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Imagination Haiku Poems - PoetrySoup

Poem Details | by Andrea Dietrich
Categories: imagination

The Poet's Rock

rare arch of mere rock bridges imagination with sky’s endless stars

Poem Details | by jack horne
Categories: imagination,

An Enchanted Place

"I open the door and cross the threshold of imagination"
A Rambling Poet 

An enchanted place
Where ex lovers still love me
Dead relatives live

Tears from the past dry
Years of mourning and pining
A forgotten dream
Failed attempts are successes
Rejections acceptances

Then I walk back through the doorway
 Ready to accept reality

Haiku, Tanka and Crystalline
Jack Horne for Constance’s Three Gems contest
Written 29th July

Poem Details | by Sarah Cassleman
Categories: art,beautiful,happiness,i


No one can see me
I'm an imagination
Keep me an image

Poem Details | by Mario DE PAZ
Categories: boat,


It's Maracaibo
Where strong sea at force seven
Rages to my boat.

(don't worry, it is only imagination)

Poem Details | by madhavi suyog pagare
Categories: age,angel,birth,body,

RApE An heinous Crime

Blessed me as a Girl, why god?why me?
Its me or my weak soul?
Somebody can be so cruel, I didn't understand the semantics of life?
I couldn't resist strength to collide with them.
Was Woefully screaming but nobody could hear me!
Beyond imagination  I went through the obscured mystery,
Don't know why I faced and made a worst history.
Demolished my dreams and gambled my life,
I didn't elude with them in a baffling way with knife.

Escaping from them I darted into dock yard,
Merciless act of them traumatized me into ward.
Presbyopicaly they captured though was far away,
Vulgarismically commented, bestrided pain on my heart walking on my way.
Fuddling up all night with narco drinks, stenching badly.
Ridiculously unwrapped me, laughing at my situation, abusing me madly.

Raped me horribly turn by turn,
Fearlessly dared to touch my soul, don't know what did they earn?
Mentally harassed me, Physically damaged my body.
Fragmentized my mortality into pieces,
My body aching painfully.
Shattering stargazes, They spoiled my life!
If l would have survived, nobody would have married me,
Molested persona, nobody would have accepted me.
Characterized by obscenity, choked my aims.
****ing porcine's, You Wasted my life, fumbled my soul!

I was someone's daughter, someone's sister,
Implemented life's worst atrociously brutal twister.
Stealed my eyes interacting with my parents even,
Felt ashamed, I could not fulfill their wish.
Asswholer's, You forced me to suspend my life!

Without privileges, How you act like a devil?
Aggravating Crime indulged into your bloody job.
Tainted my image, left tears in my eyes,
Everybody afflicted with the last breathe of mine, waited for new rise.
With broken heart, fear petrified in me.
Intense mourning plagued entire nation.
Signs presaged bad news towards society, resulting into tension.
Lousy creatures, your Scuzzy brain should be smashed!

What did You culprits got out of it?
You drastically twirled my nerves.
You stated me as flaming hot,But  I wasn't a fire.
You crisped my breathe,Unlawfully ruined the virginity.
I curse you all those who still thinks that we are just your toys to play.
Don't think that you had any right to hold our strings of life.

Ocean of dreams with bursting tears.
I ditched to withstand with devils and daemons.
But now, Stop spreading the Epidemic disease from the root.
For the sake of humanity, Save & sanctify my beautiful sisters.
Jolt down in unity, before the matter cease
& den only I will be resting in peace.

Poem Details | by John Monteblanco
Categories: confusion,fantasy,imagina

Confusion Beyond The Door

"I open the door and cross the threshold of imagination."

I turn to the door.
Do I leave reality?
Tell me, who am I?

If I go back will I ever be able to return to this place I now call "MyLand?"
I've stalled for too long but it doesn't feel right.
I'm leaving my friends behind, but...they never cared about me!
All they did was use me!
And what happened when I wasn't good enough anymore?- they abandoned me, left me out in the blazing heat to die.
Good-bye reality, it's my imagination's turn now.

Just one little step.
What's this beating in my chest?
I won't regret it!
One step is all it will take.
Please God, make the door vanish!


Poem Details | by jun-jun villanueva
Categories: fantasy,nature,nostalgia,


" I open the door and cross the threshold of imagination " In the midst of woods A cryptic houri's crooning Euphony - suffused. Nocturnal deity humming her lyrical milieu Yarn of Utopian hymn of nostalgia Missing her sublime empyrean realm, now ... Place seems so eccentric ... strange ensued in just a flash How mind's eye brought this door to reach " LIMITLESS " Facing the Ingress of CHANGE Goddess of melody stepped and witnessed the other world behind the realm A cyan orb with burning effulgent daystar - mirrored, reflected Drawing up the facsimile of lustrous sparks of luminescence Planet surrounded by towering trees oscillating Dancing together with the blithesome rhythmic gust of cool breeze Nymphalid gliding, vagabonding with grace and elegance Bragging its chromatic stunning ala above the turfs embracing the land Rocks, pebbles, grass, insects and animals in harmony Clouds, birds, skies, heaven and earth in equilibrium Like music - heavenly, perfect, profound, and heartfelt Factual sanctuary - undisturbed habitat of existence Home of soothing silence - obscure, raw ... Goddess now a HUMAN Mortal - in time, will cease and die. . . =============================== *HAIKU **ACROSTIC ***FREE VERSE *-* jun-jun villanueva ~~~~~" THREE GEMS " contest~~~~~~ july 29,2011

Poem Details | by paul holmes


Wordsmith shapes his thoughts
Imagination forges
Finest word pictures.

Poem Details | by Patricia Leonaitis
Categories: animals,hope,life,nature,


Frodo was a rat,
Sam, my very gentle cat,
They finally met!

I leave the rest to your imagination.

Poem Details | by bidyut bikash brahma
Categories: imagination,

Heights of imagination

Imagine thou fly

I fly magnified six times

Visuals amplified

originally the poem was named Flights of imagination

inspired by a facebook by my friend ravikiran