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Famous poets whose last name begins with the letter E. A collection of various famous poets.

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Parvin E'tesami (Persian) (March 16, 1907 – April 5, 1941), also Parvin Etesami, was a 20th-century Persian poet of Iran. According to Ali Akbar Dehkhoda, her given name was Rakhshanda (Persian : ).
Cornelius Eady is an American poet focusing largely on matters of race and society, particularly the trials of the African-American race in the United States. His poetry often centers on jazz and blues, family life, violence, and societal problems stemming from questions of race and class. His poetry is often praised for its simple and approachable language.
Max Eastman was an American writer on literature, philosophy and society; a poet, and a prominent political activist.
Evelyn Sybil Mary Eaton (22 December 1902 – 17 July 1983) was a Canadian novelist, short-story writer, poet and academic known for her early novels set in New France, and later writings which explored the spirituality of the western Amerindian peoples.
Richard Ghormley Eberhart (April 5, 1904 – June 9, 2005) was an American poet who published more than a dozen books of poetry and approximately twenty works in total. He received the 1966 Pulitzer Prize for Poetry for Selected Poems: 1930-1965 and a National Book Award in 1977 for Collected Poems: 1930-1976.. Pulitzer Prize for Poetry and National Book Award for Poetry winner
Klaus Ebner (b. August 8, 1964) is an Austrian writer, essayist, poet, and translator. Born and raised in Vienna, he began writing at an early age. He started submitting stories to magazines in the 1980s, and also published articles and books on software topics after 1989. Ebner's poetry is written in German and Catalan ; he also translates French and Catalan literature into German. He is a member of several Austrian writers associations, including the Grazer Autorenversammlung .
Hushang Ebtehaj (), with the pen name of H. E. Sayeh (.., or H. E. Sayeh, lit. Shade ) is an eminent Iranian poet of the 20th century, whose life and work spans many of Iran 's political, cultural and literary upheavals.
David Edelstadt (May 9, 1866, Kaluga, Russia - 17 October 1892, Denver, Colorado ) was a Jewish - Russian - American anarchist poet in the Yiddish language.
Bo Johannes Edfelt (December 21, 1904 – August 27, 1997), was a Swedish writer, poet, translator and literary critic.
Marriott Edgar (1880–1951), born George Marriot Edgar in Kirkcudbright, Scotland, was a poet, scriptwriter and comedian best known for writing many of the monologues performed by Stanley Holloway, particularly the 'Albert' series. In total he wrote sixteen monologues for Stanley Holloway, whilst Holloway himself wrote only five.
Stephen Edgar (born 1951) is a contemporary Australian poet, editor and indexer .
Baki Süha Ediboglu (1915 – September 15, 1972) was a Turkish poet and author .
Lauris Dorothy Edmond, OBE (2 April 1924 - 28 January 2000), was a New Zealand poet and writer.
One of the foremost writer of prose poetry in the United States.. American poet novelist writer and illustrator
Richard Edwardes (25 March 1525 – 31 October 1566) was an English poet and playwright ; he was made a Gentleman of the Chapel Royal, and was master of the singing boys. He was known for his comedies and interludes. He was also rumoured to be an illegitimate son of Henry VIII. Richard Edwards / Edwardes mother was Agnes Beaupenny Blewitt Edwards.
Egilsson, Sveinbjörn
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Sveinbjörn Egilsson (24 February 1791 – 17 August 1852) was an Icelandic theologian, classicist, teacher, translator and poet. He is best known for the work he did during his time as the rector of The Learned School of Reykjavík (Lærði skólinn í Reykjavík ), particularly his translations of Homer 's Odyssey and Iliad into Icelandic .
Terry Ehret (born 1955 San Francisco) is an American poet.. American poet
Jamal Ehsani (Urdu) (April 21, 1951 – February 10, 1998), was a Pakistani poet noted for his work in the ghazal form. and was a favourite poet in the student's circle of Urdu literature. He has written three poetry books. After his death,his complete poetry work has been published as a Kulliyaat-e-Jamal.
