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Girlfriend Haiku Poems - PoetrySoup

Poem Details | by jack horne
Categories: inspirational

I Tried A Sonnet

I tried a sonnet
fully encouraged to write
love poems for her

*For an ex girlfriend

The Right Time: Jack Horne

Poem Details | by Briana Lynn Minard-Adler
Categories: dedication,heart,life,lov

My Love For You Is True

My love for you is true,
For noone else is as special as you,
Ich Liebe Dich My love Anthony James Haniuk.

I can never love anyone or anything but you,
Everyday I find myself Daydreaming about you,
At night I dream about you,
I keep wondering if you are okay,
When I am not with you.

I do my homework, thinking of you,
I finish my homework thinking of you,
My whole life is with you My love.

My love for you is true,
It's as sweet as a rose,
It never dies, 
Never wilts,
And is still going strong.

One day I will marry you my love, because noone in this world can even begin to compare to you,
You fill my heart as noone else has,
Noone in this BIG HUGE WORLD can fill my heart as you have. 

I can't even begin to think about what would life be like if something ever were to happen between us, 
I already know it won't.

My love for you is true.

Yeah I might get Jealous, 
A little too overprotective maybe,
But What girl doesn't?

I think this way if you aren't overprotective, and get jealous sometimes, 
That they weren't a real girlfriend to begin with.

Written By: Briana Lynn Haniuk @08/26/11 Finished at: 9:42P.M.

Poem Details | by chris bowen
Categories: art,


etch a sketch girlfriend
move that body,grind me up
feel the rhythem hurt

Poem Details | by Jessica Lineberger
Categories: funny

False Fireworks

Complete, utter bliss
never wanting it to end
it is, my first kiss

I hear bells tolling
Oh wow! are those fireworks?
Does he see them too?

Well it must be love
Yeah it's lame, it's sappy but
Im head over heels

Never felt this way
Wait a sec... where's he going?
He has a girlfriend?!

But i heard bells! and
What about the fireworks?
how is it not love?!?!

Oh, wait a sec...
Forgot, it's fourth of july.
Stupid Fireworks!!!