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Thanksgiving Haiku Poems - PoetrySoup

Poem Details | by J B
Categories: devotionthanksgiving,


a Thanksgiving comes
and as the blessing is said
I offer my own

Poem Details | by Erich Goller
Categories: nature,

Autumn Splendor

Autumn Splendor Fall has awaken summer is starting to leave the sun is dimming fruits have full-ripened within the garden of life the harvest is done autumn splendor glow such vibrant beauty display paintbrush of His hand spooky halloween blessed festive thanksgiving autumn months of joy Copyright 10.2.2010 Autumn Spendor Contest Spt.28

Poem Details | by Jim Wilson
Categories: life,

Time On Their Hands

A cold cloudless sky,
Only 'Starbucks' is open --
Thanksgiving strangers

Poem Details | by John Taylor
Categories: childhood,food,holiday,pe

Halloween Haiku (for Linda-Marie the sweetheart of P.S.'s contest)

Halloween Haiku

Suburban parade:
A night to transform yourself,
and beg without shame.

Subsequent morning:
Pillowcases wear make up-
Wrappers and trinkets.

The Thanksgiving porch:
Mouth with one neglected tooth-
The jack-o-lantern.

Poem Details | by Charles Henderson
Categories: family

Harvest of Happiness

a small seed planted care and nourishment bestowed... amazing results a miracle borne gift bestowed by Him above... happiness harvest thanksgiving prayers offered she was christened Melissa a gift born of love promised as a child of God... a joy to behold ~~ She was used as a “show and tell” when she was 3, to read the newspaper to her sister’s classmates. © Sep 13 2010 Charles Henderson 10 th in Linda's Harvest of Happiness contest

Poem Details | by nette onclaud
Categories: funny,lifethanksgiving,



don’t hurry today!
surrender hands oven burned 
before tiny tots come

tomorrow not sure
could be black white red or none
today, kiss love sun!

(( happy thanksgiving to all!!))

Poem Details | by daver austin
Categories: holiday,thanksgiving,



muddy yard
wagon tracks
log    long handled axe

yesterday’s news
wrapped around the pump

four grown men
on the prowl
early coffee brewing

child crying
old dog lies    opens one eye
screeching bedlam

feathers    here    there

Happy Thanksgiving all.

Poem Details | by jordan brazell
Categories: food,holidaythanksgiving,

my favorite time

my favorite time

devouring the luscious fowl 

trimmed with great harvest

* Thanksgiving theme for "holiday haiku" contest

Poem Details | by BL Devnath
Categories: introspection,thanksgivin


                                         White color pumpkin
                                   tastes in seeds and softy skin  
                                            England's novelty

                                              American dish
                                  pumpkin pie thanksgiving wish 
                                        World's people love too 

    For Contest: Sponsored by Carol Brown
    Written by: bldevnath
    31st Oct.2011

Poem Details | by Deb Wilson
Categories: holiday

Holiday Haiku

Labor Day 
summers last hurrah                       
smell it wafting on the breeze
grills are all ablaze


hot cider for ghosts
frost on the pumpkins tonight
jack-o-lantern grins


night before the feast
turkey takes off for the woods
with the pig in tow


santa swarms the skies
laden down with all those gifts
reindeer go on strike

New Years Eve

ball emblazoned drops
people shouting and lip locks
quickly making friends

New Years Day

resolutions made
fat man lights a cigerette
no intent has he

Valentines Day

lovers flowers give
promises of life to come
hearts to give away

St. Patricks Day

green beers floods the pubs
kiss me i'm irish shirts worn
hardly any are


chocolate bunnies rule
inside church the truth is told
roll the stone away

Memorial Day

let the sweet breeze in
summer just around the bend
weary faces smile

The 4th Of July

summer in full swing
crickets chirp their favorite tune
fireworks scan the sky

so it starts again
holidays for each season
lets laugh and enjoy!

** for Going Haiku Crazy contest sponsored by (Destroyer((Poet