Gunnar Ekelöf (Stockholm, 15 September 1907 - Sigtuna, 16 March 1968) was a Swedish poet and writer. He was a member of the Swedish Academy from 1958. He was also awarded an honorary doctorate in philosophy by Uppsala University in 1958. He won a number of prizes for his poetry.
Vilhelm Ekelund (October 14, 1880 – September 3, 1949) was a Swedish poet .
Eknath (1533–1599) was a prominent Marathi sant, scholar and religious poet. In the development of Marathi literature, Eknath is seen as a bridge between his predecessors, Dnyaneshwar and Namdev, and the later Tukaram and Ramdas .
el-Abnudi, Abdel Rahman
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Abdel Rahman el-Abnudi (Arabic : ) (born 1938) is a popular Egyptian poet, and more recently a children's books writer. He is one of a generation of poets who wrote their work in the Egyptian dialect rather than in Classical Arabic, the standard literary language. This literary stance was associated with a militant political engagement: Abnudi and other writers of this school sought to make their literary production part of the process of development and movement towards popular democracy in Egypt. He was formerly the husband of short movie director Attiyat El Abnoudy, but, presently married to Nehal Kamal and is the father of two children, Nour and Aya.
Jaun Elia (Urdu : , December 14, 1931 – November 8, 2002) was a notable Pakistani Urdu -language poet, philosopher, biographer, and scholar. He was the brother of journalist and psychoanalyst Rais Amrohvi and journalist and philosopher Syed Muhammad Taqi, and husband of columnist Zahida Hina. He was fluent in Arabic, English, Persian, Sanskrit and Hebrew .
Jaun Elia (Urdu : , December 14, 1931 – November 8, 2002) was a notable Pakistani Urdu -language poet, philosopher, biographer, and scholar. He was the brother of journalist and psychoanalyst Rais Amrohvi and journalist and philosopher Syed Muhammad Taqi, and husband of columnist Zahida Hina. He was fluent in Arabic, English, Persian, Sanskrit and Hebrew .
Vic Elias (1948-2006) was a poet who was born in Chicago, Illinois, and emigrated to Canada in 1979. Settling in London, Ontario, he was a Professor of Applied Mathematics at the University of Western Ontario. He was also an Affiliate Member of the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Waterloo, Ontario. In 1997 he received the Edward G. Pleva Award for Excellence in Teaching, UWO's highest teaching award. In addition to his work in mathematics and physics, Vic Elias was an accomplished poet whose work appeared in a number of literary publications including Parchment, Tabula Rasa, and Afterthoughts. He is the author of three full-length collections and one chapbook of poetry. His poems have dealt with his Jewish identity and spiritual themes, humorous anecdotes, and in his final works, his struggle with cancer, which took his life in May 2006.
Elías, Eduardo Arellano
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Eduardo Arellano Elías (1959 in Zacatecas – 2004 in Mexicali ) was a Mexican poet.
Dror Elimelech (Hebrew : ) (born 1956 in Israel) is an Israeli psychiatrist, psychotherapist, and poet, and a composer and performer of contemporary classical music.
The pen name of Mary Anne Evans who was an English novelist.. (1819–1880)
T S (Thomas Stearns) Eliot
Eliot, T S (Thomas Stearns)
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Thomas Stearns Eliot was an essayist, publisher, playwright, literary and social critic and "one of the twentieth century's major poets." Born in St. Louis, Missouri in the United States, he moved to the United Kingdom in 1914 at age 25 and was naturalised as a British subject in 1927 at age 39. He attended prominent academies through his youth, eventually getting accepted into Harvard. His drive for education led him to the Sorbonne in Paris, France for a time as well, on his way to a Ph.D.
Elizabeth Carson, Ann
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Ann Elizabeth Carson, born 19 March 1929 in Toronto, Canada,is a poet, author, artist, sculptor, feminist, and psychotherapist.. Canadian poet author artist sculptor feminist and psychotherapist
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
Elizabeth Landon, Letitia
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Letitia Elizabeth Landon (14 August 1802 – 15 October 1838), English poet and novelist, better known by her initials L. E. L.. English poet and novelist.
