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Famous Short Character Poems

Famous Short Character Poems. Short Character Poetry by Famous Poets. A collection of the all-time best Character short poems

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Character | Short Famous Poems and Poets

by Emily Dickinson

Just as He spoke it from his Hands

 Just as He spoke it from his Hands
This Edifice remain --
A Turret more, a Turret less
Dishonor his Design --

According as his skill prefer
It perish, or endure --
Content, soe'er, it ornament
His absent character.

by Henry David Thoreau

Epitaph On The World

 Here lies the body of this world, 
Whose soul alas to hell is hurled.
This golden youth long since was past, Its silver manhood went as fast, An iron age drew on at last; 'Tis vain its character to tell, The several fates which it befell, What year it died, when 'twill arise, We only know that here it lies.

by Les Murray

The Aboriginal Cricketer

 Mid-9th century

Good-looking young man
in your Crimean shirt
with your willow shield
up, as if to face spears,

you're inside their men's Law,
one church they do obey;
they'll remember you were here.
Keep fending off their casts.
Don't come out of character.
Like you they suspect idiosyncrasy of witchcraft.
Above all, don't get out too easily, and have to leave here where all missiles are just leather and come from one direction.
Keep it noble.
Keep it light.