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Poem Details | by Tim Ryerson
Categories: nature,weather,

Haiku Camille

Howling, screaming winds
thirty feet of raging sea
swallowing the land...

Hurricane Camille
Biloxi/Gulfport/Bay St. Louis, MS
August 17-18, 1969
Deaths: 259
Tidal Surge: 28 ft.
Est. Wind speed: 225+MPH (The wind instruments were destroyed at 200 mph) Imagine an F-5 tornado reaching across most of the Mississippi Gulf Coast...Add a 28 ft. tidal wave to that and you can imagine the destructive force of Camille. Those who witnessed the aftermath of this storm said it looked like an atomic bomb had been dropped
Recommended reading: Accounts of the hurricane party at Richelieu Apartments in Pass Christian, MS

Poem Details | by Cyndi MacMillan
Categories: faith,hope,loss,mother

Norwegian Faith

Norwegian mother,
A Christian, mourns slain daughter,
Yet knows God brings peace.

Poem Details | by Peter Little
Categories: depression

dark haikus and tenkus

a heavenly voice 
whispers from within my wrist
I carve to hear it

she has chosen to be mine
out of our passion
a child is created
my son is born dead

the portrait of love
has become a charred picture
the colors have dimmed

as her life withers
my agony flourishes
my black heart decays

the angel of death
has come to take me away
two destinations
to which one shall I be sent
I fear the outcome

when she shows her face
angels hang their heads in shame
men fall to their knees
ethereal loveliness
she'll never want me

I purchase a gun
then take it back to my home
and load one bullet

why won't she depart
she exists in the blackness
when I close my eyes

when it rains fire
Christian priests take shahada
belief is fragile

I weep from her death
too beautiful for this world
even for Heaven