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Holiday Haiku Poems - PoetrySoup

Poem Details | by Carolyn Devonshire
Categories: holiday,war

purple heart on wall

purple heart on wall

coffin's flag furls in fall wind –

   day to remember

*Entry for Deborah Guzzi’s Holiday Haiku contest in honor of Veterans Day

Poem Details | by john freeman
Categories: life,nature


“snow flakes”

crystalline droplets… 
   heavenliest  ornaments
      earth blanket enhancive

seasonal special…
   holiday cheer enhancement 
      alpine purity

seasonal beauty…
   bountiful abundant store
      spring water release

For: **SN*O*W**  HAIKU
Sponsored by *SKAT*

Poem Details | by Dr.Ram Mehta
Categories: holidayholiday,

Happy Diwali

happy diwali
crackers yummy food house lit-----
bye bad welcome good


* Holiday chosen is Diwali or Deepawali, a festival of light-- 
will be celebrated in India on 5th November, this year. 
Diwali involves the lighting of small clay lamps (divas) (or Deep in Sanskrit:)
filled with oil to signify the triumph of good over evil. 

Sixth place in :

Contest:  Holiday haiku sponsored by Deborah  Guzzi

Poem Details | by Katherine Stella
Categories: adventure,family,fantasy,

Playing Peek A Boo {Edit}

<                             coniferous tree
                       playing peek a boo .... shuffle                                
                              candid smiles glisten

{ Christmas }

Entry For
Deborah Guzzi's
Holiday Haiku Contest
G.L. All

Poem Details | by Charles Henderson
Categories: holiday

dew kissed mistletoe

dew kissed mistletoe hung above the entrance way... pays spirit forward ~//~ * Christmas © Nov 07 2010 Charles Henderson 1st place in Deb's holiday haiku contest

Poem Details | by nette onclaud
Categories: happiness,holiday


chants of carols porch whistling 
fairy nights gleaming

(for Deborah's holiday haiku)

Poem Details | by john freeman
Categories: love

"Holiday Haiku"

virgin births a Son…

         the season is Christmas day

                    the Father is love 

Poem Details | by Yanny Widjanarko
Categories: friendship,

Last Minute

                                                 Breezing through hectic
                                              Missed the soupers already
                                                    Wait until I'm done 

                                                Lack of sleep, struggling
                                              Gaze on a book fell asleep
                                                  Can't wait for an end

                                                     Holiday hear me!
                                                   I lean on you already
                                             Startled my day by your gift

Poem Details | by Michael J. Falotico
Categories: holiday,seasons,

a warm fireplace

a warm fireplace
glowing flames light the room...
warms our hands and spirit

"Holiday Haiku contest" 
*Christmas Time

Poem Details | by Doris Culverhouse
Categories: holiday

Cinnamon Spices

cinnamon spices
holiday to the nostrils
fresh baked cookies please

**Christmas cookies, sugar, ginger snaps, oatmel and my favorite peanut butter!!
Holiday haiku for Deborah