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Teacher Haiku Poems - PoetrySoup

Poem Details | by Marty Owens
Categories: music,nature

Picking Up Seashells

Seashell Symphony,
On ear, rhapsody playing.
Ocean Conducting!

Dedicated to're a very good teacher...tell me what you think?

Poem Details | by Nishita Karulkar
Categories: school,


First day to school is very good for children like us, very cool.
We meet our new friends and old one’s too,
But we don’t know we should catch whom.
Children are excited to know the teacher,
As they need a good future.
 We come to know the rules of school,
So that we do not work according to us like fools.
We share our tiffins and tell our feelings,.
We ask last year’s percentage ,
To know whether the child is of good stage. 
We give our introduction lovingly,
So that everyone may know us clearly.
There is nothing to study much as its first day, full of fun.
We go home hand in hand ,
To remain life long friends….

Poem Details | by Divine Friday Idiong
Categories: allegory,dedication,depre

Haiku for Japan

I try not to say
Sorry to Japan the morn
Sunshine of Asia

I won’t be tempted
To further cloud this sore heart
With my sea water

It is not distance
That holds back the salty fluid
From my eyes but love

My own apartment
Is flooded with Japanese
Electronic stuffs

My countrymen are
Just like the moving sun and
Cannot not be there

My American
Friend’s a teacher in China
Shining so, so close

Japan has become 
My backyard in this new world
Small global village

And the eyes also
Suffer the heat of pepper
Eaten by the mouth

So your pain, Japan
Has clouded my sanity
Yet I say weep not!

For by blood have kings
Wore their crowns; and with blood have
Empires been painted

And in blood do women
Deliver forth newborn babes
Blood brings good tidings

By blood had Asia
Risen above its storms. Ask
India, ask China

So weep not Japan
For blood does bring good tidings
In all climes and times

Let the rain wash off
The pain from your memory
The rite is over

Let the sun renew
Your seas and shores to prepare
You for the new dawn.

Poem Details | by Travis Lone Hill
Categories: adventure,education,epic,

Its Never About Winning

Life for many of us around here isn't always about winning, 
because where Im from, it's almost always about losing. 
We learn more from our simple failures and mistakes than we do about our greatest acomplishment's.
 Failure for us is like our greatest teacher. 
Sometimes you have to lose, but I know it doesn't mean I have to stay beaten with failure, all it means is that I too am no better than you and I too am as prone to failure as you if not moreso, so around here it's never about winning.

Poem Details | by Ravi Sathasivam
Categories: philosophy,history,

My own proverb

“A teacher's duty is teaching to their students and it is students duty to learn well, Then only student’s future will be written in a history book Teacher remains will always be a teacher as in history foot notes. “ - Ravi Sathasivam

Poem Details | by Bishop Ezeh
Categories: people,

Chinua Achebe

The Iroko has transmuted  
Chinua Achebe
Unending teacher 

Poem Details | by chris bowen
Categories: art,


the meth fatched teacher goodnite
one white girl,to know

Poem Details | by Jen H.
Categories: life,sad


My emergency
Can't breathe, Light headed, Doctor
Lay down... Beep, beep, beep

Yesterday, I had a little trouble breathing when I was out at soccer... I had to go to the ER and everything was 
spinning and flying by me.  It was scary, but I survived.  Just like my favorite teacher says, "There's no point in 
crying... you either die, and then your dead and don't feel it.  Or you live to see another day and pray that this 
never happens again."

Poem Details | by BL devnath
Categories: teacher,


                                          God's my first teacher
                                      Parents are second teacher
                                           third is of my school

                                         fourth's who all love me
                                       fifth's my true inner being
                                              I learn I recall

Poem Details | by Leon Enriquez
Categories: change,


Dark room
No light shines through;
Coldness precipitates


Post-It note
Message in brief;
Lunch meeting detour


Birthday party
Another milestone;
Planet earth agrees


Celebration party
Family banquet;
Feast for fond hearts


Shopping spree
Goodies galore;
Window shopping


Busy occupations
Soldier and teacher;
Love affair complete


Ancient tree
Witness to happenings;
Keeps fond secrets


Deserted alley
Midnight raindrops;
Black cat rowdy


Quayside bum boats
Buoyant swaying;
Chilly winds ply


Library card
Relic of old;
Digital revolution


My neighbour's child
Stares curiously;
Lift congregation


Ghost writing project
Fill in the blanks;
Glorify the boss


Death comes stealing
Prey beyond pray;
Not much to say


Corpse in casket
Dead relative;
Healthy cremation


Eulogy message
So and so lived;
Now death prevails


Thought for the day:
Be brave and kind;
Make up your mind


Look beyond words
Meaning survives;
Only in light


Be not afraid
Darkness is canvas;
Stars now come out


Evening passage
Journey home;
Beyond despair


Leon Enriquez
28 August 2014