Ronda Eller (aka Ronda Wicks, Ronda L. Eller) is a Canadian poet whose poems have appeared in several print and online publications. Under her Haijin name "Kinshu Ori", she has also published haiku in publications such as Canadian Zen Haiku. She has been praised by fellow Canadian poet Penn Kemp as "a New Formalist". Ronda is a member of The Canadian Poetry Association
Jean Elliot (April 1727 – 29 March 1805), also known as Jane Elliot, was a Scottish poet, and the third daughter of Sir Gilbert Elliot of Minto, Lord Justice Clerk of Scotland in 1763. Her brothers included Gilbert, John, and Andrew Elliot .
David Lloyd ("Smoky") Elliott (1923–1999) was a Canadian poet.
Ebenezer Elliott (17 March 1781 – 1 December 1849) was an English poet, known as the Corn Law rhymer.. English poet known as the "Corn Law rhymer"
Elliott Clarke, George
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George Elliott Clarke, OC (born 12 February 1960) is a Canadian poet and playwright. His work largely explores and chronicles the experience and history of the Black Canadian community of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, creating a cultural geography that Clarke refers to as "Africadia".. Poet University of Toronto professor
Royston Ellis (born 10 February 1941, Pinner, England) is a British writer heavily influenced by the American Beat Generation.. English poet inspired by Beat Generation
Rebecca Anne Wood Elson (1960 — 1999) was a Canadian - American astronomer and writer .
Alphonsus Josephus de Ridder (7 May 1882 - 31 May 1960), was a Flemish writer and poet who wrote under the pseudonym Willem Elsschot (Dutch pronunciation:  ['wlm 'lsxt]. A number of his works have been translated into English.
Paul Éluard (French pronunciation:  [elar] ), born Eugène Émile Paul Grindel ([g~dl] ; 14 December 1895 – 26 November 1952), was a French poet who was one of the founders of the surrealist movement.
Odysseas Elytis (Greek: dssa t; real name: Odysseas Alepoudellis, dssa epd) (November 2, 1911 – March 18, 1996) was a Greek poet regarded as a major exponent of poetic modernism in Greece. In 1979, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature.. Greek poet
James Emanuel (born June 15, 1921 – September 28, 2013) was a poet and scholar from Alliance, Nebraska. Emanuel, who is ranked by some critics as one of the best and most neglected poets of the 20th century, published more than 300 poems, 13 individual books, an influential anthology of African American literature, an autobiography, and more. He is also credited with creating a new literary genre, jazz-and-blues haiku, often read with musical accompaniment.
Claudia Emerson (born January 13, 1957 Chatham, Virginia) is an American poet who won the 2006 Pulitzer Prize for Poetry for her collection Late Wife. She is a professor of English, and Arrington Distinguished Chair in Poetry at the University of Mary Washington, in Fredericksburg, Virginia. She is a contributing editor of the literary magazine Shenandoah. On August 26, 2008, she was appointed Poet Laureate of Virginia, 2008 - 2010, by Governor Timothy M. Kaine.. American poet Poet Laureate of Virginia
Ralph Waldo Emerson was born on May 25, 1803 in Boston, Massachusetts. He was a famous American preacher, philosopher, and poet of the 19th century who served as the center of the Transcendental movement.
Chris Emery also known as Chris Hamilton-Emery born in Manchester, England, on November 23, 1963 is a British poet and literary publisher.
