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Acrostic Beautiful Poems | Acrostic Poems About Beautiful

These Acrostic Beautiful poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Beautiful. These are the best examples of Acrostic Beautiful poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Underneath the exterior Gardenias bloom unannounced Lamenting that no one lifts the veil Yearning to be seen...

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Sister girl 
African pearl
Such finesse
So much, you have to give.
Yes, you are beautiful!

Are you paying attention to me?
Nile I am.
Dark and handsome man and confident…

For the love of God
In this real world
Never have I 
Ever exploded with deep words of lust!

Sophisticated woman
After thoughts
Savoring your body
Suc-cor your tongue
Young and free!
Affixed to your smile
Depths of passion!

Feel me
Indigo blue
Nice fit on you
Enriched this day!

Such words of desire
Ask you to be a part of my life.
So real to happiness
Seductive I am.
Yearn for me!

Apex to
New elevations for
Deep sensations!

Finding each other is not a sure coincidence.
Inspire by other elements
Nadirs we are not.
Essence we are.

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Winter Acrostic

Wind and frost have come to bite our noses while 
Images of glistening snow sparkle in the moonlight.
Nights in this valley have brought us a taste of heaven,
Tranquil scenes we see while taking our evening stroll.
Everyone in their houses getting ready for evening in silence,
Reaching home we cuddle drinking cocoa by the fireplace enjoying winter.

Judy Konos: The Lazy Contest 

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My Beautiful

My beautiful you are the one that completes me
without you,I'm empty,but beautiful with you i'm complete

you are my better half

you are my Life,my Love,and my Everything

with you my beautiful I'm complete

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Longing to see you grow so vibrantly & majestically like a precious lily in the Kerfly Hills! Show off your green-blue, velvet wings as you soar in the current of the aqua-blue sky! I’m hoping you won’t pass me by! C-;
Inviting in positivity, naturally made by you! When you are feeling as low as the sand in the sea, think of me…think of me…remember our fantastic friendship…reflect on me…reflect on me… – our friendship will always be grand! Believe me – you’re a clever companion and I’m a brainless bard! We’re both busy bees, but our lucky link – friendship-wise – is intriguing! 
Look up to me & I will motivate you to shine on like the dawn ~ ; don’t be weighed down by the dismal nightfall…I will unchain you from your lonesome dorm…feel free to knock on my door anytime! I’m available to you 24/7, especially in the sun-shining, splendid summertime!
Love the way you are, shining bright like a luminous diamond (Rihanna reference <3)! Your passion-beaming personality sparkles & shimmers like stars that appear in the ebony skies – you’re a light in the world & you are the Merciful Rain that descends from bitter clouds! Don’t let anyone dampen your spirits! 
You Gottah keep trying to go the distance and let your passions flare with fervor flames, friend of mine! You are charming and striking! I know I can act outlandish and awkward sometimes, but you put up with me just fine! Let’s tread the narrow road of recovery & nirvana! When you approach your obstacles, I’ll be your Emerald Compass, guiding you to your Heavenly Haven and steering you away from the commotion of the ocean! I wish your light can shower upon this land of wonders & serenity, you appealing angel! You’re never dull…promise me you’ll dim no more! Sleep well in your Heavenly Haven and rest your soul on cotton-candy clouds! Now, I’m trying to find my tranquil dwelling place – I’ll help you fulfill your superb dreams! Soon, it will become a super incredible reality! Someday, it will become a dream of reality! 

-inspired by my special friendship with my school friend, Lilly.
(Also, inspired by the music I was listening to on - make your playlists on that website and listen to music/broadcast music! Sign up for it!) 
I met her in French class in my Junior year! 
She was a Freshman when she met me! 
Now, I'm gonna be a Senior and she's gonna be a Sophomore. 
Wow, how time flies!
Do comment on this poem and pen on, 
dear poets and poetesses. 
Be a light to this world, 
sweet bards 
(be not a brainless bard like I!! J/K :D).  

