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Abc Anniversary Poems | Abc Poems About Anniversary

These Abc Anniversary poems are examples of Abc poems about Anniversary. These are the best examples of Abc Anniversary poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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can i say something about love

can i say something about love
my human rights to say about love

searched out dictionaries for definition of love
but didn't find any particular definition of love

as i go,go further at internet for love
this time finds,finds complexity of love

friends,don't find general rule for love
law can be obeyed,how can be love

general rule should be obeyd for love
please replacesthe word law with love

as i find in different cultures to love
find kindness,scarifice,and generosity to love

amiee style of love different in love 
get any reward in love,not fair for love

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I miss you
When the wind whistles
I hear you call my name
I turn,turn and turn again
Forever you are gone

I miss you
When the aroma fills the air
Memories of you fine cooking
I hunger, empty stomach pains
Forever you are gone

I miss you
When I late for Sunday service
Wish you were here to wake me
I rush, skip and jump to church
Forever you are gone

I miss you
When bad words slip my tongue
A scold, a spank you would give
To keep me straight, right and up
Forever you are gone

Forever you are gone
And forever I’ll miss you
Your name my name
Somehow you still liveth in me
And your dream I will finish.

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twenty years ago you came to Berean and as pastor took up the reins
you've led us on a spiritual journey and we've never been the same
and like the Brooklyn Bridge your foundation has stood the test of time
you preach to us the Gospel and demonstrate to us God's Kind
like the Brooklyn Bridge you stretch out your hands and bring people together
you've showed us how to be better fishers of men in any and all types of weather

it's maroon and not burgundy that is your favorite color of preference
and if any one should ever ask you why you'll give them the historical reference
you're passionate in your preaching and teaching of the word of God
and when you give the proclamation we feel it coming from your heart

twenty years ago you were the youngest man to ever take up the towel of service
it was your God-given destiny to serve Berean in this purpose
twenty years ago you and your family to Brooklyn did arrive
and blessed us with a leadership that has made Berean thrive

twenty years ago and not many would ever have perceived 
that you would be the perfect pastor that Berean could ever receive
CONGRATULATIONS on achieving this milestone 
and may you have another 20 years and more

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Perfect Mate

My girl is cute, my girl is petite
my girl is uniquely a methodical smoker like me,
and also like me she's in touch with her spirituality,
and ever so increasingly she's always inspiring me

Inspiring me to be the true me,
she knows i'm the man, she's really feelin' T
see I always knew I would meet someone like you,
someone who really gets me and sticks to me like glue

I could never be sick of you, we're just on the same page,
we both give God praise and we both like to blaze,
so pay attention son to the words that you write,
the thoughts that you think-make sure you choose them right

Remember everything is a choice, ask your inner voice 
watching for signals of discomfort, blocking out all outside noise,
and begin to rejoice as you glide through this life, 
always grateful for this power and this ever-present might.

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Unforgivable Crime

When I’m with u a million words come to mind
 thoughts of how you’re so sweet and sublime 
and how It would be a crime if you were never mine

 Even when my mind goes astray
 My eyes spot u right away
your mere presence 
brings me immense joy

 Fore your beauty seized me
and your charm captivated
Loving you is my addiction
I just cant get enough

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Wont you just kiss the pain away like the waves sweep the beach off its feet..
Imprint your love on my soul and carry my heart with u like a shadow..
Embrace my flaws nd let me be 1 with yours
For our imperfections 
Can make a halo of perfection
Let the silence of my I love You's
Reach the scared windows of your ears 
Free fall unto my journal
Nd write a story about us in stanzas of romance
Appreciate me like the italian do their food
And acknowledge my beauty like the french do their wine
Fear not what fear isnt
After all it but a drop of dried ink in your mind
That needs 2 be melted onto paper - scribbling our initials in a synchronised pair. 

Open me like the curtains in the great Queen's castle
And let my sun touch your flesh
I want birth an overdue pregnancy of words unto you
And mould my love into 
Endless journals of my love for you..
Make love to my eyes 
For they are the windows to my soul
See thru-beyond-within me
Hold me for i miss being held
Kiss me 
For i have never been kissed
Devour my emotions with your kindest touch
And let me melt in your arms
Coz babe- im tired of freezin!! 

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Not too far from here
Lies the dream terrace I hear
The haven of bliss and solace
A glamorous gem of a place
The end of a weary quest
The trophy in fiery contest

Not too far from here
Sits the crown we lived to dare
Purple pride of an intellectual struggle
The green goal of a ceaseless hustle
A place we once asked where
Still seem so far yet so near.

Not too far from here
Stand the Mentors we hold dear
Men who were not shy to believe
Men who fought fear to achieve
The exclusive pass to the hall of fame
for those whose brand is in their name

Your there may differ from mine
I run my route and you run thine
But run we must run and not turn
We sacrifice pleasure and shun fun
Because, not too very far from here
Is a place called there.

Dare to get there.


6:17pm, Friday 5th.April 2013

by C'emeka Mbah, @emekambah2

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Lost Valentine

“She was mine” was all he thought
His spark was gone, forever had seemed so long
The gleam in his eye, dulled as days went by
He’d been trying hard to carry on, she was two months gone
He could no longer cry, all life was now, was a lie
His sadness growing deeper, as the world continued to fly by
His girl was gone now, his reason and purpose no longer around
For years he cared, he couldn’t show, but those actions spoke louder than any words 
she would’ve known
His poor tired soul began to appear on his face
His heart numb from losing the one love that who with, his life had begun
Now it was his time to start, for in his heart, he knew……
They wouldn’t be far apart.

                                                    Dedicated to the memory of my Grandparents
                                                      William Lee Neeland Sr. 02/22/27 – 07/10/04
                                                     Pauline Sue Neeland         07/27/46 - 12/24/03
with all my love, #2

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My Husband

OH The flutter of my heart
When you asked me to marry
With your smile and manner
and with such poise and grace

Our shared days of laughter
and our late nights of whispers
Of our life in the future
with never a departure

We share an endless love
with our thoughts becoming one
Making dreams a reality
a precious gift from above

Our hearts are like gold
Our souls are like diamonds
I love you my husband
from young and to old.

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Story of my Life

Story of my life
Full of great pleasure
Balloons of sweet smiles
And talents as a treasure..

Blooms of friendship
Blunders of surprises
School of values
And thousands of solutions
Before a probkem arises...

A bag full of chocolates
Abode of taste
Interesting studies
No time to waste...

My fun book of talent
Preperation for tomorrow
Blast of happiness
No place for sorrow!!