Gevorg Emin (Armenian:, September 30, 1918 – June 11, 1998) was an Armenian poet, essayist, and translator.. Armenian poet essayist and translator
Mihai Eminescu (Romanian pronunciation: ; born Mihail Eminovici; January 15, 1850 – June 15, 1889) was a Romantic poet, novelist and journalist, often regarded as the most famous and influential Romanian poet. Eminescu was an active member of the Junimea literary society and he worked as an editor for the newspaper Timpul ("The Time"), the official newspaper of the Conservative Party (1880–1918). His first poems volume was published when he was 16 and he went to Vienna to study when he was 19. The poet's Manuscripts, containing 46 volumes and approximately 14,000 pages, were offered by Titu Maiorescu as a gift to the Romanian Academy during the meeting that was held on January 25, 1902. Notable works include Luceafarul ("Evening Star"), Oda în metru antic (Ode in Ancient Meter), and the five Letters (Epistles/Satires). In his poems he frequently used metaphysical, mythological and historical subjects. In general his work was influenced by the German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer.. Romanian Romantic poet novelist and journalist
Akazome Emon ( , 956–1041) was a Japanese waka poet and early historian who lived in the mid- Heian period. She is a member both of the Thirty Six Elder Poetic Sages (, Chuko Sanjurokkasen ) and the Thirty Six Female Poetic Sages (, Nyobo Sanjurokkasen ) .
Andreas Embirikos (Greek : da µpe ) (Braila, 2 September 1901 – Athens, 3 August 1975) was a Greek surrealist poet and the first Greek psychoanalyst.
Sir William Empson (27 September 1906 – 15 April 1984) was an English literary critic and poet.. English literary critic and poet; key figure in New Criticism
Yunus Emre (1240–1321) was a Turkish poet and Sufi mystic. He has exercised immense influence on Turkish literature, from his own day until the present. Because Yunus Emre is, after Ahmet Yesevi and Sultan Walad, one of the first known Turkish poets to have composed works in the spoken Turkish of his own age and region rather than in Persian or Arabic, his diction remains very close to the popular speech of his contemporaries in Central and Western Anatolia. This is also the language of a number of anonymous folk-poets, folk-songs, fairy tales, riddles (tekerlemeler), and proverbs.. Turkish poet and Sufi mystic
Juan del Enzina – the spelling he used – or Juan del Encina – modern Spanish spelling – (born July 12, 1468 – died late 1529 or early 1530) was a composer, poet and playwright, :535 often called the founder, along with Gil Vicente, of Spanish drama. His name at birth was Juan de Fermoselle.
Michael Andreas Helmuth Ende (12 November 1929 – 28 August 1995) was a German author of fantasy and children's literature. He is best known for his epic fantasy work The Neverending Story; other famous works include Momo and Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver. His works have been translated into more than 40 languages and sold more than 20 million copies, and have been adapted into motion pictures, stage plays, operas and audio books.. German author of fantasy poetry and children's literature
Leszek Engelking (born February 2, 1955 in Bytom, Upper Silesia, Poland ) - Polish poet, short-story writer, critic, essayist, scholar, and translator .
Chugan Engetsu ( , January 28, 1300 – February 9, 1375), Japanese poet, occupies a prominent place in Japanese Literature of the Five Mountains, literature in Chinese written in Japan. Chugan's achievement was his mastery of this difficult medium, a signal of the ripening of Five Mountains poetry and prose in Japan. He was born in Kamakura of a family that claimed descent from Emperor Kammu (r. 781-806). At age eight he entered the prestigious monetary of the Zen Rinzai sect in Kamakura as an acolyte. At twelve he was a disciple of Dokei. At this time Chugan began in earnest his Chinese studies, devoting himself to the Classic of Filial Piety and Analects. He left for Kyushu hoping to travel to China, but did not succeed. After this disappointment he traveled to Kyoto and met the reclusive patriarch Kokan Shiren (1278–1346). In 1320 he realized his hopes for a journey to China that resulted in a seven-year study-tour of Zen masters and institutions. In 1332 Chugan returned in disgust to a Japan wracked by civil war and unrest. He chose for his residence the Nanzenji monastery in Kyoto. In 1339 he was asked to establish the Kisshoji monastery. From this point until his death in 1375 he was residing as head of many of the Zen establishments in Japan. His writings reflect both a Confucian concern with social values and a Zen love of the ironic and iconoclastic.
