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Tend Your Lad
Tend your lad with kindness and love, For he is as innocent as a turtle dove, Afford him toys though he does break, But keep bottles, blades high or above. He must be bold, and he must be told, That an honest character is the real gold, He must learn to waddle with patience, Through the waters either hot or cold. Let him happily do whatever he may like, Teach him to ride a horse or a motorbike, Taunt him no more, nor use words harsh, Let him enjoy well while he goes for a hike. Coax him not when the school bells ring, When he sleeps let him embrace and cling, You feed his mouth with the lawful bread, Then expect him to rise heights of a king. Sow seed of love and harvest lovely corn, Kindness bears a rose, harshness a thorn, Friends! Argue not, it is undoubtedly true, The cat has neither any hoof nor any horn.
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