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Poem Details | by Poet Destroyer A
Categories: love,thank you

First sight// Form


 No Poet, eyes upon.
 My heart began to rhyme you.
 Get with the situation.

 First Haiku ever.
 Joy of write, Haikus delight.
 So cut me some slack.

Poem Details | by David Smalling
Categories: love,nature,passionme,voi

Interrupting Silence (JW)

Silence: no thought flushed
No message in the still pond
Of turbid waiting

Cradled in the hush
Time snails around the mute phone
Morning left me sad

The first call of day
The finches usurp your place
I long for your voice

This is the first change
Since love's season came again
A brown leaf of care

The woods counsel, says
What is one day to miss you:
A fountain of tears

Your voice belong here
In the tree top of my soul
Nesting in my ear

Let me write with light
On the blank virtual page
Electronic fright

Day's concern is deep
Brooding, can you still breathe there
Did you wake from sleep

O that all is well
Despite the storm in the nest
You will sing again

Irk the stillness now
The silent phone like the sea
Before the dark winds

Trees move not or bend
Legless clouds droop on the sky
Dismal pictures hang

I want to hear you
Tell me good morning like rain
Upon the loud roof

I want love splashing
To your voice like wet children
Playing in the stream

I hunger for you
The first fruit upon my lips
Breakfast in the mist

Pour your breast to me
White milk of songs on my tongue,
Sweet thoughts live again!

Poem Details | by Tara Andre
Categories: imagination,on writing an

First Haiku

I write a haiku
With five, seven, five pulses.
How do you like it?

Poem Details | by Leon Enriquez
Categories: devotion,


(Dedication: For Paul Callus)

Time and space dance
Sorrow meets cheer
Sync with tact

Joy ever fades
Nothing much remains
Dust gathers

Joy even tempts
Offers nothing new
Dinosaur bones

Charm feeds
Empty charade
No escapade

Charm leaks
Messy tirade
Lament in loss

Words come
Echoes fling
Not much done

Words leave
Takeaway noise
Not much gain

Write in rhymes
Sign a song
Mind the glitch

Write in lines
Reason a poise
Mind the route

End game pulse
Point for point

End game tense
Cleaning up
Awkward feel

Haiku nature
Senryu posture
Cinqku textures

Fibonacci pulse
Strain in void
Quantum creation

Leon Enriquez
10 Apr 2014

Poem Details | by Donna Golden
Categories: nature,sea,seasons

Off the Top

Gently tousled leaves
Vivid the emerald fronds
Soon will turn to gold

*Placed 7th in Matt Caliri's contest, "Write Now!" (Approximately 50 seconds)

Poem Details | by Anne Lise Andresen
Categories: philosophy,

- Haiku - X 8 - Winter -

                                          A haven full of stars
                                Frozen ground is covered with snow
                                         The winter has arrived                            

                                         Freezing snow crystals
                                      fall softly down on my nose
                                             Why do they melt

A-L  Andresen ::

       *   03.12.2012 - I have re- write this haiku to "Winter" - not for the contest!

Poem Details | by Abe Lopez
Categories: nature

Oklahoma Tango

             the dancing wheat fields 
                         tango with red fertile soil
                                        in great plain's ballroom

this write is in response to Raul's - Countryside Waltz -

Poem Details | by Gert W. Knop
Categories: inspirational

Sudden Fog - Shadows in the Fog

Plötzlicher Nebel / Sudden Fog / Repentina niebla  (Haiku)

Plötzlich dichter Nebel
Häuser verschwimmen in Schatten
Nur Lichter von ferne

A sudden dense fog
And houses blurred in shadows
Only lights in the distance 

Densa niebla repentina
Casas en sombras borrosas
Sólo luces en la distancia

Schatten im Nebel / Shadows in the Fog / Sombras en la niebla  (Haiku)

Schatten im Nebel
Vergehende Gestalten
Grau wie die Häuser

Shadows in the fog
Only some passing figures
Gray as the buildings 

Sombras en la niebla
Sólo figuras que pasan
Gris como los edificios 

Note: When I was walking in the streets to do some shopping yesterday evening there was a dense fog which inspired me to write these Haiku

Poem Details | by Chris D. Aechtner
Categories: nature,recovery from...,



left my plums
to fall and rot -

For Cyndi MacMillan's: "Creativity - Write A Modern Haiku" contest.

*Creative outlet is pruning/shaping my outdoor Bonsai and fruit trees.

December 2nd, 2011

Poem Details | by Charlotte Puddifoot
Categories: on writing and words,sati

haiku fanatics

haiku fanatics stifling creativity laying down the law inflexible minds smothering self-expression toeing language lines simile is out personification too metaphor's a crime icicles are fine as long as they aren't crystal and they mustn't rhyme ripping haiku rules rebel verse must be contained I should be ashamed! wonder if Basho stuck rigidly to the rules observed tradition? haiku from the heart give metaphor wings to soar let the words fly free oops I do believe this is strictly senryu not haiku at all!
After reading all sides of the haiku debate about how it should be written and indeed beyond haiku and into the writing of poetry in general, I really only have this to say: life is not perfect and if art imitates life it stands to reason that poetry cannot be perfect either. I think the writing of poetry suffers from perfectionism and I find that the more I read about the rights and wrongs of writing, this technique and that technique, this form and that form, the more of an inhibitory effect it has upon my work. Life is constantly changing and evolving and therefore poetry should do the same. What is being published today at the cutting edge is mainly modern haiku and free verse with a definite shift towards more rawness and edginess and I welcome that. Life is not perfect and has very little rhyme or reason, so how can it possibly be captured in neat little stanzas and strict syllable counts? And so when writing haiku I will write my own version of it, what personally pleases me and what I'd like to read myself - I've ripped up my rule book. :-)