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Famous Short Beauty Poems

Famous Short Beauty Poems. Short Beauty Poetry by Famous Poets. A collection of the all-time best Beauty short poems

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Beauty | Short Famous Poems and Poets

by Robert Herrick

Time was upon

 Wrinkles no more are, or no less,
Than beauty turn'd to sourness.

by Robert Herrick


 Beauty no other thing is, than a beam
Flash'd out between the middle and extreme.

by Emily Dickinson

Beauty crowds me till I die

 Beauty crowds me till I die
Beauty mercy have on me
But if I expire today
Let it be in sight of thee --

by Emily Dickinson

The Definition of Beauty is

 The Definition of Beauty is
That Definition is none --
Of Heaven, easing Analysis,
Since Heaven and He are one.

by Emily Dickinson

So gay a Flower

 So gay a Flower
Bereaves the Mind
As if it were a Woe --
Is Beauty an Affliction -- then?
Tradition ought to know --

by Emily Dickinson

Estranged from Beauty -- none can be --

 Estranged from Beauty -- none can be --
For Beauty is Infinity --
And power to be finite ceased
Before Identity was leased.

by Emily Dickinson

But little Carmine hath her face --

 But little Carmine hath her face --
Of Emerald scant -- her Gown --
Her Beauty -- is the love she doth --
Itself -- exhibit -- Mine --

by Walter Savage Landor

Soon O Ianthe! life is oer

 Soon, O Ianthe! life is o'er,
And sooner beauty's heavenly smile:
Grant only (and I ask no more),
Let love remain that little while.

by Hilaire Belloc

A Trinity

 Of three in One and One in three 
My narrow mind would doubting be 
Till Beauty, Grace and Kindness met 
And all at once were Juliet.

by William Blake

The Lilly

 The modest Rose puts forth a thorn:
The humble Sheep.
a threatning horn: While the Lily white, shall in Love delight, Nor a thorn nor a threat stain her beauty bright

by Ralph Waldo Emerson

Painting And Sculpture

 The sinful painter drapes his goddess warm,
Because she still is naked, being drest;
The godlike sculptor will not so deform
Beauty, which bones and flesh enough invest.

by Robert Herrick

An Epitaph Upon A Virgin

 Here a solemn fast we keep,
While all beauty lies asleep;
Hushed be all things, no noise here,
But the toning of a tear,
Or the sigh of such as bring
Cowslips for her covering.

by Walter Savage Landor

God Scatters Beauty

 God scatters beauty as he scatters flowers 
O'er the wide earth, and tells us all are ours.
A hundred lights in every temple burn, And at each shrine I bend my knee in turn.

by Emily Dickinson

The earth has many keys

 The earth has many keys,
Where melody is not
Is the unknown peninsula.
Beauty is nature's fact.
But witness for her land, And witness for her sea, The cricket is her utmost Of elegy to me.

by Gerard Manley Hopkins

Strike Churl

 Strike, churl; hurl, cheerless wind, then; heltering hail 
May’s beauty massacre and wisp?d wild clouds grow 
Out on the giant air; tell Summer No, 
Bid joy back, have at the harvest, keep Hope pale.

by William Butler Yeats


 A storm-beaten old watch-tower,
A blind hermit rings the hour.
All-destroying sword-blade still Carried by the wandering fool.
Gold-sewn silk on the sword-blade, Beauty and fool together laid.

by Emily Dickinson

Beauty -- be not caused -- It Is --

 Beauty -- be not caused -- It Is --
Chase it, and it ceases --
Chase it not, and it abides --

Overtake the Creases

In the Meadow -- when the Wind
Runs his fingers thro' it --
Deity will see to it
That You never do it --

by Ezra Pound

Statement of Being

 I am a grave poetic hen
That lays poetic eggs
And to enhance my temperament
A little quiet begs.
We make the yolk philosophy, True beauty the albumen.
And then gum on a shell of form To make the screed sound human.

by Emily Dickinson

To tell the Beauty would decrease

 To tell the Beauty would decrease
To state the Spell demean --
There is a syllable-less Sea
Of which it is the sign --
My will endeavors for its word
And fails, but entertains
A Rapture as of Legacies --
Of introspective Mines --

by Emily Dickinson

Pink -- small -- and punctual --

 Pink -- small -- and punctual --
Aromatic -- low --
Covert -- in April --
Candid -- in May --
Dear to the Moss --
Known to the Knoll --
Next to the Robin
In every human Soul --
Bold little Beauty
Bedecked with thee
Nature forswears
Antiquity --

by Emily Dickinson

The Bird her punctual music brings

 The Bird her punctual music brings
And lays it in its place --
Its place is in the Human Heart
And in the Heavenly Grace --
What respite from her thrilling toil
Did Beauty ever take --
But Work might be electric Rest
To those that Magic make --

by Robert Herrick


 Here she lies, in bed of spice,
Fair as Eve in paradise;
For her beauty, it was such,
Poets could not praise too much.
Virgins come, and in a ring Her supremest REQUIEM sing; Then depart, but see ye tread Lightly, lightly o'er the dead.

by Richard Brautigan

Nine Things

 It's night
and a numbered beauty
lapses at the wind,
chortles with the 
branches of a tree,


plays shadow dance
with a dead kite,
cajoles affection
from falling leaves,
and knows four 
other things.
One is the color of your hair.

by Robert Herrick


 As is your name, so is your comely face
Touch'd every where with such diffused grace,
As that in all that admirable round,
There is not one least solecism found;
And as that part, so every portion else
Keeps line for line with beauty's parallels.

by William Butler Yeats

The Lover Pleads With His Friend For Old Friends

 Though you are in your shining days,
Voices among the crowd
And new friends busy with your praise,
Be not unkind or proud,
But think about old friends the most:
Time's bitter flood will rise,
Your beauty perish and be lost
For all eyes but these eyes.