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Grandmother Haiku Poems - PoetrySoup

Poem Details | by Debbie Guzzi
Categories: childhood,devotion,nature

an orange peel scent

an orange peel scent 
reminds me of grandmother---
my knarled hands

Poem Details | by Debbie Guzzi
Categories: love,nature,

an orange peel scent

an orange peel scent
reminds me of Grandmother--
my own knarled hands

Poem Details | by James Marshall Goff
Categories: naturegrandmother,

Yellow Throat Warbler

wild river perch
songs Grandmother heard
caress my heart

Poem Details | by Mehnaz Veetil
Categories: fantasy,rain,grandmother,


           'cross rough noon sky
           rain and shine couple...
                fox's wedding.

note: When I was a kid my grandmother  never let me go out when rain and shine came together saying that , that was the time when foxes held their secret weddings.(a folk lore,which she believed in)....Years later I watched a similar concept   so well presented in  Akira Kurosawa themes..I miss my granny...Always did...

Poem Details | by Rick Parise
Categories: art,family,nature,grandmo

noritake haiku

in spring she whispers a sip of shinto sun wen lotus sways below cobalt sky a thought of sobo pink cherry blossom's swirl the porcelain plate hands folded in prayer _______________________________________________________ Sobo- Grandmother Shinto- All Nature / Worship / Ancestors / Spirit / Belief / Sacred Power Noritake Cobalt / Piled 3-high / A Sip Saki or Sake' then passed / Three Three Nine / A Geisha gets her name / Shinto

Poem Details | by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
Categories: death,


trees outside
heavily laden with ice—
night rain continues

a plump woman
shivering, teeth chattering—
near the fireplace

the door opens
and gusts of cold air burst in—
the nursing home

my grandmother
lying in bed starving—
no food allowed

I watch helplessly
while her bony hands squeezed mine—
ninety-eight years old

after nine days
I hear Grandma’s last gurgle—
crying and one kiss

© December 8, 2011
Dane Smith-Johnsen

Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest:  Dead Winter 	
Sponsored by: Sidney ~ LeeAnn 

FORM:  Haiku Series

Poem Details | by Elly Wouterse
Categories: metaphor,nature,

The tree told me EXTENDED VERSION

under a blue sky
the tree told wistful stories
about  her huge loss

she was still standing
but around her the old friends
fallen trees or felled

my great grandmother 
82 years young of age and spirit
taught me a lesson

the birch trees nourish
with terrestrial water
their spring finery

birches' tears gifted
treasuries of purity
for humanity

never pin but hang
a bottle under the leak
catching healing drops

the wind will whistle
until the bottle will be 
almost filled overfull

silence announces
richness of healing waters
supplied by the birch

the clear pure water 
beneficial for the skin 
Mother Nature's brand  

despite the season
and countless spring leaves she cried
tears of a sad birch

teardrops on my head 
each a touch of my granny
in past and present

©Elly Wouterse

Poem Details | by Sara Kendrick
Categories: family,life,nature


Laundry, odor, stink
Parmesan cheese, fungus, dirt
Bleach, washing powders

(Let me Haiku you from a grandmother's point of view.)

Poem Details | by Marty King
Categories: dedication,food,grandmoth

grandmother's sweet potato pie haiku

sweet potato pie
my grandmother used to make
i will always miss....

Poem Details | by Leon Enriquez
Categories: blessing,


Blue flowers plucked
Nyona bak chang** moments;
Satisfying rice cakes

By this old fence
Echoes of giggles;
Laughter mocks schoolyard

Road diversion
Roundabout detour;
Long cul de sac

Wedding festivities
Details and stuff;
Final agenda looms

Joy wears a face
Celebration evokes;
Certain gratification

Flame of the Forest tree
Nice shady bough;
Rain drops seeping

This old site
Venue of past demeanours;
Regret and guilt linger

Windy day
Hair reconfigured;
Unkempt spikes

In sure fashion
Nothing stays the same;
Change interferes

Wind howling
A haunting refrain;
Ghostly echoes cry

New instance
Go the distance;
Ply resistance

Do not be
Afraid of fear;
It's just an old gripe

Old apartments
Need a facelift;
Time weathers pains

Leon Enriquez
03 August 2014

(Notes: Nyona bak chang** -- 
The word "Nyona" means a Straits born Chinese lady
with the social graces of a genteel sort, who are
known as a Nyona from a distinct group called the
Peranakans, who have a mixed heritage of Chinese and
Malay customs and traditions. This is today a dying breed.

The word "bak chang" means a cooked food product
made from glutinous rice with a centre filled with
sweet pork meat, spices and sauce, and chestnuts, packed in 
long leaves in the shape of a pyramid tied with strings.
Such delicacies are steamed until the aroma fills the
air and makes you desirous to eat these tasty morsels.

The natural tinge of blue colour on the glutinous rice comes
from the "blue flowers" freshly picked for use in these rice cakes. 
My maternal grandmother was a Nyona lady who had 
a big heart, a warm smile and who loved me very dearly.
I miss her smile though she died when I was only four.)