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Loss Haiku Poems - PoetrySoup

Poem Details | by Eamon Duffin
Categories: naturewater,water,

3 Haiku

In January 2007 the fishing trawler, 'Pere Charles'was lost off Dunmore East. Co Waterford, 
Ireland, with the loss of five fishermen. I knew four of them, two very well.

                                         Pere Charles 

                                   Soft water all quiet
                           Bubbles of air take last breath
                               Five souls bid goodbye

                                       Flowing Music

                                   White water tinkling 
                                Exudes musical moments
                                  Hear a perfect peace

                                           Soft Power

                                      Soft flowing water
                               Creates valley and canyon
                                      Kisses ocean, free

Poem Details | by Leon Enriquez
Categories: devotion,


(Dedication: For Paul Callus)

Time and space dance
Sorrow meets cheer
Sync with tact

Joy ever fades
Nothing much remains
Dust gathers

Joy even tempts
Offers nothing new
Dinosaur bones

Charm feeds
Empty charade
No escapade

Charm leaks
Messy tirade
Lament in loss

Words come
Echoes fling
Not much done

Words leave
Takeaway noise
Not much gain

Write in rhymes
Sign a song
Mind the glitch

Write in lines
Reason a poise
Mind the route

End game pulse
Point for point

End game tense
Cleaning up
Awkward feel

Haiku nature
Senryu posture
Cinqku textures

Fibonacci pulse
Strain in void
Quantum creation

Leon Enriquez
10 Apr 2014

Poem Details | by James Burns
Categories: angst,confusion,death,fam


  Screams above the din

A moment of grief and loss

    A loved one passes

Poem Details | by harry horsman
Categories: nature

Lonely Leaf Awaits

Bridge from the cosmos
to replenish nature’s loss...
lonely leaf awaits.

Poem Details | by Barbara Gorelick
Categories: sad

Loss of Habitat

deep forest hush sun beam on moss covered log spotted owl calls
The spotted owl lives in old growth forest, and is endangered because of loss of habitat.

Poem Details | by Diana-Marie Bombardieri
Categories: love,


she winks with her right
and sounds her most tuneful croak
yet, he sits unmoved

she tries her fly skills
which should impress any frog
yet, he does not flinch

she gets impulsive
takes a leap onto his pad
yet, not even warts

she is all wound up
she hops away insulted
it is so his loss 

April 25, 2012
Diana-Marie Bombardieri
CONTEST - lilly-pads and frogs - LeeAnn Sidney

Poem Details | by Annalise Brigham
Categories: animals,nature

Fall Memories

Gray squirrels- hide caches 'til winter memory loss--sniff
©2010 Audrey Carey

Poem Details | by Kolapo Olapoju
Categories: natural disasters,politic


The loss of reason
fuels the fire of violence
And society Sobs

Poem Details | by Debbie Guzzi
Categories: animals,nature

...brazen eaglet prey

brazen eaglet prey
screech the loss of pristine sky…
scavenger of sea

Poem Details | by Kolapo Olapoju
Categories: depression,introspection,


I combed Elysium 
for my loss in purgatory
but on earth it sits