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Spell Us Both

Betroth her to me,
If she will never stop amazing my spirit.
Bring her to me, 
If she will never stop beautifying my heart.
Hand her to me,
If she will never stop spoiling me with love.
Entrust her to me,
If she will never stop till she fight my war.
Leave her to me, 
If she will never wish for my death before the hour.
Send her to me,
Let our hands lock in wed.
Send her to me,
Let our oneness soul united.

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She said
Name that tune
and i almost danced
for hours...

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Good wind.....

Gently I watch over him
an angel perhaps
Something more
nothing less.....

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wondering spirits

I try to make amends....

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Nightengale Dreams.....

The seat of the soul...
lies a new beginning...
worn with territory.....

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Halloween Mask....

White as  Ghosts...
I wore a mask
it was to cover
my feelings of shyness....
White as ghosts....
I drew further from you...
deeper into regret....
white as ghosts.....

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Wedding vow's

When you said "i love you,"
I went over the moon.
My heart sang it's glory tune,
The star's sang in melody.

As when with a word
GOD brought forth light,
So with these words
You ended my night.

So with these words
You made something new:
A bond of devotion
Between me and you.

How powerful words
To shape who we are!
We ponder in silence;
Our words cross a bar.

Your words crossed a threshold
And entered the past,
Yet they have created
A world that will last.

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may 12th

may 12th is almost upon us
and we face that day with dread
thats a day 8 years ago
i came back and the said you was dead

you fought with all you had
much like you did before
but no matter how hard you tried
it just wasnt enough to make it
it just fought you back that much more

the angels i know rejoiced
and i know mom is happy your there
but id rather have you both here with us
than to have this emptiness to bare

i hope and pray for a day 
when we all will be together once more
we will all be happy together
as we walk on Heavens bright shore

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Aarmano Se JAn CHooti
Ghamo ne Aan Ghera ha 
Kia mere DIl pe Bas 
Sirf Tanhaiyo ka Basera ha

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A Sunny Wait...

Young days start with a nostalgia
for a lost freedom
Anxiety was the prime suspect.

As the age moves on,
truth consumes the virtue.
I hold this insult
in the throes of conscience with tears.

The dreams did not last long
in the wild eyes of geniuses.
Grace and dignity fell short of sinners.
The prince of blackness strode
on the white souls.

I could not have been a witness
of paradox.
Lacked in the old books
I still wait on the highway
for a sun to climb the hill.

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forhead kiss

Can't nobody tell me how I feel.
The way I feel this feeling.
This feeling is real yes she knows the deal.
That kiss to her forhead signed the deal.
My heart skips beat when she's around.
But when she's gone that pain is so strong.
Yes, yes, yes this love is real
Yes, yes, yes that's just how I feel.
I want her to know how I feel.
I want her to know how much she means to me.
A blessing heaven sent an angle of love
Turn my dark days to light.
 Brought my heart back to life
Showed me what love love was
Showed me what love is just when I thought it
Was through God sent you what a blessing from the
Man above I never felt true love like this.
To your forhead I end this with a kiss.

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Flowers Breeze...








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Blessings on the Water...

Blessings on the Water

Besides Angels

that do miracles

of movement


and space

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Flowers Key......Notes Yellow....

Flowers Key
Notes Yellow
I love

Green Mandolin


In another life

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas
Shoppers, and
Poor women and poor men
With wallets
And without.

Merry Christmas
Whoever is in his or her little cell, 
Little box, 
In jail for a day
Or for life
For whatever reason.

Merry Christmas
Merry past Christmas
Merry present Christmas
Merry future Christmas
Without exception, 
Or exclusion.

Merry Christmas
people from
Or another galaxy.

Merry Christmas 
new born, 
Children who are left behind, 
And future humanity.

Merry Christmas 
Street’s poets, 
Merry Christmas 
Low-wage happy faces, 
And the running delivery man.

Merry Christmas
Single mothers, 
Single fathers, 
And lonely adventurer
In the wilderness.

Merry Christmas, 
And prairies
Of America.

Merry Christmas, 
Who is attached to the past
And who is planning for the future.

Merry Christmas soldier. 
Merry Christmas soldier. 
Merry Christmas soldier. 
Merry Christmas
And firefighter.

Merry Christmas
My friends 
My street mates
My Café mates, and 
My bus mates.

Merry Christmas
The cheerful, 
The antagonistic
The angry
The bored
The one who feels it is not worth it
The one who is almost there
The one who can not make it.
The one who will not make it.

Merry Christmas
Who is sleeping, 
And who is dreaming, 
Who is on the road, 
Who is traveling
Or who is orbiting 
Around the planet.

Merry Christmas
And the European: 
The first who came
And the last who are trying.
Merry Christmas
The lost and found
Merry Christmas Native America.

Merry Christmas Eileen.
Merry Christmas 

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To my valentine Cinga Mfenyana

Love surrounds us like light.
We are warmed by the charm of our devotion

love protect us
may we always feel like this now and forever

money is no match for the richness you bring to my life
sweeter and sweeter our time together grows

you make me feel beautiful
you still give me butterflies
just the thought of you brightens my day
you love me for me so Im happy

I love you :D

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Energy of the Day......

I remember once how sweetly she proposed

the idea that sometimes


is just not meant to be in that day

it's no one's fault

especially not yours


just it's meant to be

to move on...

and let wisdom

propose the next step........

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the dream wedding story

i remember the long pink gown.
the flower's in her hair.
she had brown wavey hair.
then there was those shiney glass slippers.
her family said she looked like cinderella with  brown hair.
she thought she heard you may kiss the bride.
then she woke up and the sound she heard was just the rain outside her window.
then she laughed and said wait im already married!

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Quick And Steady~

Steady and Quick
I thought to ask
How shall I write
Something with questions
Quick like the dawn...

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babys first.......................................

first steps
first words
first noise
they all mean somthing special
first shoes 
first  hat
first socks
they are very special
its a baby that will soon be big and live its life but save the old things that the 
baby used because they grow up so fast that will be your only memerory of them

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Hold me tight, my friend,
I am going to sail in damnation.
Between devil and saint
I have lost my home.

A wooden ship is on fire
at the turbulent sea
and I am going to welcome you
on the starboard.
I would keep the funeral in waiting.

Flowering of the ashes has begun
in urn. Sitting in semicircle, you watch
the spilling. Bones meet mother earth.
Death creates the challenge.

Go for a tree, watch your silence,
we are going for a contradiction.
The thoughts are same, but not similar.
I am walking on sharp edges.