Paul Engle (October 12, 1908 - March 22, 1991), noted American poet, editor, teacher, literary critic, novelist, and playwright. He is perhaps best remembered as the long-time director of the Iowa Writers' Workshop and as founder of the International Writing Program (IWP), both at the University of Iowa.. American poet editor teacher literary critic novelist and playwright
Nikos Engonopoulos (Greek : p ; October 21, 1907 – October 31, 1985) was a modern Greek painter and poet. He is one of the most important members of "the generation of the '30s," as well as a major representative of the surrealist movement in Greece. [ citation needed ] His work as a writer also includes critique and essays.
John Ennis (born 1944) is an Irish poet born in Westmeath in 1944.
Quintus Ennius (c. 239 BC – c. 169 BC) was a writer during the period of the Roman Republic, and is often considered the father of Roman poetry. He was of Calabrian descent. Although only fragments of his works survive, his influence in Latin literature was significant, particularly in his use of Greek literary models.
Ernst Enno (8 June  [ O.S. 27 May]  1875 in Valguta – 7 March 1934 in Haapsalu ) was an Estonian poet and writer.
Dennis Joseph "D.J." Enright (11 March 1920 – 31 December 2002) was a British academic, poet, novelist and critic.
Riemke Ensing born 1939 in Groningen, The Netherlands is a New Zealand poet. She immigrated to New Zealand in 1951 at age twelve. She studied at Ardmore Teachers' Training College, then taught for two years, returning to the College to lecture in English literature for a year.
Theodore Vernon Enslin (born March 25, 1925, Chester, Pennsylvania, died November 21, 2011, Milbridge, Maine ) was an American poet associated with Cid Corman 's Origin and press. He is widely regarded as one of the most musical of American avant-garde poets. [ citation needed ]
Kim Eon is a Korean poet.
Khurshid Eqbal (Urdu) (born March 14, 1962) is an Urdu poet, writer and educationalist from India. He has written several books including poetry and prose. He has received Howrah Writer's Association Award for his literary contribution. [ citation needed ]
Alonso de Ercilla y Zúñiga (August 7, 1533 – November 29, 1594) was a Spanish nobleman, soldier and epic poet, born in Madrid. While in Chile (1556–63) he fought against the Araucanians (Mapuche), and there he began the epic poem La Araucana, considered one of the greatest Spanish historical poems [ citation needed ]. This heroic work in 37 cantos is divided into three parts, published in 1569, 1578, and 1589. It tells of the courageous insurrection of the Araucanians and also relates the history of Chile and of contemporary Spain.
Selim Erdogan (born 1962 in Elazig ) is a Turkish poet. With parents originally from Malatya, he nevertheless had all his life and schooling experience in Elazig, the neighboring town, where his father had a job, including higher education at Elazig 's Firat University, Faculty of Engineering. Upon graduation, he became a public employee, and, after a brief spell in Ankara, he chose to return to Elazig, where he continued to work at the regional section of the same government office, the job he still holds. He is married, with three children.
Karen Louise Erdrich, known as Louise Erdrich, (born June 7, 1954) is an author of novels, poetry, and children's books featuring Native American heritage. She is widely acclaimed as one of the most significant writers of the second wave of what critic Kenneth Lincoln has called the Native American Renaissance. In April 2009, her novel The Plague of Doves was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. She is the owner of Birchbark Books, a small independent bookstore in Minneapolis.. American author of novels poetry and children's books featuring Native American heritage
Haydar Ergulen is one of the important poets of the recent generation in contemporary Turkish literature. Born in 1956 in Eskisehir, Türkeli, he graduated from the Sociology Department at Orta Dogu Teknik Üniversitesi (Middle East Technical University) in Ankara.. Turkish poet
Erlingsson, Þorsteinn
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Þorsteinn Erlingsson (1858–1914), was an Icelandic poet. He graduated from Menntaskólinn í Reykjavík in 1883 and went to Copenhagen to study law. He never finished law school but during his time in Copenhagen his poems became known in Iceland. He returned to his home country in 1895 and died of pneumonia in Reykjavík in 1914.
