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Romance Haiku Poems - PoetrySoup

Poem Details | by nette onclaud
Categories: funny,love


                       --- BEFORE---

love birds coo coo  coo
mouths holding honeymoon hands
sailing rapture glow


he morphed into a  shabby computerholic couch potato
triple sour grudges, the twisted naggings piercing falceto
mr. droid in the attic snoring, his belly bloated like a preggy hag
while garbage stinks as rotting romance wilts on witches’ swag
no night dates, he tickles women online with bills climbing loco loco
                               --- AND THEN---

 merrily soon-to-be-an ex, the droidcoholic shocked bones anew
 without a pre-nup, his mother’s mansion's in my name--- woo hoo!

( for P.D's divorce club contest)

Poem Details | by binibining p.iNk
Categories: food,happinesschocolate,

Haiku-coa Craziness

cocoa powder puffs
for velvet truffle cheeks...
chocolate blush

sunny yolk says hi
butter gives an oozing hug--
bitter choc just melts

mmm, good, just so good
chocolate tickles tongue...
happy throaty slide

messy brown fingers
hot weather melts bittersweet--
oh! just lick them off

no more chocolate
finished in one sitting--
run to store now

burning calories
off for chocolate run...
Snicker bar reward

yummy friendship is...
chocolate hugging almonds:
My name is Almond

oh wait, it's nikko 
chocolate-induced amnesia...
at least I'm happy

rice crispies swimming
in gooey, molten brown pool...
brown rice is healthy

chewing chocolate
is good exercise for jaws...
huge mouthfuls that is

I am Hazel Nut
need warm chocolate embrace...
sorry, I'm just nuts

poofy marshmallows
chocolate, graham squeezin'...
hot s'more lovin'

cold rainy day
hot tablea overload...
Where's the churros?

starry choux pastry
crisp and golden brown then dipped 
thick, hot chocolate 

moist devil, to die-for cake
perfect crumb, ganache coating...
off to heaven now

smothered happiness
when one drowns in chocolate...
cocoa high madness

fudgy nutty brownies
glucose gooey-ness
smack, with cherries

dark divine delight
chilled to creamy perfection...
choco ice cream bliss

cold chocolate mousse
fudgy brown cake bottom--
full whipped cream on top

don't forget the cookies
kisses wrapped in hunky dough...
add in oats for heart

eyes glazed over now
tummy screaming madly--

caramels in love
slowly swirls chocolate--
sticky goo romance

box of chocolates--
closed eyes, pick one from the bunch
eww, got coconut!

try again for fun
got the cherry covered one--
smiles at empty box

perfect marriage is
equal parts of dark and white...
chocolate ganache

add in liquor too
Kahlua's yum, so is rum...
drunk on chocolate

chocolate cake smiles
fluffy marshmallow icing...
mmftt, mmfft can't talk

one hour in writing...
this is not good at ALL
chocolate torture

liquid gold down throat
velvet bliss on fingers...
choclit fountain joy

plunk, kerplunk, kerplunk!
strawberries skinny dipping...
fingers join in fun

craziness right here
need chocolate fix NOW--
chocolate stash all gone??

oh boohoohoo
anyone got m&m's
even just one?

really need to go!
writing this was bad idea...
turn house upside down

~yes, oh yes! found on floor
itty choclit covered sunflow'r seed
pop in mouth germs and all 

pd's haiku crazy contest :)

Poem Details | by Leonora Galinta
Categories: nature,sexy,

Nature Romance

nude plains and mountains hunger for the touch of rain don’t harass again both lying naked clouds blanketed with passion sweet romance of rain green plains and mountains in sexy flower dresses belly dance with breeze sexy haiku/s tells let’s all be nature lovers preserve mother earth
November 11, 2012 By: Leonora Galinta Second Place Contest: Natural/Nature Sexy Haiku Contest Judged: 11/12/2012 Sponsor: Poet SandyIvy Davis

Poem Details | by nette onclaud
Categories: happiness,nature,


. .,.,……,.,,,,,, . tired mountain stands guard watching landscapes through steep days mists soften his paths crest ripples in bops river whirling late noon dance frothy scent invites charm drenches river sprinkling mountain with kisses dusk romance for two © …………. for Linda Marie’s Haiku Hodgepodge Trio written by nette onclaud

Poem Details | by Elai Cee
Categories: kiss,love,

Kissing in the Rain

                                                     Under the rain’s song
                                               Witnessing the gay moonlight
                                                     Our kiss called blue sky

                                                     "Tik, tik" naughty rain
                                                Giving romance for lovers
                                                    Sticky kiss is reigned

                                              Breeze's dancing around them
                                                By the crystal drops of rain
                                                 Hide eye longed warm lips 

Kissing in the Rain Haiku's contest entry
Used picture # 5 for the first haiku
Used picture # 1 and 2 for the second haiku
Used picture # 3 for the third haiku

Poem Details | by Andrea Dietrich
Categories: love,passion,

a treasure trove found

a blazing red sky romance whispered on the wind. . . . our island retreat strolling hand in hand along a secluded strand. . . . the brink of passion as long sun-warmed waves crash against the ocean’s edge. . . . we fall to the sand blissful on the beach true feelings at last revealed. . . . a treasure trove found Written by Andrea Dietrich for the "Treasure Trove" Poetry Contest of Linda-Marie The Sweetheart of P.S.

Poem Details | by Raul Moreno
Categories: nature,romance,seasons

Orange Sea

Swells of auburn hills,
Osculate the cobalt sky;
Romance of the Fall.

Poem Details | by Tahera Mannan
Categories: nature,ocean,


deep blue mysteries
swell in waves of harmony
a whirlwind romance


Poem Details | by Russell Sivey
Categories: fruit,life,

tenderly crushed grapes

tenderly crushed grapes perfectly producing wine overly sour juice tenderly crushed grapes perfectly producing wine made liquid hatred tenderly crushed grapes perfectly producing wine romance billows in
Entered into Alfred Vassallo's "Bacchus The God Who Loved His Grapes" contest 5/1/2013

Poem Details | by Lyric Man
Categories: color,earth,emotions,natu


late afternoon flirt...
dusk a romantic sweet tease
melting into you

*sunset.. the romance of sun and horizon

Sponsor: Shadow Hamilton
Contest Name: Into the Sunset
Date: 5-14-14