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Mystery Haiku Poems - PoetrySoup

Poem Details | by Annalise Brigham
Categories: imagination

Green Pavilions

What mystery lies
Deep in pavilions green
Draped in sunbeams bright

Poem Details | by Michael J. Falotico
Categories: nature

The Sky and Ocean

~"Nature comes to life" contest~

                                            the sky of grey shines
                                         ocean like without the flow
                                               both with mystery
                                               the water crashes 
                                       drops of rain meet at the shore
                                                all becoming one

Poem Details | by Trudy Diane Rider
Categories: hope,mystery,nature

2 Haiku and a Senryu

Oh Great Mystery
Let me not forget myself
within my own prayers


Warm sun hits my face
hyacinth fragrant breezes
peonies dancing


Dancing Peonies
pink and purple faces sway
winking gracefully

Poem Details | by Kelly Zakerski
Categories: imagination,life,mystery,

The Unknown Mystery - written for contest

The unknown remains
A mystery to each of us
Yet so familiar

Poem Details | by Deb Wilson
Categories: nature,seasons

what's the buzz haiku

wonder of spring
   mystery and beauty bring...
      let creation sing

lilting glory songs
   righting all of winter's wrongs...
       tames the heart that longs

summer's 'round the bend
   chill of darkness soon to end...
        blooms and buds ascend

**for contest"What's The Buzz"
sponsored by Carol Brown

Poem Details | by Shannon Deane
Categories: animals,nature

The Fox, The Wolf, The Coyote

A wizard of wild
Seasonal changes his world 
Sly and cunning games

Open fields are home 
To always play till days end 
Hunting more than sport

A flash of movement
Traces of his whereabouts 
Are scarcely a trail.

Magician of beast
Blending one within his own
Timeless enchantment

A graceful harshness
A beautiful wilderness
Harsh environments

An eerie silence 
Approaching from the shadows
Cloaked in mystery.

Fearless by nature
Radiant energy bounds
An essence of one

Playful and naughty
Shadows of monsters lurking
Elected by force

A challenge to live
Surviving in modern days 
Resilient by far.

Written by: Shannon Deane 
Written for: P.D. 's Inner Animal Contest
Sponsored by: Destroyer Poet

Poem Details | by Andrew Crisci
Categories: hope,mystery,nature,nosta


With strong hands resting
on sharp rocks, I stare afar
intrigued by silence...

I seem disenchanted
by what reality conveys
through its mystery... 

Fear is a lament, 
a remote voice never heard;
a lark's joyless shrill...   

Written by Andrew Crisci
for Michael J. Falotico's 
contest, " Your Thoughts "

Poem Details | by Barbara Gorelick
Categories: nature

On the Coast

Watch the fog roll in
Somehow full of mystery
Riding a white horse

Poem Details | by kristi hayner
Categories: introspection

#28 awakening

seek awakening
TGIF awesome fall
mystery du jour

Poem Details | by Celene Crescent
Categories: confusion,life,lost love,

Misty Mystery



                                           Shadows taint the Moon
                                   Thick fog block the twinkling stars
                                          Darkness dress the sky.