Max Ernst (2 April 1891 – 1 April 1976) was a German painter, sculptor, graphic artist, and poet. A prolific artist, Ernst is considered to be one of the primary pioneers of the Dada movement and Surrealism.. German painter sculptor graphic artist and poet; a pioneer of the Dada movement and Surrealism
Seyhan Erözçelik (March 13, 1962 – August 24, 2011) was a Turkish poet.
Errana or Errapregada (Telugu : ) was a great Telugu poet in the court of Prolaya Vemareddy (1325–1353), the founder of Reddy dynasty (1325–1424) of Kondaveedu, who ruled Guntur, Prakasam, Nellore, and Kurnool districts of the state of Andhra Pradesh. Errana was also known as Yellapregada or Errapregada. He was honored with the title Prabandha Parameshwara (the supreme lord of Prabandha) and Shambudasusu.
Mehmet Erte: poet. Mehmet Erte poems, poetry, biography, quotes, poems, Mehmet Erte biography.
Seyyed Ahmad Hatef Esfehani (Persian : ) (also spelled as Hatef Esfahani or Hatif Isfahani ) is a famous Iranian poet of the 18th century.
Mirzadeh Eshghi or Eshqi (Persian), born Sayed Mohammad Reza Kordestani (1893 - July 3, 1924), was a political writer and poet of Iran .
Clayton Eshleman (born June 1, 1935) is an American poet, translator, and editor.. American poet translator and editor
Eskildsen, Rosario María Gutiérrez
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María del Rosario Gutiérrez Eskildsen (Villahermosa, Tabasco, April 16, 1899 — Mexico City May 12, 1979) was a Mexican lexicographer, linguist, educator, and poet who is remembered for her studies on the regional peculiarities of speech in her home state of Tabasco as well as for her pioneering work as a teacher and pedagogue in Tabasco and throughout Mexico. She has at times been described as Tabasco's first woman " professionist ".
Martín Espada (born 1957) is a Latino poet, and professor at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where he teaches poetry. Puerto Rico has frequently been featured as a theme in his poems.
Florbela Espanca (Portuguese pronunciation: ; birth name Flor Bela de Alma da Conceição), Portuguese poet (Vila Viçosa, December 8, 1894 — Matosinhos, December 8, 1930). Precursor of the feminist movement in Portugal, she had a tumultuous and eventful life that shaped her erotic and feminine writings.. Portuguese poet
Alfredo Espino (1900—August 1928) was a poet from El Salvador. Born in Ahuachapán, his only book is Jícaras Tristes (Sad Vessels), a collection of 96 poems. It is one of the most published books of poetry in El Salvador. Espino died in San Salvador .
Salvador Espriu i Castelló (Catalan pronunciation) (July 10, 1913 – February 22, 1985) was a Catalan poet writing in the Catalan language.. Catalan poet
José Ignacio Javier Oriol Encarnación de Espronceda y Delgado (25 March 1808 — 23 May 1842) was a Romantic Spanish poet.
Alter Esselin, (originally Orkeh Serebrenik) was a Russian-born American poet who wrote in the Yiddish language. He was born in Tchernigov, Russia on April 23, 1889 and died in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on November 22, 1974. In fifty years of his life, he wrote and had published several hundred poems in such publications as Di goldene keyt, Di veg, Kundus, The Zukunft or Di Tsukunft (The Future) and many others.
Claude Esteban (July 26, 1935, Paris - April 10, 2006, Paris) was a French poet.. French poet
Maggie Estep is an American poet and writer. She has published six books and released two spoken word albums: Love is a Dog From Hell and No More Mr. Nice Girl.. American writer musician slam poet
Jerry Estrin (May 6, 1947 – June 22, 1993) was a U.S. poet and magazine editor born in Los Angeles, California. Estrin was founder and editor of the magazines "Vanishing Cab" and "Art and Con".. American poet and magazine editor
Kang Eun-gyo is a modern Korean poet.