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Seeking the perfect picnic spot
Utopian sunshine so mellow
Mountainous waves for surfing
Marching to nature's rhythm
Ever have basil flavoured ice cream? (better than it sounds)
Reeling in the Catch of the Day

Spending time on my bicycle
Under the star lit canopy dreaming
Marrying seed to soil, fresh grown
Meeting my family at the cottage
Enjoying the antics of energized grandchildren
Relishing floating on mirror like moisture

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Sense of humour, elevating our spirits
Musing over the simple things in life, rejoicing at what we find
Imagination stimulated, childlike, seeing the wonders in life
Light heartedness, laughing at one’s self!
Everything as it is meant to be, smiling, enjoying, the gift of life

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Morning Acrostic

M. oving from my sleep
O. nly echoes of night remains
R. eturning from dreams of your loveliness
N. ever believing I would meet someone like you
I.  awake with delight
N. ot alone anymore for I have you
G. ood morning my love

This morning
the breeze
awakens the earth

Birds sing cheerfully
to the earth

This is the time
to wish my love

a good morning.....

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Generous nature nurturing our plants and family too
Altruism sprinkled with lots of hopes and loving care
Reaching for the sun and spreading warmth to many souls
Daffodils her Springtime flower pushing through the ground
Energetic grandchildren are fertilized with play
Neila My Forever Love, The Gardener of My Dreams

©2013 Rick Zablocki

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Judas betrayed Jesus’s whereabouts
End, was near
Son of God, knew this
Universe of the Son of the Divine Father, restored
Sins of man forgiven, Prince of our Universal domain, alive in the hearts of his children

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Linda Marie Bariana

Luminious amongst the stars,I see you winking at me from the window of the sky

Iridiscent your smile,from our shared world,somehow far,yet very close, I feel you

Noble that heart,sensitive and kind,such words describe you

Dazzling those eyes,blue as calm seas,pure as the rain,warm like June breeze

Angel on earth ,and now in heaven, your light will guide us

May baby,Spring births a flower which blooms your name

Amiable to all,so few are like you

Ravishing beauty,radiance surrounds you

Immortal soul,your presence with us

Eternal whisper,Sweetheart of the soup,Extraordinaire poetess Linda~Marie

Dedicated to the Sweetheart of the soup Linda- Marie Bariana
who joined our Creator on the 31st December 2013
Thanks Linda for  being my friend

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Bath for Two

B lindfolded he leads her down the hall,
A nticipation makes her start to giggle.
T here he lets her dress slide slipping to the floor,
H anding her a red rose he removes the blindfold.

F ascination shows in her excited face,
O ver the floor is a carpet of rose petals,
R ed candles have turned the washroom into a spa.

T he scent of perfumed water fills their senses,
W ater spills as he draws her into the tub.
O ne heart and one soul become one.

Written by Brenda Meier-Hans 
Regina Riddles Contest: Romantic Acrostic
1st place win 

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Children Laughing

Can anything be more beautiful than the sound of
happy children?
Innocent of wars;
loving with open hearts.
Dreaming of grandeur;
renduring the madness of the world irrelevant.
Enjoying the simplest of things;
not consumed by profits.

Let us have the hearts of children.
All for one and one for all.
Uninhibited and free spirited;
guided by the goodness of our inner selves.
Having courage to believe anything possible;
incapacitating negativity.
No more beautiful sound in the world than
giggles of innocence.

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Friendly Memories

Friend that listens and cares
Real  communication and conversation
I know there are many good memories
Eternally there guiding and keeping us safe
New liasons that enhance our lives
Divine guidance from God
Liking that person because there are very special
Yesterday the memories linger on

Mention the excellence
Everyday friends guide us and nurture us
My wish to always have friends
Occaisionally visiting and blessing us
Reality of kindness and love
I appreciate friendship
Evergreen and new and refreshing
Sophisticated all the while humble

Author: Gwen Meyer-Erlach Schutz

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Miss You

Missing you, as seconds, minutes tick away Inside my heart you are I warmly display Seeing you makes me smile, widely as I do Sensing your heart fills me a through Yearnings of we knowing of our tomorrow Open hearts have now declared, we'll be Under God we are, ridding us from sorrows .