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yeh ankhein

dil ki juvan tumse he bolti hain 

sare raj dil ke tumse he kholti hain 

sona to main bhi chahti hu 

per meri nendon ke abh sapne kho gaye 

jitne the khab mere bo sare chur chur ho gaye 

ankhhon ke sare noor ashon sang roo gaye 

main lash c 

main thi bindass c

gujre palo ki gunje awaj bhi 

per uljan hain k meri zindagi 

tere bina hui bekar c 

na koi dil ki khushi na hain koi dhun saj c

koi na sune abh dil ki awaj meri 

jo harpal dhundti hain bus bahe teri  

tere didar ko ankhein harpal tarsti hain 

bus tere liye he pyasi hain

tere liye he harpal barsti  hain yeh ankhein meri 

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if he were watching.....

if he were watching...

what would i be doing?

probably what

i'm doing now.....

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Orange Feathers...

So subtle...

tasting the wine...

like orange feathers...

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Last night
moon was following me
skirting behind the trees.

A white splendor
like a dropped coin
on poor’s hand.

Did you see the blood
on roses?
The petals were wounded
in rain.

Casual violence
spreads in the streets.
I write a very hurt


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For One
Not for me tonight
The soup is not the key
to my heart....
Not for me tonight I say
The dance is for me............
The dance.......

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My lips are black,
I am drunk
on the hemlock, proferred by you –
my life. I am still in love with pain.

What not, the trial
tried to break my resistance.
I will walk on my hands
paraplegic legs lifting my eyes.

Why did you want me to fake a death.
She was my lover, my shadow
always walking along with me.

So, you did not authored the article
on my demise in ravines
watching the son eclipse?

Extinct, headless, corpse of a 
thin warrior, obliquely refers
to the pygmy moonrise.

Grey plaques in white mind
like snakeroots, glittering
in dark gulleys of time!


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Hunger comes back like a dagger
on face. With iris and fingerprints.
Live, fluttering butterflies, stuck
on lampshades. Wrecked, frozen, the ending
of seeming. Men in cages.

They were diluting the culture.
Chlorophyll siphoned off. No color,
no sprouts. The roads were dirty
with the ultimate truth, quarreling with the 
water, insanity and vertebrae.

The creamy stuff, shouts and pants,
shunting the definitions. People come
and go from the paintings. There is no age bar.
Spring will be released from the impulses
of flesh in naked zones.

Ideas become pacemaker, for the ailing
heart of polity.


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Awaiting your ghost
to enter

I miss

your awkwardness


It's like you never left

sitting in cities

sitting in trains

miss your awkwardness

its like you never left

i blame it on time.....

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Your gifts, I do not want to keep.
Shapeless doves on the grass,
were ready to take a nascent flight.
My small hands prepare a daisy meal.

Dahlias will bloom when the sun climbs.
I pass the door, that moves like a
stranger, between the people,
looking out for black roses.

One by one the tribes are changing
the colors of flags.
Conversion into sleepless towers
watching the whistles blowing.

Do not throw dust on the graves
in the valley of golden stairs.
The voices are growing louder
after trampeling on the bones.


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Ready to dismember the red geraniums
rains had no mercy.
Thunder did not show any preference
and hails had felled the pride
of tall grass.

Denuded, the hungry man
walked towards liberty.
Moral tapestry in scape after scape
the mystery endured the cradle –

Of personal god.
But I bled my truth in wilderness
to impose the religion,
of a non-believer,
for obedience to natural laws.

Talking to divine
brings relief. The direct, face to face
confrontation, for a twig of faith.
I pick up the seeds
for the sake of eternity.

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For One
Not for me tonight
The soup is not the key
to my heart....
Not for me tonight I say
The dance is for me............
The dance.......

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And the lineage of existence
does not fade.

I try to wipe off, the heavy showers of 
death, daily.

The pains were rising, in every word,
in every talk.

As part of nothingness, I was trying to find 

Put the shadows down, touch the questions

The mentor wants blood, truth was in body,
small seeds of life.

Wrapped up, dry, cryptic, to suck at the 
fears of birth.

You are becoming a tree, roots, branches, leaves
against a serial killer.

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Tie the knot with my mortgaged life –
I have started the self-descent.

Don’t leave me alone –
I have to unload some debts.
It was very disturbing. I have again forgotten
my alphabet and become illiterate.
Your consent is must
for starting a new journey.

I am neither afraid, nor worried
but fever is rising, like a flood
and ridge was collapsing.
The death was unknown to me –
it will come one day as a guest
and stay with me forever.

Times have rattled me enough
and sword hangs from the roof.
Why do I dream such?
The dichotomy between gold and lies
will start one day. I cannot go back
to my dilapidated house where I met the first words.


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> D G D verse 
> sitting here just thinking of you 
> E a7 
> wishing that you be here all the time 
> shine back on me with your miracle love 
> D G 
> with you here you are the sunshine of my life 
> chorus G d G Em7 
> i love you and i think of you more everyday 
> GD G D GD 
> i love the way you whisper words into my ear no one
> else can hear my 
> dear 
> g D 
> youre the sunshine of my life you are the sunshine
> of my life 
> verse DM 
> when i hold your hand and you kiss my lips 
> dd g 
> i think there is no other man like this 
> g d gd gd 
> when you say im beautiful everyday my mind is just
> blow away all the 
> time 
> gd 
> cause youre the sunshine of my life cause youre the
> sunshine of my 
> life youre the sun sunshine of my life 
> chorus G D G dG 
> i love way you look at me and speak to me in that
> special way, i love 
> the words you have to say i melt inside your arms
> each day 
> bridge 
> g d 
> i love the ways i love your touch 
> g 
> i love you more than anything in the world 
> chorus X2 
> i love you and i think of you more everyday 
> i love the way you look at me and speak to me in
> that special way 
> i love the way you whisper words in my ear that
> nobody else can hear 
> my dear 
> with you here you are the sunshine of my life when
> you here youre the 
> sunshine of my life
> ©copyrighted penny lapsley 2007

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Slow and Steady...

and steady....
learns how to dance
the fastest...
even if it doesn't
sometimes seem that way...
this is how I 
learned how to tango!
and steady...
wins the waltz!!!

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First Step of Creativity

When insects were crawling
dreams had contradictions,
a sudden drop in temperature
brought the quantum touch.

Ending  of the grief
or grief of ending
rejected every intact truth
and death was trailing behind the candle.

Fear and agony were following
the footfalls of night
Blindness was weaving a broken moon.
The time will not be answerable for any plight.

