriched this day!

Such words of desire
Ask you to be a part of my life.
So real to happiness
Seductive I am.
Yearn for me!

Apex to
New elevations for
Deep sensations!

Finding each other is not a sure coincidence.
Inspire by other elements
Nadirs we are not.
Essence we are.

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BROTHER acrostic


Just and passionate 
A true outdoorsman year around
Cannot change his iron will—it’s like a force of nature
Kinsmen treasure his stalwart company and joy of cooking

Big man with grace in strength
Roars the engine when he waits too long
Only reads in the dead of night
Takes kids out to ski without a grumble
Holds a glass each day to toast the dusk
Escapes the winter to fish the Gulf Coast
Rigs up shelters for wandering bluebirds

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T he story of two brothers who fought for their country,

A ll wars did they fight with valour to victory,

L ife did give them honour and ranks,

E nd of the day life gave them only sorrows and regrets.


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Whirlwind terror
Away to face the eternal.
Loved by family and friends but
Lost to us now.
Always remembered, taken too quick.
Clever fox left unfinished business
Ending life's journey too soon.

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Thanksgiving Day/Dane Ann

The wind is quite blustery on our short walk to grandmaws
Hankering to have some chocolate pie and dressing
And see the new baby boy!
Never get to spend  much time with the family lately
Kiss 'em all and get a hug
Stress out over all the germs we shared
GOD grant us blessings all the days of our lives
IF the heartburn doesn't kill me tonight, praise Jesus
Value of family --priceless$$
If brother can hobble he will make it ok
Next year will be better
God grant brother a new hip by Christmas

Drop off some new teeth for granny
Ann, she needs to chew her food good
You're faithful and just to grant our needs!

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King of Pop Acrostic

Midst all the praise, forgotten all uncouth,
in this our time, we shan't remember this,
conveyed to all the world, his morbid truth,
he wanted more than anything, his greatest wish,
above all else, he wanted to be white.
enough to show the world it turned out right,
long after all is said and done, he turned out white.

Just as, in hot pursuit, no one could see
another 5, without his his dancing frame,
come latelys came too short to even be
known as contendors of his cherished name
so white is white, they never want him black,
or even guess he's not one of their fame,
nor see into the junky in his name.

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People barely notice.	
Realize or even care.
After we leave this world.
You have nothing to declare.
Everyone will be judged.
Repent if you must.
Have love for your brother.
Enter the gates if your just.
Leave the world in your wake. 
Pack an empty bag when you go.
Stop loving the things of this earth.
!??? Or didn't you know?

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Christmas Tree Tradition

Coming together for decorating
Having fun with everyone
Rising together to put on the lights
I sure love the simple ones
Star goes on last
That is my brother's job
Making sure the star is safe
Atop the beautiful tree
Smells of fir trees fill the air

The home-made ornaments go on first
Rearranging to fit
Everything on, is an interesting task
Everyone stops, steps back, and looks at our beautiful Christmas tree

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The climate has change
The species have evolved
Change is the word that eludes me
Change is what I want for me

I seek to change my behaviour
I so want to be a tree
A tree that lose leaves
A tree that gives shade
A tree that provide fruits

I need a change 
I want to change for them
Be the change they wants
Be their hero for lifetime

Time pass fast now
Times has come now
The time to make a change
The change for my children

It is a wish my staggering body need
It is the change my lungs seek
The change of new air filled with sweet smell
The change my brain approves
Oh hail my stubborn heart
Please let me change

Let me change for my father’s sake
Let me change for that fragile soul
Make me the hope for all
Make me lead the way for all

Change me!
Show me where to start
Show me ways of being smart
I only see shades of my figure
I see clouds engulfing my small figure

Change me now
I wanna see the light
I want to see it tonight
This is the right time
This is time for bright things

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This is my rhyme, this is my voice:
Right feelings spur, right thinking raise;
In space and time, in proof and poise;
Blossoms occur, blessings appraise;
Urgent needs hurl, urgent wants pour;
Trust you concurred, trust you embraced;
Endowed our world, endowed our doors!

Faith in our land, faith in our soul;
Obsessed our trends, obsessed our bowl;
Rich action plans, rich fertile whole.

Our leader bold, our leader wise;
Used words to hold, used means to rise;
Ripe message told, ripe rewards prized.

History states, history styles:
Etch sure accord, etch clear story;
Lovely our fate, lively our smiles;
Move fine record, move grand beauty;
Such is your way, such is your grace;
Mindset set tough, mindset set brave;
Asked voters' sway, asked with straight face;
New team smoothes rough, new dawn to pave.

We follow truth, we favour trust;
Echoes of proof, echoes that last.

Profound strong mind, profound stern heart:
Respect you earn, respect you trade;
Ample you find, ample you start;
Insights we yearn, insights you made;
See our fond smiles, see our fine briefs:
Enriched lifestyles, enriched beliefs.

Leon Enriquez
18 Feb 2014