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Poem Details | by Albert Ahearn
Categories: death,warwork,earth,work,


The Past

A pristine blue sky
Mirrored agrarian lives 
Living with nature.

Their work was always difficult
But that never seemed to matter.
Their crops were all that counted most:
Enough to feed the family
In good times as well as the bad 
Everyone loved their plot of land.
They knew it meant their survival
So the hard work was the trade-off. 
What developed was mutual
Respect: an interconnection
Whereby one affects the other;
But then one day a cloud appeared:
A black, menacing, looming cloud   
Foretelling future misfortune.

The Present

The industrial
Revolution dawned under
This foreboding cloud.

Machines began to do the work 
That man and beasts for eons had
Performed with blood, sweat and tears.
His work was easier to do
But soon discovered that he had 
Become an industrial slave.
A mere symbiotic creature:
His nature was parasitic.
He no longer had in himself
The oneness and independence
That he had always called his own.  
He’d become fat and ignorant 
Living by his own destructive
Philosophy: hedonism.

The future

The sky is poisoned
As well as the land and the seas.
The earth was dying.

Through Mans continuous neglect
The earth became terminally
Ill. It was no longer able  
To sustain the needs of Mankind.
War broke out all over the globe
Millions killed, many more had starved
To death; billions soon will follow
Billions more after that. The stench
Of rotting flesh has overwhelmed
Those able to live another
Hopeless day, gasped the putrid air
Futile murmurings continued  
Until silenced by the guns
The ultimate judicature. 

An eerie silence
Prevailed and all that was heard
Was screeching vultures.

Poem Details | by Leon Enriquez
Categories: dedication,


Dawn hurls
Day in re-birth;
Touching moments

Light kisses earth
Touch of magic;
A new dawn

Daylight removes
Deep darkness;
Birdsong greeting

Is over now;
Illumination comes

Morning delight
Sparkling beauty;
Nature reveals secrets

Postures anew;
Life's philosophy

Fresh ideas
Pleasant coinage;
Adrenaline rush

Words queue
Symbols transit;
Transient exploits

Fresh insights
Emerge and endow;
Humanity barters

Lovely day
To do nothing;
Just observe happenings

Take a break
From mere doing;
Slip into happiness

Leon Enriquez
31 Mar 2014

Poem Details | by Leon Enriquez
Categories: analogy,


Dewdrops on grass verge
Morning apparitions;
Welcome for sunrise

Two stray cats
Territorial panther black;
Tiger shades strides proudly

Old house by stadium
Looks lovely by road view;
Memories return like spring

Son and new daughter
Marriage works well;
Relatives celebrate union

Morning appertif
Lemongrass and ginger;
Brilliant concortion

Skyscraper sentinels
Stand guard silently;
Real estate prices escalate

Glimpses of Nirvana
In the Here and Now;
Just raise awareness

Like it or not
Karma is a-happening;
Cause flings effect

Deep philosophy
The Masters revealed:
Love is the solution

Leon Enriquez
24 July 2014

Poem Details | by Leon Enriquez
Categories: blessing,


Old Jambu tree
Still bearing fruits;
Generous delights


NDP crowd
Massive tapestry;
Community celebration


Each passing year
Affirms our country;
Diversity in oneness


We celebrate
Our little red dot;
Gratitude remembers


So much to see
So little time;
Familiar complaint


Fireworks display
After The Pledge;
Poignant philosophy


Politics means action
Mere words concede;
Happy results count


Propaganda campaign
True to life stories gel;
Go beyond good intentions


Today is
Another day;
Celebrate well


Doing well
Sparkles fine zest;
Learning outcomes tell


Live telecast
Nation on parade;
Our thanksgiving prayer


Rainbow colours here
Yellow, brown and black;
Many shades and tints abide


Here lies
Our hopes and dreams;
KPIs fashion


New happenings
Here and there;
Changing vistas


Demand feeds supply
Expensive real estate;
Living costs escalate


Rumour mongers
Offers of high returns;
Just before a crash


Irony joins cynicism
Reality check puzzling;
Market trends deceive


Moody mindset
Reverse psychology;
Groggy outcomes


Growing old
Can be worrisome;
Living expenses skyrocket


This little island home
Where dreams still thrive;
God bless Singapore


Uniquely different
Quirky tempos preside;
Famous since 1965


Oh my country
How do I love thee?
Face, maze and grace


All in due time
I hear your ancient rhymes;
Especially the road signs!


August 9th each year
I join with my friends;
Celebrate homecoming here


Wherever I go
A Singlish word spurs
Feelings of home


Once I was in Las Vegas,
Diner at a Chinese restaurant;
Felt good at Singlish overheard


Home is where heart
Lives with love: Singapore --
Always in my heart


Leon Emriquez
09 August 2014

(Notes: Jambu = A local fruit that grows all
year round; Jambu is the local Malay name
for a species of Guava fruit common to
Singapore and Malaysia.

NDP = National Day Parade in Singapore;
Each year on August 9th, Singaporeans celebrate
our country's independence.

KPIs = Key Performance Factors are goals or
benchmarks to measure performance in scales
that are measurable, especially to chart progress.

Singlish = A local coinage or dialect that borrows
from English and other local mother tongues to
derive a local colloquial slant known as Singlish.)