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Earths people, it is time to wake up, the ‘Prince’ is alive! 
Ascension available, access through your heart 
Seek and you shall find! 
Time is short, personally unite, connect as one
Eternity given
Rise to the occasion, celebrate the gift of life, bond, with ‘our lord Jesus’ and ‘our Universal Father in heaven, building a bridge, experiencing kinship, between human and spirit

                     ***Happy Easter Everyone***

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Beautiful Lady

You may find in this life if you’re not too shady
Someone who is precious, like my beautiful lady
The person whose name at the end will be written
The one who will know by this verse that I’m smitten

The words that I write come straight from my heart
About a beautiful lady whom I hope won’t depart
A verse of what each individual letter means to me
A verse that will show just how wonderful is she

B  is for beguiling, that look of love in her eyes
E is for emotion, for her love that gives me the highs
A  is for adorable, her captivating charm
U  is for unabashed, the love which cannot harm
T  is for tenderness, witnessed in her every touch
I  is for intensity, in our love making theres is so much
F  is for faithful, of which I have never a doubt
U  is for unembellished, without make up, her beauty still shines out
L  is  for loving, and treating me like gold
Please read on for there is more I must unfold

L  is for lingering, her kisses long and full of passion
A is for absolutely, given love with no short ration
D  is for dress, she wears her clothes with such great style
Y  is for yearning, for me just to see her smile

At last you say you’ve reached the end now please shout
Whose this beautiful lady  that you are writing about
I would tell you her name but she is so shy
Yet still the most beautiful lady underneath the sky

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 S-  Silent
 N-  Nostolgic
 O-  Opalesent
 W-  Winter's harvest
 F-   Fabulous
 L-   Lumminesent
 A-  Arksending
 K-  Kraftingly coledged
 E-  Earth things
 S-  Snowfall

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M-Maker of our perfect home
O-Offering all till we were grown
T-Thoughts of us night and day
H-How you cared so many ways
E-Every touch helped us to see
R-Real love in a cherished family 

*Happy Mother's Day to all of you incredible moms.  
Your sacrificial love and tireless efforts on behalf of your families is just amazing.  
I pray that today you are cherished and appreciated for all that you are,
and all that you mean to your families.  
Sweet blessings!

Date: Mother's Day

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Just the
Kind of

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Happy Birthday

Happy birthday you're growing up fast.
A beautiful and amazing young woman
Pretty Cool and Funny
Pure in the heart
You just gotta keep on keeping on
Beautiful and Rad
Including that i will by sad that you are moving
Really just sweet and caring
The Best Girl in town
Happy Birthday to you
Delete all the bad memories and put yesterday in as a good one
Amazing funny and pretty
You just gotta Keep on Keeping on.

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To get lost in the world’s everlasting trance 
Rarely moving, afraid you’ll miss a second glance
Amazed by all the sights that you see
Venturing to any place makes you feel free
Eloquent the old cities will always stay
Love for traveling can never be washed away

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birthday is the most colorful day for all.....
but for me,
your birthday is more colorful than mine.
its the day which keeps me more happy,beauty and energetic.
be smiling.
the day will be charming.
god will keep you happy,smiling and peaceful throughout the year and life.....

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Autumn's Song and Dance


A cold wind rattles my window
Under blankets I snuggle warm
The beautiful flowers sadly will bloom no more
Until the cold weather has gone 
Merry still the birds that sing and dance
Now the trees lay down their emerald gowns
Silent flocks of birds fly away

Summer delight is over
On the ground the brittle leaves all lay
Nothing is green for it has turned to gold
Glittering, swirling, twirling in an Autumn dance

Around the fireplace at night we gather
Nights long with the sighing wind
Down the sun early

Dance the tumbling, trembling leaves
And the forest is crimson and golden
Naughty bandit squirrels steal things strange
Come dance the forest path with me
Everything is beautiful and changing magically

Written August 27, 2012

For the contest, Autumn Acrostic
Sponsored by Francine Roberts

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The Moon Shines In My Eyes

Go far away,
beyond the dark skies,
in this time of day,
see the universe through my eyes.
At night,
the moonlight,
shines so bright like stars,
you follow me,
no matter where you be,
you're always there,
the most mystical sight by far.
Every time I see you,
I make a wish whenever a star goes by,
what I want to do,
is to have the will to fly,
I would fly into your world,
for you are the moon that shines in my eyes.
Fly into the galaxy,
beyond in my memories.
The universe is amazing,
a place to be free,
a sight of wonders,
a sight of endless colors spreads wide,
I see your world,
just by a glare at the moon looking straight into my eyes .