Corners of childhood brighten up
for sweet nothings
I adore the fallen god,
he was inhaling the earth.

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To search you
I am burning my wheels.

Put your hands
on my shoulders
for opening the book.
To read the message
between the words.

When the time comes
I want you
to smear my ashes
on the stones of footpath.
I want them
to walk on me
and dissolve their steps.

Stop looking
at me.
To reach you
I am burning my bridges.



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Wanted to pay
debts of gratitude.
There was a call from evergreens,
he was not ready to go.

Standing in pit of snakes
he was preparing himself for a random fang,
throat like a blue-bird
waiting for a song.

The solid waste of numerals
across the thinking,
developed plaques, while philosophy
was accepting innovation.

The authority had started
reading the couplets.
Glory came earlier
sea cracked into shells.


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There was no beginning
no ending.
Beyond tomorrow
you will be, what you were not.
Words would disappear,
only meaning will be left.

The interval ceases to be
from ’wasness’ to open pathway.
When you are not ready
I will be there to lift the veil.

My total pain surges forward today.
Quietly death opens the door
to welcome the lost child,
whose burden was his taste.

Farewell to the visitors of night.
The morning star is rising.


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Dying daily in eternity
for it to be,
a tear drop held all the pain of life.
You were lost in words,
between the phrases
time was in, time was out.

The color, the theme was fading,
a seduced century 
contriving the reasons to commit
the destruction of self-being.
I was struggling to empty my mind

To remain human in the loneliness
of ruins
I want to walk straight.


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It drips -
my ocean.
One drop at a time
from the eyes of a grey stone.
Flows the anguish
in a cave.

A fallen grace from sky,
flickering like an earthen lamp.

Do not go
heart broken into crowd.
Tears were never sweet. 


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He was asking for, at least,
a passive euthanasia.

Rage or hostility
was giving pain to phantom limbs.
Race puts forth,
a trembling version
of ethnic choice.
A piped dream
which never took off.

On middle of the road
a dragon rumbles,
hissing flames.
Something not on the left
not on the right.
Cannot keep the sky open.
Nothing moves now,
not even leaves of a lone tree.

There was a random cry
unheard in the aloneness of fire.


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The fall
was imminent
on the moment of complete truth.
I was talking of annihilation
standing on scaffolding of fear.

Walking on burning coals
was a sacred commitment,
a spiritual solidarity,
with lake salt –
to lift the spirit
of sagging trees.

Of freedom of body
in camps of violence.
Without sound, I wanted to see
the creation in nothing.

Anything was happening
under the bald sky.


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The pain of the night,
flows in the blood.
I move in the sun, hot & bruised. 
From palace to hut, 
clock moves backward in time.
The children of love are 
going nowhere.

Space in space, 
flame in flame 
void fills the entire darkness. 
The mutation was incomplete. 
Unpetaled, roses are scattered. 
The fruits of 
impeccable perception went awry. 
Helix now uncoils giving pain.

Futile strength wavers and the apex burns.
A glint throws the outlines in tizzy. 
Sharp stings spread the venom. 
A breathless anguish,
conjectures a dream of death.


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There was existence,
without space.
I was afraid of my unborn child.

Inheriting the stammer
of history
I could not think of any brand abuse.

On the contrary, fumes
throw you off the road.
Full moon rising on the cleft.

I was, as I am, never being
to any threat of drowning
in contradictions.

A dignity in withdrawl
and coming back after sunset –
to walk in night, alone.


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I will watch the field,
but not play the game.
Do not want to win the toss,
for no one to loose the chance.

When you go for the final swim
rules must change.

The ugly knocks have resumed
their pilgrimage through blood and bones.
Timeless flesh will decide the event,
death of the soul.

The tryst with unknown begins
charting the resentment on hearts,
clinging like sorrow. Sun has sunk
deep in the blue lake. 


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My garden cries for no reason. 
Kindness melts into a rain 
of twisted petals. And that is it. 
Alone I whisper the translucent words, 
watching the death of dreams, living fossils.
The sun bakes the seeds.

The essence will not heal,
this bandaged soul,
the conceptual death of a thought. 
This fear is like a curled snake. 
Must I abandon the path ? I know, 
I will not forgive me, at this dim joint. 
I must move.

I do not know, what to think,
how to catch, the poetry of night. 
The light blinks on my eyes. 
I walk in the shadows of sounds, 
smashing the road signs.


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How sad you had been 
without wholeness for the,
price of having broken shoulders?
The people were shedding their skins 
to wear new masks. 
I was haunted in my sleep. 
Sun was not rising.

House to house from face to face, 
death makes a pause. 
Time sits for a while, when
we mourn in silence. 
A scream halts in our throats. 
In the courtyard a pungent smell spreads.
Atrophied limbs tremble.

The elegance foresakes the human touch.
The river dries up, 
sucked in by laments of earth. 
The unfolding of wounds 
festers on cheeks. 
Lips sluicing the grief,
spill benediction !


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Mirror to mirror 
a face floated in anguish
the mourning was deep 
whenever inquest for truth was made. 
Was it so terrible? 
I cannot read the human face. 
We were so used 
to wear the masks.

Stoned and deaf, 
fuzzy kiss of death levels the ferocious peak. 
The nameless murder 
of truth got a reward. 
Garden of strange foliage 
slurred on a song. 
A metaphysical experience 
sniffs the life.

Chained to the probity of the city
I bowed my head. 
Reluctant to move in a procession of ugly months. 
Lifetime’s nostalgia lifted a veil. 
No sleep will descend. 
I still carry 
my father inside.


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Between the yellow moon
and black stones
pours the river of mourning
in maze of silent night.

At the top of the world –
blue eyes were buried live,
under the incense of palaces.
They stood, unmoved in the corridors of metal tracks.

Mowed down with concrete,
lights had gone from the windows.
Unlit walls returned the legends.
Dictators deferred the hanging -

Of truth. Decided to live in glass house
for sometime. Lilies were growing between the graves.
A green dagger was splitting open the wounds
of mirrors in shame and fear.

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Mask unmasked

To become or not to become a renegade,
or to die or not to die for a semi-god ?
These were some of the questions
thrown at an incomplete script.

What elevated you to a celebrity ?
Your hump or deep wrinkled groans ?
Age is abating, abattoir is empty.
Exile from the past is over.
When you intend to comeback to childhood
and become a simple star ?

Behind the mask lies the embrace of death
I am afraid the flames will engulf,
the genius of pathways.
Everything will turn into obsolete gossip.
A patch of sunlight becomes a costly exposure
bones are entwined in eternal cuddle.