Euripides (/ j ' r p d i z / or / j ' r p d i z / ; Greek : pd ) (c. 480 – 406 BC) was one of the three great tragedians of classical Athens, the other two being Aeschylus and Sophocles. Some ancient scholars attributed ninety-five plays to him but according to the Suda it was ninety-two at most. Of these, eighteen or nineteen have survived complete (there has been debate about his authorship of Rhesus, largely on stylistic grounds) and there are also fragments, some substantial, of most of the other plays. More of his plays have survived intact than those of Aeschylus and Sophocles together, partly due to mere chance and partly because his popularity grew as theirs declined —he became, in the Hellenistic Age, a cornerstone of ancient literary education, along with Homer, Demosthenes and Menander.
George Essex Evans (18 June 1863 – 10 November 1909) was an Australian poet.
Mari Evans (born July 16, 1923 in Toledo, Ohio) is an African-American poet, living in Indianapolis.. African American poet
William Everson (September 10, 1912 – June 3, 1994), also known as Brother Antoninus, was an American poet of the San Francisco Renaissance and was also a literary critic and small press printer.. American poet of the San Francisco Renaissance; literary critic printer
Johannes Ewald (18 November 1743 – 17 March 1781) was a Danish national dramatist and poet. The lyrics of a song from one of his plays are used for one of the Danish national anthems, King Christian stood by the lofty mast. Normally regarded as the most important Danish poet of the second half of the 18th century, he led a short and troubled life, marked by alcoholism and poor health.
Gavin Buchanan Ewart (February 4, 1916 – October 25, 1995) was a British poet best known for contributing to Geoffrey Grigson's New Verse at the age of seventeen.. British poet
John K. Ewers (13 June 1904 – 1978) was a novelist, poet, schoolteacher and short story writer from Western Australia. He was the second son Ernest Ewers, orchardist, and his wife Annie Eliza, née Gray. When he was 6 his mother died. He was educated at James Street Intermediate and Perth Modern schools, and Claremont Teachers' College. The Australian Journal published (1924) his first short story, under the nom-de-plume, 'J. K. Waterjugs'. He wrote early on in his career in Our Rural Magazine, and Walkabout magazine
Elisabeth Françoise Eybers (16 February 1915 – 1 December 2007) was a South African poet. Her poetry was mainly in Afrikaans, although she has translated some of her own work (and those of others) into English .
Eyüboglu, Bedri Rahmi
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Bedri Rahmi Eyüboglu (1911, Görele – September 21, 1975, Istanbul ) was a Turkish painter and poet .
Nissim Ezekiel (24 December 1924 – 9 January 2004) was an Indian Jewish poet, playwright, editor and art - critic. He was a foundational figure in postcolonial India's literary history, specifically for Indian writing in English .
Thunchaththu Ramanujan Ezhuthachan
Ezhuthachan, Thunchaththu Ramanujan
Short Poems
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Thunchaththu Ramanujan Ezhuthachan was an Indian poet from around the 16th century. He is known as "The Father Of The Malayalam language" — the principal language of the Indian state of Kerala. He was born in Trikkantiyur, in the town of Tirur, in Vettathunadu. Thunchaththu is his family name, Ramanujan his given name, and Ezhuthachan (schoolmaster) is an honorific title or the last name indicating his caste. His name is transliterated in several ways, including Thunchath Ezhuthachan, Thunchaththu Ezhuthachan, Thunchaththu Ezhuthachchan and Thunjath Ezhuthachan .
Rabbi Moses ben Jacob ibn Ezra, known as Ha'Sallah ("writer of penitential prayers") (Arabic : , Abu Harun Musa bin Ya'acub ibn Ezra, Hebrew : ,) was a Jewish, Spanish philosopher, linguist, and poet. He was born at Granada about 1055 – 1060, and died after 1138. Ezra is Jewish by religion but is also considered a great influence in the Arabic world in regards to his works. He is considered one of the greatest poets to originate from Spain and was thought of as ahead of his time in terms of theories surrounding the nature of poetry. One of the more revolutionary aspects of Ezra’s poetry that have been debated over is his definition of poetry as metaphor and how it fuses Aristotle’s early ideas. Ezra’s philosophical works were minor compared to his impact on poetry, but they address the relationship that is held between God and man. [ Detroit: Macmillan Reference USA 1 ]