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At last,I'm in the place I envisioned to be
Unending happiness I hope to forever feel
Soon,the wounds of the past will heal
Time truly flies fast
I am so happy to have found happiness at last
Now my heart,body and soul rejoices!

Ecstasy and joy,i now enjoy
Synergy and faith,i now employ
Euphoria and emptiness are history
Kindness and humility prepares me for new oppurtunities
Eager for the future,cause I smell the scent of success and victory!

CONTEST-valentine any poem contest
dedicated to skat A and my poet destroying friend,poet destroyer,LOL,who welcomed me here with LOVE.

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Gardening is planting the seed in hope that it will grow and blossom 
All things will blossom with time and sunshine
Roads can get bumpy when it rains but you can weather the storm
Don't let to much water fall from you can it can ruin the roots
Even if you don't mean to you still can neglect you plant
Never give up on your plant even when it looks like it's dying
I will give it plenty of time and attention and I will talk to it too
Need to give it plenty of space when transplanted so as not to anger
Grow with all my heart till it will burst open

The Sweetest Touch Contest
Tricia Bernard 

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Infrangible my soul resides in its heart,
Nonpareil on globe is our native land,
Debonnaire adds upto its dominion,
Iridescent culture its exquisite charm,
Acclivity and power we always dream of  !!

A golden sparrow once known, will resume its 
The entire world will shimmer with its splendour  !!

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Beautiful melody permeating the air
Instilling precious feelings of joy and
Rapturous bliss that fills me with
Delight and ecstasy as I listen to its
Sweet serenade filling the airwaves
Overwhelming my being with
Nature's soothing music of the 
Glorious splendour of birdsong


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just Lacey

Little angel came to me just before the dawn
A screech she did exhale followed by a yawn:
Charismatic, joyful happy soul shared her life with me
Every single day, month that has gone by: 
Years she shines sunlight in my eye

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what's there to doubt

Seeing the trees in the country yard brings jot to my face. I lean on the south window and let my pride expand.Every day i stroll in the garden for pleasure. Cane in hand i walk and rest. Occasionally raising my head to gaze into the distance. As the sun's ray's grow dim and disappear from view. I walk around a lonely pine tree stroking it back home again. Here i enjoy honest conversation with my family. And take pleasure in books to dispel my worries. And am moved to think that my life will come to a close. So little time are we granted human form in this world. Let us then follow the inclinations of the heart. I have no desire for riches. And no expectation of heaven. So i manage to accept my lot until the ultimate home coming rejoicing in heaven. Commander what is there to doubt?

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Mother Poem 2


Mountain of stability
Over protective keeper
True loves meaning
Hugs unlimited
Every role when needed
Rock hard strength.

4/27/14-Jessica Thompson

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A Life Rewarded

A Life Rewarded

H appiness was far way over there
E very day I longed to just share
R omance, her sweet life with mine 
L ong had waited for such a find
O nly she could truly complete me
V ery soon both our lives would be
E ternally joined in heavenly bliss
S weet was her lips and sugar kiss
A trip and our worlds found delight
V ery much love found the first night
E ach minute after that was pure joy
D arling you had captured this 'ole boy
M any days each spent in loving embrace
Y ou so very beautiful and full of grace
L ove had me in it's wonderful grip
I needed no other long distance trip
F or we knew our love would forever last
E very blessing had been my way cast

Robert J. Lindley, 06-23-2014

Her love saved my life....
so flew to her , to ask
please be my wife 
She replied , yes, Yes!
I love you forever 
and want a wedding dress!

First ACROSTIC poem ever written for my wife...
methinks it is good enough to give her...
I just saw this is my 200th poem! How wonderful that it is
 dedicated to my wife and about her saving me!
Couldn't be better if I had planned it!!!

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The Music might be played by others, but we remain the maestro of our own melody.

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Angel Eyes Are True

Angel Eyes Are True

A cross this world life loves and beams,
N obody sleeps and never ever dreams.
G one are years that were so very bad, 
E ach day spent missing my loving Dad!
L ingering memories sail my hopeful ship,
E veryday brings such a very joyous trip. 
Y our love is sweetly sent each happy day,
E ternal love binds our hearts every way! 
S ent back were promises in my dreams,
A wealth of love in such gentle streams.
R emembering Dad's solemnly sworn vow, 
E very word rings so important even now!
T he vow was to always safely guide me,
R eturning fruit from Heaven's finest tree.
U nder family's loving and hopeful view, 
E yes watching me very wise and true!


