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Suicide Haiku Poems - PoetrySoup

Poem Details | by Asif Andalib
Categories: life,people,sad,social,sy

The suicide note

In his suicide note
My poverty is to blame
No one else, he wrote

Poem Details | by Tara Andre
Categories: death,faith,life,


Some use death to flee,
But suicide lacks honor.
Living takes courage.

Poem Details | by Olusegun Akanbi
Categories: war


Senseless killings
Barbaric and animalistic desires
Necrophilia and sadomasochism
Blinded by nationalistic pride
All out war
So babies have no where to hide
Drone attacks on hospitals and nurseries 
They bury their corpses
In cheap boxes
Bombs and guided missiles
Strike targets from the sky
The innocent are murdered
So I ask why 
Technology is pushed to its very limit
Seals fire shots with laser that beam it
With accuracy and precision
But what is yardstick to politicians’ decision?
Resources are channel to produce victory
The masses are slaughtered 
So again we repeat history
Both sides of the wall commit atrocities
The resurrection of man’s innate beastiality
Collateral damage caused in every surgical strike
And then we face reprisal
Explosives on trucks and even on a bike
So watch where you are stepping
Women are foes too 
So be careful with who you re helping
Suicide bombers looking for soft hits
Same was the 1960s and the 21st century is a repeat 
Nukes and ICBMs 
Delivery is eminent
Annihilation of the subhuman race
And to put our names in history’s place
Dooms day arrives
See the markings of World War III
Orbital bombardment from attack satellites 
But all you see is
Red light
Blue light
Then we are consumed by fire
I shall live beyond this day
So the devil is a liar
A million boots put in harms way
And with their blood they shall pay
Love ones wish they could stay
And pray not for that day
Torpedoes launched from submarines
Tomahawks fired from cruisers
The battle for oil and land
But we are all losers

Poem Details | by eddee shaz
Categories: history,hope,inspirationa

Democracy nears revisited

    Democracy nears

   For unknown Arab countries

    Angry Arabs yell

  Suicide bomber

  Islam, Religion of peace 

  Perhaps when they're free

 The Crowed Goes wild
  Egypt  you are next in line     

  Democracy nears  

Poem Details | by Briana Lynn Minard-Adler
Categories: depression,goodbye,


Hatred blooms 
As I hear of
All the things
That you did
To hurt me.

Hatred mingles
With anger
When you say you
Love me but
It's a lie.

Hatred turns to
Depression as
I hear of your hate,
Which leads to suicide
Notes with consequence.

Hatred ran hot
And then cold
As I stood on
The bridge with
A rope.
Last I jump
It's a long fall
Though it's the end
Of it all.

Poem Details | by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
Categories: angst,depression,nature,


growing on the forest floor –

Ó December 4, 2011
Dane Smith-Johnsen

Poem Details | by eddee shaz
Categories: hope,introspection

Democach nears revitisted again

   es 2.11111.2011

                                     Democracy nears                           

                             For unknown Arab countries

                                     Angry Arabs yell

                                        Suicide bomber

                                  Islam, Religion of peace 

                                Perhaps when they're free

                                       The Crowed Goes wild
                                    Egypt  you are next in line     

                                          Democracy nears  

                                         Egypt I told you

                                  Yemen you are next in line

                                    twenty twelve nears fast

                                         Scared King Abdullla
                                          Saudi Arabia Shakes

                                             Democracy nears

Poem Details | by Eric Toler
Categories: child,dark,death,depressi

3 Haiku for Jamey

alone, the boy cries
he is no longer loved
because he is gay

the hall is unsafe
punished in the name of god
he hides how he feels

we hear on the news
of a suicide
who was there for him?

Poem Details | by Bishop Ezeh
Categories: self,sin,


Akin to a suicide bomber 
Self hurt a must
Oh sin 

Poem Details | by Leon Enriquez
Categories: city,


Heart-felt messages
Soul-warming words;
Love in moist eyes

When I see you
My heart feels
Another adrenaline rush

Fathers celebrate
Sunday buzz;
Sweet surprises lurk

Moments wing by
Not much movement;
Toilsome fatigue sets

New age digital watch
Battery flat, no pulse;
Needs a life lease

Artwork display

Hunger strike
Grand cause reveals;
Gandhi would agree

Death by suicide
Note left behind;
Hope seems hopeless

Gambling debts
Staggering losses;
Eject from this life

So sad
So sorry;
Hopelessly lost

Leon Enriquez
18 June 2014