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Beach Haiku Poems - PoetrySoup

Poem Details | by Andrea Dietrich
Categories: nature,

Sunset Haiku Trio

bright rays of yellow
ride the rolling ocean waves. . . .
sun is hanging ten

sun spreads marmalade
on a toasty warm evening. . . . 
the sky eats it up

day ends at the beach
twilight spills orange delight
onto the water

Written for PD's
SUNSET (( HAIKU )) Poetry Contest

Poem Details | by scott thirtyseven
Categories: beach,garden,humorous,nat

places I've peed haiku series

Sun glints off ripples
Play of light in sheltered cove
Scenic lavatory

Backyard full of stars
Footsteps crack on frozen grass
Moonlit lavatory

Forested mountain side
Above twisting single track
Rider’s lavatory

Over arid land
Falling rain evaporates
Hot Aussie dunny

Sandy beach stretches
Tropical coral waters
Pristine lavatory

Beneath St. Paul’s dome
Lies manicured garden
Monumental lav.

Poem Details | by Charles Henderson
Categories: nature,

on the beach

on the beach
a smell of lotion
in the breeze

Poem Details | by Poet Destroyer A
Categories: art,epic,nature,



** Sunset **
The afterglow flame 
Creeping under the cold creek 
Daylight, gone again

** Soap Dish **
Daytime TV blues
Tune in tomorrows soap box
Dramatic, dusk wind

** Evening Star **
Tired sound waves 
Waiting for eventfulness 
Hour of the beast

** Atmospheric **
Phenomenon Light
Under the zodiacal night 
Kisses and shivers 

** Twilight **
Locked in my slumber
Vampire face awaken 
Thirst like no other 
** Sundown **
Aurora fading 
What goes up, has to come down
crowfeet, black and white  

~~ Tequila Sunrise ~~
Break of day, snooze 
Cockcrow without a whisper 
Coyote Ugly

~~ DAWN ~~
Same Situation 
Mentally agonizing;
Sunny side egg twist

~~ New Moon ~~
beautiful sun rays 
Sun awaits for ebony 
beautiful moonbeam 

~~ Adjust the Setting ~~
Breathtaking sunrise
Beyond the horizon sky
Sherbert colored beach 

~~ Skipping Rocks ~~
Glitter dusk on lids
Birds sing me a lullaby 
Kids playing by lake

~~ Sunrise Industry ~~
Shining superstar 
Golden streets with no stop sign
Lunch time draws nearer 


Poem Details | by kash poet
Categories: nature,

beach sunset

beach sunset--
orange spills out of the sea
to touch your feet

Poem Details | by Ruben O.
Categories: passion,

Tan Lines


The moon at the beach lights up a breeze of whispers — from salty tan lines

Poem Details | by Pandita Sanchez
Categories: beach,fun,men,metaphor,se

Day at the Beach

Day at the Beach
girls play on a beach, flaunting sexy bikinis - grinning sharks circle

Poem Details | by Andrea Dietrich
Categories: lost love

The Sand Castle Builders

one large crashing wave
on the beach of our desires. . . 
our vanished castle

For SKAT's Sandcastle Contest

Poem Details | by Charles Melody Lightning Ink
Categories: sea

Sea mysticim

Sea waves
surface guards
of inner wet lords. 


Controversial storm
hard-tackling the captains ship
God is the referee.


captains spyglass failed
overwhelmed by ambushed storm
crew helter skelter.

Plain hearted sea
men sailed
pirates flags raised up.

Autumn sea breeze
echoing melodies
a beach lullaby.


Poem Details | by Andrea Dietrich
Categories: love,passion,

a treasure trove found

a blazing red sky romance whispered on the wind. . . . our island retreat strolling hand in hand along a secluded strand. . . . the brink of passion as long sun-warmed waves crash against the ocean’s edge. . . . we fall to the sand blissful on the beach true feelings at last revealed. . . . a treasure trove found Written by Andrea Dietrich for the "Treasure Trove" Poetry Contest of Linda-Marie The Sweetheart of P.S.