Dedicated to my dad......

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Favorable and a faithful young lady indeed! She’s compassionate, bright, positive, confident, easygoing, single-minded and humble (unlike Charity) and she’s the mother of Joy’s niece!  
(I won’t tell you all her name…I’ll leave it as an anonymous thing until later on of course)
A pretty, prudent, humble and joyous individual, bearing all of the traits her sisters lack: hope, joy, charity, and so much more! Above all, this is the trait she builds up before she passes away: TRUE, GENUINE, & TREASURABLE LOVE <3 
I believe she evidently found the love in her life…a boy that’s poor in the world’s standards, but rich in heart…he shares most of the traits she has and he has some she doesn’t have…and vise versa! They were like two peas in a pod and they were destined to be with each other for eternity (strangers to best friends to a cute, charming couple)!
Tranquilizing like a violin her voice is! She’s a surprise at every corner! She has a priceless, graceful voice greater than many! She’s unpredictable and untamed with enthusiasm and curiosity (much like her daughter) and takes it on another level! 
Has a hilarious side of her, though she’s too bashful about it getting out of control in front of everyone, including some of her family and friends . . . She brushes her hair to try to let go of the embarrassment she feels inside; likewise, she’s grooming away the gloom in her solitary bedroom and wants her sister, Charity, to reflect upon her for one (she feels left out when she’s hanging around her because she’s self-centered and doesn’t notice her, only herself)! She refuses and breaks her heart, once pumping with plenty of effulgent, extra-incredible exuberance – thanks a thousand for your ignorance, Charity! Have a giving heart like Faith, thumping with triumph, thundering wonder and thanksgiving! All 4 of the sisters should gather and preserve faith forevermore!

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Another chance at life
Never met a girl like this before
Gives me confidence
Increased hopes blooming
Ever since I met this girl

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Unknowing Beauty

Unknowing Beauty

Beyond all compare
Effervesent in all it conveys
Attracting distant eyes
Unaware of its powerful stance
Yours and mine

5/25/14-Jessica Thompson

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Help is something I need
Even though I refuse it
Let me learn how to accept it
Please, don't give up on me.

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A nd the sun rises
in her eyes
C ozy. Piercing my
stagnant pulse
Q ueen of the sky;
thawing my deserted
U nfolding sore
ripples; folding my
grey cloud
A nd showing beneath
H eavens! How deep
am I?

For Acquah, The
first Magi.

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Pretty Ms. Jackson in her daisy dukes
Upsurges her mental state to entice Luke.
She sashays her body to the booth.
Her crowd adores her to.

My my my...
Easily she is to use.
PENNED ON JULY 04, 2014!

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Maryland says a big hello and 
welcome in many ways, whether you
come for a month, week, or just the 

Americas largest estuary, with 
towering Cypress trees makes you 
want to take a deep breath and find 
your harmony.

Restful views from surrounding 
waters, from the bay to the beach 
they are all easy to reach.

Yesteryears teachings of Civil War 
battles and boasts the birthplace of 
our nations "The Star Spangled 
Luck can be tested by those who 
gamble, casinos boast jackpots but 
you may leave in a grumble.

Agriculture is visible for miles 
around as well as chicken houses, 
and not trying to be funny but the 
locals call it the smell of money.

Navigate the Chesapeake Bay for 
bountiful fishing, and don't forget the 
steamed crabs that are great for 

Destinations offer fun from the mountains 
to the bay, but consider yourself 
warned, you may want to stay!

So the next time you are considering 
making a reservation,
I hope you will make Maryland your fun filled vacation.

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The love I made for you

 Through my thoughts I created you
 Out of you came love running for peace
 Love so sweet it turn red like roses
 Though the love couldn’t exist alone
 Out of you I emerge as a king to your palace
 I came when the moon showed it bosom to the sea
 Together the love grew like a flower on fertile soil 

When our love matured feelings were born
 A feeling that change my thoughts as chameleon change its colors
 When my thought got exhausted with happiness falling like stars
 The heart took control of me and you
 A heart so pure yet never hurt before

When the heart was hurt darkness took control
 From darkness grief seize the motions crafted with pain
 Out of grief hate emerge with the fury of a tyrant devil 
 But hate grew old and I only saw you and I walking towards emotions
 Emotions caught on the deep light of the glowing sun
 i wanted to run to the mines and dig a gold for you
 Yours only that none has touched and felt its beauty 
 except you and i.

from my old poem that I just want to give it life that it deserve.

