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Hate Haiku Poems - PoetrySoup

Poem Details | by Demetrios Trifiatis
Categories: love,peace,world,



Oceans filled with tears
Shed by the angels weeping  
For souls fell in war  

Open hearts to love 
Making hate capitulate 
Let's give peace a chance

© Demetrios Trifiatis
     08 JUNE 2013


Poem Details | by Poet Destroyer A
Categories: forgiveness,girlfriend-bo

*G.oing H.aiku* (-: *C.razy* :-)

** G.H.C.** by: P.D.

(* BROKEN *)

Steping on dried leaves
The earthquake under my feet
7 years bad luck~~
(* ANGRY *)

Breathing out steam
I hate all your excuses

With a moonlight kiss
One night and it's all over
Happy hunting days~~


I need your fang-s
Bite real deep into my soul
My blood is all yours~~

Insomnia has me
Keep me by your finger tip
I am still awake~~

Your my addiction 
Hypnotize like a zombie
Feeding off your brain~~
(* HUNGRY *)

Feeding the wolf-ffff
Bloody leaves under body
Nature takes it's course~~
(* SWEET & SOUR *)

Wetter than a dream
Drowning the moon in the sea
I am all you see~~

Across the mountain
Never a last fantasy
Soon you will be mine~~
 (* CRUSHED *)

Broken night whisper
Tears upon the cotton bed
Silk like the storm cloud~~

You are my sunlight
Eclipse covering my pain
Moon and stars above~~

It's now or never
I need you more than roses
Kissing does not help~~

;-)  to my love  (-:
     Nathan Dilts
;-)  from  P.D.  (-:

Poem Details | by Nate D.
Categories: fantasy,nature

Going Haiku Crazy

*Silent grave yard*

Calm,dry,stale air
no one comes to visit here
dead and forgotten
*Earth Core*

Hungry hearts collide
sweet love under a full moon
earths core is spinning
*Mix Breed*

Fangs break through your flesh
your blood flows into my veins
vamperic embrace
*Drive by*
Stars sprinkle the sky 
the moon shows its full splendor 
I hate collage kids 
*Tree Top*

Swaying with the wind
natures greatest rain dancers
dancing for heaven
*Rain Killers*

Death do to wet air
dry throats gasping for water
thunder cries for them
Baby crying out
let me soothe and comfort it
back into the pot 
*Gurrr Me*

Venom racing through
body reacts and stiffens
I want to STRIKE you 

~P.D. Going Haiku Crazy Contest~     coming soon

Poem Details | by Daniel Cwiak
Categories: husband,life,lost love,wi


Great joy together...

Hearts now torn by love and hate...

Solution: Divorce.

It all began with "For Better or Worse",

But the words afterward became very terse.

Divorce was the answer she decided upon

As with me she didn't want to go on...

The only other answer was to ride a hearse.

Two people in love end up in court and for a divorce sue,
It would never have happened...had they not said, "I Do"!

(Top - Haiku, Middle - Limerick, Bottom - Single Couplet)
For Poet Destroyer's Divorce Club Contest

Poem Details | by Travis Lone Hill
Categories: adventure,death,epic,sad,

To Lose Someone You Love

To lose someone you love....
Its like trying to live violently among the peaceful people who are dying 
To lose someone you love....
Its like Im living in lies with laughter and happiness while Im truthfully sitting in anger and pain while crying
 Im grounded in shame yet Im still airborn with death together we flying 
Its hurts when one dies past groundshaken proximity under the hate but sent with earthshattering love above
 where we live to die yet we are born to survive where we bred to learn to get past all the ones we have lost with hate because ITS REALLY HURTS TO LOSE SOMEONE YOU LOVE.

Poem Details | by Briana Lynn Minard-Adler
Categories: art,me,me,

I Hate Bullies

Sometimes I wonder why people gotta be
so cruel, then I say oh, yeah because they
have no life, and they make themselves
feel better by bullying others. I frikin hate
it! I wished they knew how it felt pickin' 
on someone they didn't even know, maybe
someone should pick on them; when they don't 
even know them. It makes me sick looking 
at their faces. The main bully would be 
my ex. He Knows who he is, he tries so hard
to make me look dumb, and make me physically
break down, what he don't know is my
Hubby has made me stronger & better than that.
So he can try, but it won't work.
Briana Lynn Palmer
~Dustin's Wife Forever~N~ Always

Poem Details | by Ethan Plummer
Categories: angst,


my voice is changing my body rearranging i hate puberty

Poem Details | by Mac McGovern
Categories: education,hope,social

Hate Survives

Prejudice learned now 
encapsulates willing souls 
only hate survives 

Poem Details | by Seeyam Brjmohun
Categories: lost love

Look before you leap

Our love began fast
Wedding, honeymoon, Marriage
Our hate ended slow

Poem Details | by Rob Vittozzi
Categories: nature


These rainy days
Gusty winds and relentless waters
Oh my, I hate rain