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Poem Details | by Poet Destroyer A
Categories: life,natureflower,flower,


.              ***
.              ***

___hello kitty___

pretty and stylish
clean sassy paw print shower
purr-fect flower smell

__sea of stupidity___

life without reason
beauty vanished common sense
follow the leader

___city dreams___

low rise grey sunrise 
dusty wind music terror
crystal clear sunset.

___brain storming___

business in the sky
thirst engraved in my sand wall
wishing well compel

___live bait___

catch me if you can
deep under salty water
aquatic spew smell

___turtle wax___

twisted fresh smell
beautiful shine in the sun
clear crystal rain X

___lonely and apart___

an empty kettle
fall like a flower petal
wet window ledge

___ Margarita Time__

stainless creation
blizzard form from tornado
cold temptations

___ withdrawals ___

clouds hide down below
my heart, my body, my soul
a certain form lost


Poem Details | by Gwendolen Rix
Categories: imagination,nature,butter

A White Sulphur Pair

a white sulphur pair

rhythmic waltz in midair—

first cabbage patch date

Backyard Haiku Series
Gwendolen R.

This exotic dance takes place between male and female sulphur butterflies in the early spring and summer as a mating ritual. These elegant pairs of butterflies resemble ice skaters as they fly close to the ground. Abruptly, one white sulphur will encircle the other and then both dart up towards the sky to heights of about 60 feet. Next, the male butterfly will suddenly fall from the sky appearing lifeless as the female butterfly slowly spirals downward. This slow spiral gives the male butterfly time to meet another while the female proceeds with the business of laying her eggs. What a dance! 

Poem Details | by chris bowen
Categories: history

the business of jack the ripper

the knife,as it cuts
spills guts,who share their secrets
living in someone

Poem Details | by Leon Enriquez
Categories: games,


Dawn hurls feisty
Shadows fly fast;
Light grooms sight

Heavy eyelids
Sleepy, jerky knees;
Awkward notions

Rise and shine now
Greet dear sunny;
Sure miracle

Overnight rain
Wet walkway paths;
Tai-Chi dancers 

Movement trancelike
Set of slow steps;
Martial ballet

Surge of feeling
In tight moving;
Poignant dancing

Serious business
This martial sway;
Calming figures

Simple fanfare
Stray passers-by;
Curious onlookers stare

Sea view from above
Twenty storeys high;
Skyline pavilions

Skyscraper toothpicks
Poking the air;
Concrete contrast

Leon Enriquez
01 May 2014

Poem Details | by Robb A. Kopp
Categories: animals,nature

Daily Business

Sun breaks ridge like bell
 Squirrels scurry like stock brokers
 Leaves like orders fall

By Robb A. Kopp
All Rights Reserved © MMX

Poem Details | by Leon Enriquez
Categories: community,


June conspires
Sun and rain and wind;
Equatorial somnolence

Ways and means
Cluster of conflicts;
Confront life's business

Down winding roads
Cityscapes retreat;
Highrise dwellings clutter

Bus ride to nowhere
New estates emerge;
Road map carbon copy

News flash and highlights
Routine monotony presides;
Celebrate gratitude then

Order in sure fashion
Odd ball roller coaster;
Jolly simplicity

Next year's birthday thoughts:
Celebrate 50 years --
City-state nation

Forged from uncertainty
Precarious transit pains;
Here we are now

Ageing population
New age crisis;
Opportune reminders

The years have been kind
To one and all here;
Confront crises head-on

No need for complaints
There is only one way;
Move forward always

Attitude counts
Work on your gripes;
Excellence takes effort

All in due time
Evidence speaks sharp;
Discern lessons well

Talk feels empty
Do it with aplomb;
Results surmount obstacles

We start, we end --
Let gratitude mindset
Frame sure attitude

Despite constraints
We get along;
Common courtesy works

There is no other place
Beyond our fringes;
Here ample lots farm

A cityscape where
We co-mingle, interact;
Live a common agenda

Home is where
Heart lives sure spark;
Touch weaves new songs

Leon Enriquez
04 June 2014

Poem Details | by William Masonis
Categories: daughter,life,philosophy,

The Bulldog Does A Shot

Showed her the Chocolate Cake Shot.
She downed it like Life:
All business with her pleasures.

Poem Details | by chris bowen
Categories: holiday,

happy halloween through a haiku is the same
love them veins
they taste regular to me

Poem Details | by Leon Enriquez
Categories: holiday,


Journey starts
Kunming portraits;
Highway song

Here old and new
Merge yet apart;
Vignettes juxtapose

China welcomes
Both ancient and modern;
Sign of the times

Tour group confronts
Unfamiliar grounds;
Rough edges grind

Quaint ways of old
Ancient tales displaced;
Modern day norms intervene

Spectacular vistas
Natural wonders;
Man seems insignificant

Flood tide drowns
Flushing away;
False assumptions destroyed

Gust of wind
Reveals new passages;
Knowing does not know

Mountain peaks
Valleys well-clustered;
Fertile grounds well-used

Everywhere we go
People of all tribes;
A Chinese pageant

Human nature speaks
Polite tones sway;
Touch of humble quiet

These Chinese people:
Kind, warm, hospitable --
A touch of home

Himalayan backdrop
Mountains for company;
Melodrama purged

Methinks that I
Could hideaway here;
Unknown, undisturbed

One sure currency:
The Chinese language;
Pervasive, ubiquitous 

Vast is the land
Far as our eye span;
Beyond imagery

Trades of all sorts
Risk is a sure thing;
Living is risky business

Ancient towns
Showpieces that speak;
In steady silence

Rivers and streams
Winding into quaint towns;
Ancient as old time

Pulse of the moment
Camera shutter snapshots;
Still life captured

Picture posture
By this arched bridge;
Keepsake souvenir

Sensory pursuits
Old Town bazaars;
Hasty trinkets acquired

Silver artisans
Hammer away;
Creations of white metal

Bric-bracs scattered
Awaiting curious eyes;
That impulse buy in tow

Round this village
Tourist show piece;
Modern commerce prevails

Bargains await
Hungry customers;
Weathered Oriental wares

In this roundabout square
Locals and tourists stride;
Seek new-found distractions

Spring time weather
Hot and dry and windy;
Like home without humidity

Our tour guide --
Cautions that silver jewellery
Best bought from reputable shops

Cheap price often
Compromises quality;
Authentic stuff cost much more

Lessons unlearnt
On-the-road trade routes;
Return odd regrets

A silver bangle
Heavy with 99 percent;
Quality speaks tons

Scattered eateries
Street vendors offer;
Glimpses that never die

So much to see,
Words fail description;
Feelings explore facts

Only ten days here
We see yet do not see;
Only vague interpretations

All too soon
Sojourn over;
Yunnan in mind mists

Leon Enriquez
31 May 2014

Poem Details | by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
Categories: angst,funny,loss


Ghost Business

Car keys disappeared.
“House Ghosts” working overtime.
Are they with the socks?

© Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
January 22, 2010

Poetic form:  Haiku