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Autumn - Alphabet Poem

Ashes prepare for the fire’s glow
Umbrellas twirl under the rain
The leaves voice a radiant symphony
Uttering a beautiful season
Many feathers thread their way south
Nature’s clock spinning a bridge to winter

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Towards east

Towards east

Sunny day it was a lassie with umbrella open
The light on her shin presented a warm event
Multiple colour of the shadow drowned her in beauty
Passersby were active to swallow spit on her ease

Swindling of hair each side was fanning her back
Opened skinny bone was welcoming young’s path
I gazed at all the eyes of the goers crossing her in deed 
All those were keen to sink on her emotionally with fees

Smart step with belief was forwarding towards aim
File held between arms were crying nearly dying
Lot of goers increased faith towards gorgeous clothe wow!
Could be some guessed it was attraction of early age now

Within me a volcano was smoking guessing different
Melt desires being stuff of heat and spirit
Let me tell you truth I found in sight with masculine gist
That was only a superb girl walked in peace towards east.   


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The Truth

He stood up in court of law and said –
I swear to speak the truth, nothing but the truth
The whole truth, so help me Lord - the truth?
Whose truth, your truth or my truth or his truth
Because you’re truth, my truth and his truth are often n contractions
I am telling you the truth; maybe you need to examine your truth

She looked me into the eyes-said are you cheating on me
The question was cause by her curiosity in my phone,
The text message said – I LOVE YOU, no name attached to it
Her truth was for me to admit that I was cheating on her
But my truth, was that cheating on her-it was just a obsequiousness
So who truth should I tell her, because hers and mine where no truth
 I am telling you the truth; maybe you need to examine your truth

One said kill your enemies for the one you love –
Another one said forgive your enemy for the sake of love
Another one said eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth
Another one said do unto others, what you what to done unto you
Another one said let life and nature takes it course and judgment
They all raised the voices and hands up, saying, they saying the truth
I questioned, whose truth, your truth, my truth, or her truth or thee truth
I am telling you the truth; maybe you need to examine your truth

If your truth is based on some else’s truth – question your truth
If your truth is based on your cultural background-question your truth
If your truth is based on someone’s philosophy or concepts- is it really the truth
If your truth is based on forefathers religion, rituals and thoughts-question it
If your truth is based on make you confortable and conformity – question it
If your truth is based only on your five senses – is it really the truth, question it 
I am telling you the truth; maybe you need to examine your truth
Is the truth a person?
It the truth a thing?
Is the truth an object?
Is the truth words?
Is the truth action?
Is the truth a feeling?
I am telling you the truth; maybe you need to examine your truth
I believe the truth is universal – sun, moon, stars, life and love
I believe the truth is a person – He is the truth (I am that I am)
I believe the truth is birth and death – you are the truth
I believe the truth is a Word demonstrated with action
I believe the truth is life, love, light, water and that which gives life.
I believe the truth is will forever be the TRUTH, regardless how feel or think
I am telling you the truth; maybe you need to examine your truth

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Etch a new swing, etch a bold fling;
Reap pulse and play, reap poise and ploy;
Opt for warm spring, opt for wise ring;
Truth wears a way, truth bears fond toys;
Inflame fine feel, inflame fond thought;
Quest fondles flame, quest transforms health;
Urge charms a deal, urge primes sweet spot;
Embrace prized name, embrace cute wealth!

Ebb and flow strays, ebb and flow swirls;
Rise to the thought, rise to the stay;
Open mind slays, open heart twirls;
Touch ample lot, touch returns sway;
In-sync each pulse, in-sync each touch;
Charm floods firm spot, charm cheers grand play
Aim apt impulse, aim gains as much!

Go beyond show, go beyond spice;
Reach out and see, reach out and send;
Open to glow, open to prize;
Wellness can be, wellness can blend;
Succinct sure flow, succinct this guise!

