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Funeral Haiku Poems - PoetrySoup

Poem Details | by kash poet
Categories: funeral,

funeral song

her lips quiver
without making a sound...
funeral song

© kashinath karmakar 2012

Placement:1st ;(March 2012)

Contest:Strictly a Stickler for Strictness (haiku)

Sponsor:Charles Henderson

Poem Details | by kathryn collins
Categories: funeral,

almond petal pall

barely pink blossoms
Vincent’s funeral blanket
lay atop his grave

Kathryn McLoughlin Collins 
July 26, 2012

Poem Details | by Stephen Parker
Categories: funeral

Grandpa's Funeral: Grandma's Face

silver furrowed brow
warm streams seep through pleated seams
shrivelled folds bleached white

Poem Details | by Briana Lynn Minard-Adler
Categories: angel,confusion,courage,d

What Would You Do

What would you do if you knew this was my last day to live??
Would you try and save or let me go?
Would you even care for my soul?
What would you do if I was a fallen angel?
Would you still recognize me?
Would you talk to me or ignore me?
What would you do if I died?
Would you have a funeral for me, so all my friends & family could come?
Would you cry or even mourn a 'lil bit?
Would you care that I was gone, or would be happy?
What would you do if I was a ghost?
Would you feel me right beside you, guarding you, Watching over you, protecting you?
Would you see me?
Tell me would you walk all over me, or maybe even walk through me, as if I weren't there?
What would you do if I was a demon?
Would you still love me then?
Would you still care and forgive me?
Would you just say "You are stupid, and I hate you?"
What would you do if I were and angel?
Would you love me more, or would you love me less?
Would you feel me touch you, and comfort you when you need someone and you think noone is there for you, well that's a lie, cause I am right here beside you to catch you if you fall, to dry your tears, and to heal your wounds of any kind.
What would you do if I was still alive?
Would you continue to hate me, and call me sadistic names?
Would this world still be cruel?
Would there still be a rule?
What would you do?
Briana Lynn Palmer
age: 14

Poem Details | by David Smalling
Categories: nature

The Prognostics

A black cloud bleating
Over a trembling tree top
Calls swallows to play.
Wet thunder drums light
On the sizzled skin of air
My lungs beat like wings
This is September
Neptune's children play with glee
On earth's anxiety
Africa's revenge 
Is full of hot air driving
The sea to black rage
The winds come dancing
The funeral song of trees
Silenced in the clouds
The storm turns its eye
Into the sun's white vortex
And shed some black tears
A lone swallow flies
Skipping spindles of loud rain
Etched upon my eyes. 

Poem Details | by Ed Ebbs
Categories: love,

Good Morning Baby

In the morning light
I wake up to see your face
You open your eyes

There is that smile
Enchantment within the heart

Edward J. Ebbs - November 4, 2013

I have been too busy helping dad and have not written much since I wrote for 
mom's died April 6, 2013.

Poetry always gave me balance...trying to get back.
~ Peace