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An evening primrose glides,
on my rough hands.
I pluck a laugh from the lips,
of a parched face. 
It knows the meaning of death, 
kissing the pink eyes. 
Of the lost fidelity 
and the innocence of the dying sun.

How to tell myself, 
you are not coming.
Gradually the house,
will go back to its still air.
The white ants, 
will draw a pattern 
on the stale books. 
The traffic of private tears,
will begin to move.

The truth is a happening,
with all the little gods.
I demand nothing,
only pink rose buds, of early winter. 
There is no one to know,
that weeping grass,
keeps me touching, 
holding my toes.


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Peace at stake,
it worked.
Withdrawal of rubber dolls
playing with fire.

Empty bowls in lunar month.
Concords were flying very high
noiselessly crossing the peaks
of great grudges.

Pure golden hair –
of grief.
It really was miracle.
Bald eagle was waiting.
Enough time to steer a murder.

The irresistable desire
to rub with a paranoid.
Extracting a genius from mediocre genera.
Life had become too genteel.


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Fear of a mound,
tumbling down
on the half-buried, half dead
archives of desires, comes
like a stampede of hoops on my chest.
I lie alone in a desert of insanity.

From the sea of agony
one drop of salted tear,
the title of a wasted life, brings
the blood stained truth.
I want to wash my eyes again.

To watch the autumn leaves falling
on impeccable stones
for forgiveness.
We were not the fruits.

A song of blind water
enters the earth
to kiss the roots,
foo giving liberation from
sun leaked night.


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Partly clad
full moon
was taking a bath on hills.
Trees were waiting
for the curtains to rise.

Scented stars would make
giant scars on the clouds,
I would make peace with the sky.
Lids of human greed were laden
with golden dust, I was hoisting the skull.

Of a virgin god who did not
want to live for the blotched up creation.
The decline was obvious. Truth 
had refused to climb
on the sky-blue, salted peaks of springs.

Body had arrived,
mourners quietly wailing.
Gouged eyes could not decipher
the script on the halved pyramid.
Sun was sucking the clay.


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Give me,
some poison to live
I had been dead
for many years.

I burn my hands on a flame,
blank space has started talking.
I am ill at ease –
My lips are not moving.

The pellets, the bullets, the steel –
nothing matters now.
Dirty games can go on,
I am going on bromides
to ejaculate the pain.

Sleep will not come in dark
nor the relief in white robes.
I will remain awake till eternity.

Give me,
some thorns to bleed.
Rose petals
are hurting now.


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This terracotta urn
contains the ashes 
of an earth-baked dream.
You worship the setting sun,
rape of dawn will continue.

Intravenous entry of hope
had failed.
Outside the window
crowd of heirlooms, falling like stars.
Thoughts come and go, we hunted opportunities in vain.

Tonight I will drop the wheels
on the tarmac, to roll the pride.
My flight had knocked out
the sleeping pain. Now amnesia
will help me to climb on the moon’s shoulders.

They dragged her in the field,
the most deprived one. Was outraged.
I send you my grief, my sadness,
O, god. The flag was flying half mast,
rapist was absconding.


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Movement spurts the truth-
an endless journey.
The constant search for beliefs creates confusion. 
Craving and wanting 
generates more conflicts. 
The meaningless life drifts. 
Can you go beyond your dreams, 
beyond your yearnings?

I wanted to disagree with death
the ultimate truth.
Life had many connotations,
there was no deliverance from reflections. 
No freedom from trepidation 
ego was the last refuge. 
The ending of self 
did’t  take you to liberation.

Urremitting flow of time 
awakens your soul.
Stillness of thoughts opens 
the muted doors of meditation. 
It suddenly transports you to the otherness. 
You are not your name. 
The indulgence to self 
becomes a second-hand event.


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One final leap
from high solitude
into city of dusk,
takes you to presence
of charred remains
of a fallen god.

A housewife moves in the kitchen
to prepare a farewell dinner
for the encounter of fatal descent.

A paranormal parting
to comeback to body of truth,
as you pick up your words.

Space odyssey in eyes,
palms folding,
to receive the punishment.

No complaints, no grieving
conclusion of foregone stopping.
A line will start from a dot.


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Today I will shed my body
and meet you halfway at watery address.
My eyes were not blinking to hold the clouds.

To live or not to live was a great pain.
Two small hands and two bubbling eyes
glued to a broken wall was my hope.
And glitter of the road,
fallen trees,
dead panther,
had sacrificed my sun.

I think I live to die daily,
and die daily to live again
over the enormous property of shame.

Melting in my own blood
I was becoming dark.
The night was dancing on my sadness.
Now it was me, shaking in remoteness
of a distant voice!


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There was the hunger
and suicide.
In favor of my brutal truth
or virtue of my failure,
I do not want any comments on my trauma.
Morality has a dubious equation
with power, provoking my anger.

The days were full of abandoned kilns.
No more shaping of containers
in which one can put the moon,
and honey and roses.
Everything was turning brown
with infinite, sulphur smelling teeth 
ready to bite into golden flesh.

Convicts behind the walls were playing
with mirrors to throw the light on slick
towers. Death was laughing, waiting on the trees,
eating black berries.
And I was forced to taste the blood of sky
with sodium –
in sanctum sanctorum.


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In the culture of self, and wilting idol
who was going to interpret the truth? 
To resolve the inner conflicts
of an ailing mind? 
I tell no one my validity, 
my loss, and my sudden realization,
of a dying aura.

Give me a poem, a childhood, a dream
I wanted to live,
without maligning a mirror. 
Without a cold-blooded 
murder of truths. 
Life was becoming a waiting in blackness for an 
audience with god.

A thought sits whole life 
on a ruined model of a truth,
trying to get freedom from the 
celebrated events of greed and hate. 
Windows are not supporting the light. 
Time for the greens 
to make a decision.


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Living on margin he was deceived again.
A grasshopper was perched on door
shedding green pigment.

Granary was empty and he was,
worried about the health of nation.
Glare and splendor always hurt his eyes.

In the name of prosperity, leftovers
set the dirty houses apart
from polished faces.

He was again afraid of interior –
bursting with statements of elegance,
releasing the bald answers to nettled questions.

The stench was glorified discreetly,
giving a pause to sorrow.
Who was destroying the sweetness?


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You gave me a name without asking. 
History of my pain 
did not need any label. 
I recalled only 
the blooms of bougainvillea, 
not the heat which gave them color. 
My burned lips 
remembered only the dew 
and rear view of life.