Leon Enriquez
21 Mar 2014

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Glenn Miller

G-len Miller, his music is so wonderfully enchanting. 
L-istening to his "Moonlight Serenade" makes me think of love so tender. 
E-ndless joy, in my heart,his music always brings to me.His given 
N-ame was,Alton Glenn Miller.He was born in Clarinda,Iowa,U.S. 
N-otoriously,performed the trombone.His Glenn Miller Orchestra is divine! 

M-usician arranger,composer,and great band leader in the swing era. 
I-n The Mood",is onother one of my favorite music pieces of his to this day. 
L-ittle Brown Jug" "American Patrol" "Tuxedo Junction" and so many more,his 
L-egacy is filled of  so much dancing and romance under a moonlit and stars. 
E-ntertaining the troops was something very close to his heart.Glenn Miller, 
R-emains one of the most famous and recognizable names of the big band era. 

Dorian Petersen Potter 
aka ladydp2000 

October, 7,2014

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O—pen sesame!!!  I 
L—oose this knot and
loose the sun
A—nd coil your
tongue like the
serpent on a pole
N—ights, you may
feast to yield
I—llumining always;
thawing us, thawing
K—nitting  discords
to sweet harmony
E—arth will not last
a day without you

For  Olanike,
those white melon

© Chikwado  Nwattah
. 2014

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Amazed by Earth's beauty,
Understand the change,
To which when it's sunny,
Unexpected for those see the season image from their cage.
Many don't understand about fall,
No matter what, fall is the most beautiful of all.

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Inhaling The Sea

Inhaling The Sea

I  found her walking the sandy shoreline
N othing on , naked and she was so fine
H eaven must have dropped this angel down
A s I felt the sea wrap us in a soft gown
L ove seared us together, never to ever part
I heard this vision whisper into my heart
N ever my love , never send my love away
G iving in to the sweetest taste of her play
T he sea sent aroma of its love flavor to me
H er smiles soon brought out this sweet plea 
E chantress please stay and marry this man
S he agreed if we both became loving sea fans
E ach morn walking there to face the rising sun
A vow to walk very slowly, enjoy life, never run


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aarat ka balidan koun dekht hain

??? ?? ?????? ??? ?????
???? ????? ??? ?????  ???
??? ???? ??? ??? ?? ???? ???? ??? ??
??? ???? ??? ??? ?? ????? ???? ??? ??
??? ?? ????? ???
 ??? ???  ?????
?? ??? ??? ??  ??
?? ???? ???  ?? . ?????? ?? ???? 
?? ??? ???  ????  ???
?? ??? ??  ??? ?? 
??  ????  ??? ??    ???
?? ??? ???   ??? ??  ??? 
??? ??? ???  ????? ?? ??? ?? 
??? ????  ??? ?????  ?? ???????  ?? 
??? ??? ??? ????  ?? ???? ??
??? ????? ??? ??? ?? ???????? ??
??? ???? ??? ????  ??  ??????? ?? 
??? ????? ??? ?? ????  ??? ?? ?? ??? ????? ??? ??  ??? ???
?? ???? ??? ???? ???? ??? 
?? ????? ???  ??? 
 ??? ?? ??  ??????  ?? ??? 
??? ?? ???? ??   ?? ????
????? ????? ?????  ???

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Lost in the valley of love

A bird flies with the flow
Fools speak flamboyant of his falls
Filled with shock the heart let go
Feeling numb by the arching heart 

A bird flies with hope high in the sky
Hopes are his daily duty that never end
Hooked by the glittering gold and silver
A soul searches for unknown of unknown
But there in the sky some bird knows

The birds that make sounds that heal the soul
He searches and to his reward love is bestowed
Love that changed all his thoughts
The love that control his every thoughts
Lost in the valley of love where sorrow dwells

Heap of thoughts travel like the speed of light
There in valley he dies of heart shock
Heap of flies’ gang to his solitary and mutated body
A bird looks down with despair
He is gone with a broken heart.

