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Famous Short Name Poems. Short Name Poetry by Famous Poets

Famous Short Name Poems. Short Name Poetry by Famous Poets. A collection of the all-time best Name short poems

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by Emily Dickinson

As subtle as tomorrow

 As subtle as tomorrow
That never came,
A warrant, a conviction,
Yet but a name.

by Edna St Vincent Millay

The Prisoner

 ALL right,
Go ahead!
What's in a name?
I guess I'll be locked into
As much as I'm locked out of!

by Emily Dickinson

The Robin for the Crumb

 The Robin for the Crumb
Returns no syllable
But long records the Lady's name
In Silver Chronicle.

by Francesco Petrarch


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by Francesco Petrarch


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by Emily Dickinson

Of whom so dear

 Of whom so dear
The name to hear
Illumines with a Glow
As intimate -- as fugitive
As Sunset on the snow --

by Walter Savage Landor

One Lovely Name

 One lovely name adorns my song, 
And, dwelling in the heart, 
Forever falters at the tongue, 
And trembles to depart.

by Friedrich von Schiller

My Faith

 Which religion do I acknowledge? None that thou namest.
"None that I name? And why so?"--Why, for religion's own sake?

by Robert Louis Stevenson

Fair Isle At Sea

 FAIR Isle at Sea - thy lovely name
Soft in my ear like music came.
That sea I loved, and once or twice
I touched at isles of Paradise.

by Peter Huchel


 Sound, sound the clarion, fill the fife!
To all the sensual world proclaim,
One crowded hour of glorious life
Is worth an age without a name.

by Sir Walter Scott

Sound Sound the Clarion

 Sound, sound the clarion, fill the fife!
To all the sensual world proclaim,
One crowded hour of glorious life
Is worth an age without a name.

by Emily Dickinson

If Blame be my side -- forfeit Me --

 If Blame be my side -- forfeit Me --
But doom me not to forfeit Thee --
To forfeit Thee? The very name
Is sentence from Belief -- and House --

by Robert Burns

119. Epitaph for Robert Aiken Esq.

 KNOW thou, O stranger to the fame
Of this much lov’d, much honoured name!
(For none that knew him need be told)
A warmer heart death ne’er made cold.

by Emily Dickinson

Glory is that bright tragic thing

 Glory is that bright tragic thing
That for an instant
Means Dominion --
Warms some poor name
That never felt the Sun,
Gently replacing
In oblivion --

by Ben Jonson

To My Lord Ignorant


Thou call'st me POET, as a term of shame ;
But I have my revenge made, in thy name.

by Carl Sandburg


 Memory of you is . . . a blue spear of flower.
I cannot remember the name of it.
Alongside a bold dripping poppy is fire and silk.
 And they cover you.

by Amir Khosrow

Was lovable when little

Was lovable when little (or lit),
but was worthless when grown up (or extinguished)
Khusro has told you his name,
solve this riddle or get out of town.

by Ogden Nash

The Firefly

 The firefly's flame 
Is something for which science has no name 
I can think of nothing eerier 
Than flying around with an unidentified glow on a 
person's posteerier.

by Edward Lear

There was an old man of Dunrose;

There was an old man of Dunrose;
A parrot seized hold of his nose.
When he grew melancholy, they said, "His name's Polly,"
Which soothed that old man of Dunrose.

by Mother Goose


Ladybird, ladybird, fly away home!
Your house is on fire, your children all gone,
All but one, and her name is Ann,
And she crept under the pudding pan.

by Stephen Crane

Love walked alone

 Love walked alone.
The rocks cut her tender feet,
And the brambles tore her fair limbs.
There came a companion to her,
But, alas, he was no help,
For his name was heart's pain.

by Ellis Parker Butler

A Scotchman Whose Name Was Isbister

 A Scotchman whose name was Isbister
Had a maiden giraffe he called “sister”
 When she said “Oh, be mine,
 Be my sweet Valentine!”
He just shinned up her long neck and kissed her.

by Ellis Parker Butler

How’d You Like It?

 Well, then! How’d you like to bear the name of Butler
 As an honor badge eight centuries at least,
And then have the Prohibitionists inform you
 That a butler is a sort of outlawed beast?

by Emily Dickinson

Who abdicated Ambush

 Who abdicated Ambush
And went the way of Dusk,
And now against his subtle Name
There stands an Asterisk
As confident of him as we --
Impregnable we are --
The whole of Immortality
Secreted in a Star.

by Mark Van Doren

Nothing Stays

 Nothing stays
not even change,
That can grow tired 
of it's own name;
The very thought
too much for it.

Somewhere in air
a stillness is, 
So far, so thin-
But let it alone.
Whoever we are
it is not for us