The total otherness of the moon and stars
did not heal the scars. 
My perceptions had 
given me hot tears. 
How the distance between us 
created the schizophrenia? 
The familiar laughs 
have frozen after all !

In the middle of night I lie awake
to count the door
and the closed windows. 
I listen to the moaning of walls. 
My eyes remained half-closed in freckled sleep. 
Heart blinks, unsnaps 
and weaves a moon.


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One by one
leaves had gone,
several and many times.
Lone tree, standing naked in dry wind
was ready to walk.

In inward aloneness
to know the roots.
You look straight into the eyes of primeval
suffering. Under a cramped disguise of happiness,
behind the glassed life.

For the clawed, weeping silences
who had turned away from the shrill voices.
Night of burns,
and promised beach of immortality
shoulder to shoulder.


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Somebody had put the feet
against the flame,
the street had become a wall.

Commitment had failed,
the doors were locked.
Collective guilt was seeking favour.

Repeating the same story
blurs the sky.
Sun will not come out.

You are speaking.
He was speaking.
Truth was speaking.

Solitude and silence
come before the summary.
I was responsible for myself.

Earth refuses to conceive –
fire in veins.
Doves had stopped flying.


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I do not display, but am. 
Where the heart lies.
In truth. I try to discover the centre 
of sorrow and bliss. 
Life has not given 
me full text of death.
The shadows are larger than reals.

You will not remember me
in endless night.
I am going on a long journey
to find out what is death of a name 
the death of a prayer,
and ending of self. 
The naked helices of truth are blazing.

Death of a dawn
some thing dies in me.
I don’t grieve. 
The frozen pain melts, 
legend withers. 
The shadow is liberated from image. 
The sadness leaves the fingerprints on my face.


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Tonight I will not sleep
I will call you in my eyes.

My hands were trembling
when I opened the book.
Words you uttered long back
tumbled out ashen-faced.
I started burning inside.

Where did we take a wrong turn?
The oven had baked a burnt-out
face. They are altering genes.
Suddenly it is going to start
a riot among the gods,
a pure kill.

Frightened I move in circles around
the little black hole in the center.
Martians would throw the boys
to appease the hungry angels.


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They manipulated the words
to cross the corridors of essence.
Crib was empty, child was stolen.
At blood stained altar
there was no clue to mystical death.

The contents now matter. Time
displays tools of murder,
snaps the sheet from the bed,
kills the neophyte at water hole,
unsucked breast swells, weeps endlessly.

Apes are coming.
Duplicates look brilliant like novae.
It was becoming crowded. Becoming
was destroying the matter. Fear
moves in water, on the earth.

Faraway a cuckoo sings
a saddest song.
Come, belong to my tears, drops
of my soul’s vessel, kiss the eyes
of planet earth.


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For the sake of lake, I climbed
on the weeping hills
to see the other side of moon.
The precipice of hunger weighs heavily
on shoulders.

Capricious time moves inwardly,
Strikes  at the chest.
I set free the love-birds.

Conflict of trees tramples the grass
All summer the smell of dry winds
was scorching tear drops.
Every word was crying.

Dark in my city
I am wandering alone in alleys
of hostile homes.
The collective guilt of the flesh
blazes the mind.


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Reticent were moon, sky and birds.
A pall of gloom spread on the trees.
Stoically I rode on the wings of pain,
to watch the descending values.

A timeless truth separates the charm from lies,
and I long for the generosity of past
which could connect us to future.

A flame burns the eyes.
When we took the wrong road?
Still the fever is rising.

Gods sneak into our affairs.
A firebird flies in the space with long span of shadow, 
the helpless victim lies  in wait, to be dispatched.


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Your lips were me.
I wanted a kiss
which never came.

Insertion of a word, was committed
my wings took a flight
for anonymity.

To keep suffering alive
truth was accepting the hurts.
I was not speaking for myself.

Who was me to want a praise
for the custodian of morality?
Something for my name?

I must salute the fallen fingers,
who did not write death –
for my hugging blankness.


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The Moon-ed ‘I'...

Distance was increasing
in spewing rage.
I yearned for a solitude of desert
sand and rocks
away from musty tongues
and eros.

Counting my failed attempts
to reconcile with exits
and slant hopes.

Like an eclipsed moon
plying over the hill
to investigate a shorn lamb.
Plucking the hair from a beautiful scalp
to become a nun.

Arthritic  river brings back the waves.
Unreachable was the  crest.
Today standing alone on the summit
I watch the drop with grief.

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Why did not you
cross the black river
and remained innocent ?
Unhealed, failed inside, broken and honest ?

You won the race,
the space, the heaven.
Moving away to the farthest blackness.
Your god sits crosslegged, clotting.

Brown hands on white shoulders, boneless
move in circle. Deportation
of words opens the green wounds.
Birds carry the snow on the wings.

I was confused, wanted to love
my broken vowels, for absolute you and me.
The baby face pops up again
in my perfection, speechless.


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A saddened rain drop 
strikes me at the face.
When town is burning,
its dignity confronts me with force.  
A human clone rises 
like a smoke from the ruins 
of our nerves. 
Why the love has evaporated 
from our hearts?

In new spread of palaces, 
upside down roots grow with regrets. 
The dark woods depart,
small grasses peel off. 
the wounds of earth.
Tomorrow the half glory 
of our greed will be exhibited 
and leaves will burn.

Now a clearing has been made. 
Sun smiles, bakes the bones. 
The water of life 
has been denied to us. 
Beaming technology buries the classical path, 
the book and the eros. 
The wet landscape cries.


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Your body in mud pack
in line of fire
suddenly finds a lover.
I was watching with concern.

Cup of soul, lined with abrasive desires
was empty. Do not go raging in the 
sea, to collect the salt.
The pink eye tells the boom.

We may meet again, may not.
I was leaving behind
a trail of exiled skulls on sand.
The ghosts had left the home waking up

On periphery of trembling moon.
The door did not open for apocalypse.
I fell over long stemmed roses
since life was very desperate!

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A parallel pain walks with you
when you split into space and time.
You were too shy to die, to feel
the anguish and bliss of death.
Something inside you springs
into a tree for a half-life.
The search for the meaning of life
takes roots in calamities.

They get back at you, the paranoids
on the horizon line, where the galaxy
meets the paradox, the void, the fear.
Any physical possibility generates the sparks.
The realization takes you back in mud and grass
outside the body to rest in peace.
The formless listening, seeing without objects
furthers hyperesthesia.