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S uch a beautiful young woman
A lways helping others
R arely thinking of her needs first
A lso a fantastic mother
H ow lucky we are to have you

With love to my beautiful daughter

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The Dance of the Ocean

The ocean seems so relaxing when you hear the wave 
Healing sounds that can clean a soul and save
Even when the waves brings in an unknown 

Dodging the sadness can be shown
And the things become more easy
None will dance with balance so steady
Can a person by the ocean feel free of fright
Embarking conquest with passion that last in the day and night

Out on the beach on the sand we dance on a spot
For we hold our friends and an family a lot

Tricky the waves move with a trance each day
Hardly understandable to what I have to say
Even when the wind pushes the water most

Onto the sand by the ocean cost
Cites that people love to see and use as a passionate source
Even when it the wind blows the ocean waves set a different course
And finely the wave pulls back and forth in a lash
Notes that make music in every ones ear with a splash

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 are special in every single way
you are beautiful in every aspect of the day
you are beautiful to god and to your self'cause   

'cause [k?z, kawz]
 because: because (informal)  

[15th century. Shortening]
Encarta ® World English Dictionary © & (P) 1998-2005 Microsoft Corporation. All rights 

you are golden like an book upon the shelf
you are caring
you are sweet
you are to me
 you are special you just got to believe
don`t you know you can be any thing.
 many people worry about what others might say.i used to but i`ve learned to pray
when i need his guide ness hes always there,as long as you know your great
the love between you and god should never break.

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Limetree Dreams

Living with the beautiful memories of the Limetree

I envision the beautiful sandy beach layered with shells

Miracles that stay with you always and desires to be there again

Excellent accomodations, a condominium by the beach

Times with those you care about and love

Real days of exquisite sunshine and warmth

Each day a discovery of city places 

Exciting visits to the Walt Disney Kingdom

Days and nights blessed with sunrise and sunset

Realistic visions of tomorrow

Each a miracle and destiny guided by God

Authentic crafts and exquisite shells, to hear the sounds of the sea

My favorite realm and paradise

Author: Gwen Meyer-Erlach Schutz

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Be at ease and 
Let your light shine through
Emit radiant beams to 
Sentient beings,
Savor every moment,
Embrace the now and 
Design the life of your dreams.

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My Sister

My sister siting calm in the chair,
I know all i do is stair,
she then  looks over and gives me a glare,
My sister so beautiful yet so scared,
I watch her sleep every now and then,
to make sure she is breathing,
I hope that she will not have a seizer,
My sister hard working and a normal kid,
Every now and then i have tears to shed,
I sometimes think if she never catches her breath she might end up dead,
My life would not make sense,
My sister cocky yet so nice,
she always comes to me and ask for advice,
What hurts is watching her go through so much pain,
but then she has strength to gain,
My sister everything to me,
I hope that one day she will get better,
and i shall hand my mother this beautiful letter.

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Gentle you were, in your smile
Involuntarily shaking limbs, until your
Tiny frame, into my hands, it slipped
Amusing me with gorgeous amusements
Negating in me those moments of meaninglessness
Joyfully, with tiny fingers
Affecting more life into my faltering being
Like the season of spring
Invigorating the shuddering mother earth

Vanished with your birth were
Ills that crippled us for fourteen years
Causing us to sing those songs
That makes God leap and dance!
Overwhelmed by a sudden birth, and
Remembering Tagore, we named you Gitanjali

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Breath Of Life

Warm ,tingly, vibrate and calm
yet astonishing, amazing
Simply pure
Calm, nurturing, beautiful
Oh so rare
Instantly capturing
Delightful, graceful, and subconsciously aware
but plainly distinct
Moments notice
Second chances, forgiveness, and divine 
Overwhelming light
Blazing, alluring
Golden Glare
Breathe Of Light
has been set forth for me
Through my personal tragedies
Cancer, auto accidents, personal issues
Death couldn't declare
Heartache, broken relationships
loss of loved ones to bear
Darkness, coldness
images of hell at a stare
Breathe of Life
has been set forth for me
White doves, rainbows
Angels in the realm
demons, shadows
following me
Oh so grim
Victory, Praise
Hallelujah I scream
Breath Of Life for me
has been set forth
For it's not a dream
It's my reality!

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He Was Pierced

Holy One, God's own Son, PIERCED for me
Every sin, put Him there, on that cross

What love, I know not why, SAVING Grace
Alone, apart from God, The Father
Separated, by your sins and mine

Pardoned, by His sacrifice, He GAVE
I, so unworthy, yet so grateful
Everlasting assurance, FINISHED
Restored, through Christ's shed blood, I AM FREE
Conquering death, Jesus ROSE again
Even now, sitting at God's right hand
Day and night, I thank Him, PIERCED for me.