You have found yourself in emptiness!


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I will cross the twilight zone
to meet you in zero space
negating the fear.

The mauled city
strikes the dumb sky
in unilateral war.

Coming from a bleeding torso
a scream agitates the dolls
playing with pebbles.

Flaming death will not leave footprints
Violence was not coming to stop.
It had many faces.

The very existence had no meaning.
Darkness, was coming down the hills. 
Can you bring some flowers?

Sun was nowhere in sight?


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He faked a letter to god
and slept whole night.
(Fallen in a creek from a moving train.)
Indeed, he saddled himself with luxury
of oblivion.
The success around him was most obstinate.

Pretending to condone the arthritis
of social limbs, he walked straight
to become what he would be,
a fakir among riches without fanfare. The 
absolute renunciation, slapping the door –
shut, for blackness.

It was visible, the nakedness of brazen lies
falling like cottonwool around him. He touched
coral eyes of truth and wept, never to speak
again. Cosmos would split
for his journey to home.

This was meant for you, he said to himself.
Your own choosing without any regrets.
His fingers traced the figure of a mother
of the thin moon, who was assaulting
the crib of sun.


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Blood splatters on walls, 
on earth. Erstwhile anointed idol
lies broken. Thatched roof was burning.
Navel crushed on the newspaper,
a rape was atoned by cash award.

A womb refuses to eject the ticking clock
wants to preserve the window of sin.
Mother do not cry for the ashen stranger
he will go to the roaring sea to wash the 
bleeding corn, and the mouth.

Salt in the eyes is hurting. Paper thin
purple child becomes the player of death.
Appetite of flesh for nirvana has cuddled
the religion of grizzly bears. Be or not to
be makes a body formless and slapped.

River is waiting for the shoreline to show
respect for the wandering fakir. He comes
once in thousand years and crosses the dams.
World will kiss his tattered toga. He wanted
nothing, he gave nothing.


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In the service of flesh
new vision was perfecting a cult;
silence was going home.

It was not there 
freedom of defense for bread, but
I must pay the price of hunger.

The oblique afterthought
compelled by nocturnal infidelity
picks up the black threads,
minute by minute.
Death was very genial.

Comes silently behind the cacti -
across the intelligent green.
One has to pay for touching greatness.

The thoughts will never go
from the unwinking eyes.
I was listening to the footsteps.



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For death of conflicts,
and conflicts of death,
the coming of cessation, I was waiting.
Tomorrow must come
before eternity,
that inness, I will come to terms with one day.

The absoluteness of certainties
creates a danger of half-truths.
An intelligent mind suffers _
in ther era of hoaxes and contradictions.
The happenings of existence
continue without dignity.

Hand-picked rainbow is dumped
face down in shallow creek,
drugged, raped and abandoned
to lose colours in water.
When the sky hangs on the shore
the blue sea sends the condolence.

The sharp cleavage of silicon breasts
weeps for a failed performance.


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Everybody was in hurry to unpack
the sins and reshuffle the names
of burns, by taking a holy dip
in mauve lake. I wanted to defang them.
Acid attack had the inversion effect
on the expressions.

It was an obscene vision
unrolling the infant
for bleeding an opponent. The procession
moved on. Details never came out.
Only the flaming bodies, loud thuds
and the screaming virgins.

This was unlucky for the hutments,
fragile poles crumbled down, unspeakable
emptiness on the faces. Something has
to be unlearnt. Too much pain of 
the knowledge. Ectopic pregnancy?


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Whole world hides 
in your liquid eyes,
I need to return to my consciousness, 
to change my verse. 
The dry air has wiped out the beautiful words 
sitting on the edge, of a meaning
I write a new song.

Discovering your forgotten self,
was a pain,
I always avoided. 
Years touched me softly,
on the temples in vain. 
Dumb I was with grief, threading a pile of memories, 
to know my other self.

Somewhere a god smiles on me. 
God of my mud & water, 
wide open like a father,
who never died. 
The moon slaughters my clouds. 
I was always angry,
with my odd appearance.


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A lifetime with a classic pain,
does not give me peace or freedom. 
Blind ideas scream, 
breaking the antique silence. 
Becoming was not,
the ending of desire, 
or senile decay of lips.

You were destroyed,
by your weird dreams. 
Silver spoon, 
seldom became the bread of poor. 
Sweated and smashed,
I picked up green 
sprigs of sorrow. 
It was a gift of sun and water.

Waiting for my turn 
to catch the sunset
and the new moon together. 
I wanted a life as a leaf, 
drifting out on the hill, 
touching the stillness of the thing, 
the emptiness.


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Manipulating grief, dirty hands -
open the lid,
release imagos. Eyes are blank.

You unravel the last of roses.
Surface tension wavers. An imbecile
sky pours the eyes, nose and ears.

Courtyard fills again, morphed resurrection.
I am persona non grata
in my own home. The moon does not cry.

Mystical lights. Headstones not legible.
Lockjaw. Waiting for morning-glory.
Stars are blinking.

Still I am stupid, courting my failures.
Cushion of thorns, I am weary of heavens. 
Me, this earth, I do not die.


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He did not depart
or reached anywhere,
and did not realize himself.
When words could not find the meaning,
where the man will go?

He thought he did not believe in ‘why’,
the limits of purpose,
dictating the sentence.
Stones were still floating on the sea
and he was standing on a shipwreck.

Thinking and unthinking do not solve the mystery
of human turnings,
the malignancy of artificial intelligence.
A rebirth of enlightment can take over?

The objectivity becomes the subject.
You trot on the grass
to retrieve the moon, 
fallen midnight.


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Self – immolating silence 
softens the pain, an art of solitude. 
Evening drifts to come closer to moon. 
Night is summer washed. 
Small stars are trembling 
on blue waves. 
The night climbs down 
from the brown hill.

Agony of life filters 
in your eyes. 
Unspoiled tears leave a trail of liberation. 
Sorrow was insipid in your dark book. 
Possessing a blue surge, 
a nothingness bloomed 
into a smile.

Space fills the dreams, 
coarse picture and empty memories. 
The vacant frame holds only the waiting. 
Centre was gone. 
The boundaries have captured 
the colorless fragments of thought, 
dry bones.


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The tryst with path,
was full of voices of silence,
confronting its wrath & revenge. 
Nothing was new, soft matter divided the winds,
arithmetic of energy,
faced up to its agony of spent life.

Decently artful,
you manipulated the clouds, its music,
the bluebells went into trance. 
The shower laden 
leaves started dancing. 
Half solemn, half smiling
you preached the immortality 
of a sick downloaded wisdom.

The golden days had 
yellowed vision of time, but mutation was complete. 
The masts were broken. 
The air was scented with 
punch & humility. 
Adjectives had the 
advantage over nouns.


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The matrix drinks the words,
in the anonymity of opaque meanings. 
Heart slips a flutter,
to catch the unborn tomorrow.
The deep azure measures the depth, the fear, 
drowning the architect,
generic of doom.

A drop floats in an ocean of solitude,
a static milieu which has no quivering of its own. 
The roots always give pain. 
Your eyes are filled with tears. 
Now final image 
was a memoir of falling leaves.

The dark effect splinters,
into many seeds. 
The space widens between us in a
hush of loneliness. 
Egocentric wind scrapes our bones.


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Confessional truth 
is not my aggressive ego,
it is my fault. 
The resolution of my conflicts with time,
the smell of the broken limbs,
my head in hoisted fever,
my eyes searching for a cloud.

The ultimate otherness,
of an idea baffles me.
Charity creates the misery,
you seek a window, 
not the sky. 
Looking for the gods, 
enjoying the sweet depression,
of a pseudo-hurt.

I wanted the sanctity of a tree, 
full of fragrant bloom.
To break the spell of hot arguments,
the fire of ideals, 
projects self worship. 
Town meets casually to select 
a hybrid of man,
and a beast.


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No one owned the tears,
a tale of frozen pain,
prayed in dark,
making the silence harder to hear. 
A classic fire scalds the monument of life. 
A patch of grief here 
and there, lets out the mystery.

A reclusive self 
between window and moon,
unfeels the broken clouds, 
bangs the sky. 
Suffering the obscenities of the inverted earth,
life propels you to go empty hands 
in your domain.

Shadows are thinning. 
Waning moon crawls slowly
somebody said, catch me if you can, 
my being. 
The world never understood, 
went on digging the holes 
in the hearts, 
burning the boots.


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Watching the charred remains
of the toys
you want me to search for another house.
Eventually I decide
to go for a voiceless door.

Who was calling whom?
Eternity hurts me.
I want to come to a stop,
pause for the evening
and climb up the hearse.

A howl is waiting for me
to engulf me in myself.
The blind statement will sit as a judge
and decide the fate of the key.
I cannot open the lock!


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Question of me, 
vanquishing the existence, arises again.
At times life repeats the horror.
Insufficiency of a heart builds an orphanage, 
I play the game, then flounder. 
Poison is spreading -
the myth of absurdity overtakes,
truth breaks into splinters

Me and my dialogues with life speak of celebration
in vitro. Taking off the camouflage.
The body prints the friction,
but the descent of dark 
and other questions remain unreplied. 
The soul suffers in a hole.

All the pretty meanings,
become meaningless when time abstracts,
the stone prevails upon the daisies,
sin and desire go for a reward.
The door does not open,
I put aside the beholder
and give a voice to dead tongue.

Satish Verma

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The dazzling star
went through me.
I was undemanding
from dusk to dusk
hurting myself, not anybody.

Time to meet my twin,
to set he black on orange.
My guilt, my fear, my foreboding.
Let go off, my sap in the twigs,
fruits were coming down.

Under the guise of innocence
eruptiness entered into non-thought.
One by one snakes unrolled
with black eyes, under the succulent breasts,
the black poison clapping the pink lips.

The dirt was spreading
on the hands of unborn children.
Their eyes searching the seeds.
On dark beads of mother.
Father had been killed in a cave.


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Your window
was very small.
Why did not you throw the dice?
Walk away
without a want?

I had no courage
to tell the lies,
to hold the secrets
of brave tears,
which failed to live in red-bricked house.

And a naked womb
protecting the fetus
from scars and curtains,
will find a anointed bed to sleep for eternity,
for delivering, a new star.

An anode will discharge
on a galactic light,
a message of the hungry
birds of prey.
Death wants its share of flesh.


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Your window
was very small.
Why did not you throw the dice?
Walk away
without a want?

I had no courage
to tell the lies,
to hold the secrets
of brave tears,
which failed to live in red-bricked house.

And a naked womb
protecting the fetus
from scars and curtains,
will find a anointed bed to sleep for eternity,
for delivering, a new star.

An anode will discharge
on a galactic light,
a message of the hungry
birds of prey.
Death wants its share of flesh.


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Death in meadow
on leaves, under the sky.
History was walking over the bodies
of those who were in service
to move the wheels of sorrow.

The horror sinks slowly.
They were killed without war.
Unpaid debts of life, conflicts
at home. Amidst the laughter
somebody hangs in a noose.

Cry, cry, the possessed one,
your script had failed you.
Your chosen god was fake one
your unknown fear was real -
under the veil of sky-blue peace.

The faith has a price now,
put up for sale on the combed street,
from the opening of a number.
No wages are fixed for lying deep
round the pain of centuries.



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Self – immolating silence 
softens the pain, an art of solitude. 
Evening drifts to come closer to moon. 
Night is summer washed. 
Small stars are trembling 
on blue waves. 
The night climbs down 
from the brown hill.

Agony of life filters 
in your eyes. 
Unspoiled tears leave a trail of liberation. 
Sorrow was insipid in your dark book. 
Possessing a blue surge, 
a nothingness bloomed 
into a smile.

Space fills the dreams, 
coarse picture and empty memories. 
The vacant frame holds only the waiting. 
Centre was gone. 
The boundaries have captured 
the colorless fragments of thought, 
dry bones.


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Roses had gone wilting
after surgery.
of acrylic lenses
was projecting a corrupt green mount.
The rubber king had a papery laugh.

How you deal with a maverick –
matter – of – factly?
Pall bearers of a tall legend
were carrying nitroglycerine sticks

Saboteurs of moon night were scheming.
I was sick of pretentions.
Brown and black scars
become a honeycomb
hiding the agenda.

Stigmatized devotion gets back at you
after still birth of truth.
I will wait sine die for the verdict
of hope.


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King of sex,
the third gender
or hermaphrodite,
half male, half female,
existing on margin,
beheads the creator
to propitiate the deity of destruction,
starts a genocide
to create a new model,
new world, sexless, moonless

How could you remain normal
when you were being robbed of every myth,
every truth?
And you were walking under the guilty sky
unmindful of the pouncing, long legged tarentulas
to bite off your elements?
All of your tongue?
And the heat will give up the slaughtered spring
dried up in eternal shade?
Within the memory will lie the pain
of million years?