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Short Poetry by Popular Famous Poets

1 William Wordsworth
2 Emily Dickinson
3 William Shakespeare
4 Maya Angelou
5 Langston Hughes
6 Robert Frost
7 Walt Whitman
8 Rabindranath Tagore
9 Shel Silverstein
10 William Blake
11 Pablo Neruda
12 Sylvia Plath
13 Edward Estlin (E E) Cummings
14 William Butler Yeats
15 Tupac Shakur
16 Oscar Wilde
17 Alfred Lord Tennyson
18 Rudyard Kipling
19 Sandra Cisneros
20 Alice Walker
21 Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
22 Billy Collins
23 Christina Rossetti
24 Carol Ann Duffy
25 Charles Bukowski
26 Edgar Allan Poe
27 Sarojini Naidu
28 John Donne
29 Ralph Waldo Emerson
30 Nikki Giovanni
31 John Keats
32 Raymond Carver
33 Mark Twain
34 Thomas Hardy
35 Anne Sexton
36 Lewis Carroll
37 Elizabeth Barrett Browning
38 Gary Soto
39 Alexander Pushkin
40 Carl Sandburg
41 Gwendolyn Brooks
42 Henry David Thoreau
43 George (Lord) Byron
44 Spike Milligan
45 Margaret Atwood
46 Muhammad Ali
47 Roger McGough
48 Sara Teasdale
49 Jane Austen
50 Allen Ginsberg
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Famous Short Simple Poems

Famous Short Simple Poems. Short Simple Poetry by Famous Poets. A collection of the all-time best Simple short poems

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Simple | Short Famous Poems and Poets

by Emily Dickinson

It rises -- passes -- on our South

 It rises -- passes -- on our South
Inscribes a simple Noon --
Cajoles a Moment with the Spires
And infinite is gone --

by Ralph Waldo Emerson


TO clothe the fiery thought 
In simple words succeeds  
For still the craft of genius is 
To mask a king in weeds.

by Emily Dickinson

To venerate the simple days

 To venerate the simple days
Which lead the seasons by,
Needs but to remember
That from you or I,
They may take the trifle
Termed mortality!

by Richard Brautigan

We Stopped at Perfect Days

 We stopped at perfect days
and got out of the car.
The wind glanced at her hair.
It was as simple as that.
I turned to say something--

by Omar Khayyam

Now Ramazan is come, no wine must flow,

Now Ramazan is come, no wine must flow,
Our simple pastimes we must now forego,
The wine we have in store we must not drink,
Nor on our mistresses one kiss bestow.

by Henry Lawson

Send Round the Hat

 Now this is the creed from the Book of the Bush – 
Should be simple and plain to a dunce: 
"If a man’s in a hole you must pass round the hat – 
Were he jail-bird or gentleman once.

by Omar Khayyam

Now Ramazan has come, the vintage passed, and

Now Ramazan has come, the vintage passed, and
pledging of the cup and simple customs are afar. Yet
full the wine pots are, and still untouched, and houris wait
for us in fond suspense.

by Robert Burns

124. Motto prefixed to the Author's first Publication

 THE SIMPLE Bard, unbroke by rules of art,
He pours the wild effusions of the heart;
And if inspir’d ’tis Nature’s pow’rs inspire;
Her’s all the melting thrill, and her’s the kindling fire.

by Emily Dickinson

Ive got an arrow here

 I've got an arrow here.
Loving the hand that sent it I the dart revere.
Fell, they will say, in "skirmish"! Vanquished, my soul will know By but a simple arrow Sped by an archer's bow.

by Emily Dickinson

Lain in Nature -- so suffice us

 Lain in Nature -- so suffice us
The enchantless Pod
When we advertise existence
For the missing Seed --

Maddest Heart that God created
Cannot move a sod
Pasted by the simple summer
On the Longed for Dead

by Emily Dickinson

Summer laid her simple Hat

 Summer laid her simple Hat
On its boundless Shelf --
Unobserved -- a Ribbon slipt,
Snatch it for yourself.
Summer laid her supple Glove In its sylvan Drawer -- Wheresoe'er, or was she -- The demand of Awe?

by Emily Dickinson

The Clovers simple Fame

 The Clover's simple Fame
Remembered of the Cow --
Is better than enameled Realms
Of notability.
Renown perceives itself And that degrades the Flower -- The Daisy that has looked behind Has compromised its power --

by Omar Khayyam

Oh! what damage may the vessels filled to flowing do,

Oh! what damage may the vessels filled to flowing do,
and how incomplete are they who possess riches! The
eyes of beautiful Turkish women are a feast to the heart,
yet they are simple learners from the slaves who own

by Emily Dickinson

A Day! Help! Help! Another Day!

 A Day! Help! Help! Another Day!
Your prayers, oh Passer by!
From such a common ball as this
Might date a Victory!
From marshallings as simple
The flags of nations swang.
Steady -- my soul: What issues Upon thine arrow hang!

by Emily Dickinson

When Katie walks this simple pair accompany her side

 When Katie walks, this simple pair accompany her side,
When Katie runs unwearied they follow on the road,
When Katie kneels, their loving hands still clasp her pious knee --
Ah! Katie! Smile at Fortune, with two so knit to thee!

by Emily Dickinson

This is my letter to the World

 This is my letter to the World
That never wrote to Me --
The simple News that Nature told --
With tender Majesty

Her Message is committed
To Hands I cannot see --
For love of Her -- Sweet -- countrymen --
Judge tenderly -- of Me

by Omar Khayyam

Bring wine from this ruby vessel and pour it into a

Bring wine from this ruby vessel and pour it into a
simple crystal cup; bring that thing habitual and dear
to every noble man. Since you know that all beings are
but dust, and that a two-day tempest makes them disappear,
bring wine.

by Emily Dickinson

She died -- this was the way she died

 She died -- this was the way she died.
And when her breath was done Took up her simple wardrobe And started for the sun.
Her little figure at the gate The Angels must have spied, Since I could never find her Upon the mortal side.

by José Martí

Once I was sailing for fun (Simple Verses XII)

Once I was sailing for fun
On a lake of great allure,
Like gold the sun shone so pure,
And my soul more than the sun.
Then suddenly I could smell Before I saw at my feet, A foul fish, with death replete, At the bottom of the well

by Omar Khayyam

The drop of water began to weep on being separated

The drop of water began to weep on being separated
from the ocean. The ocean began to laugh, saying to
it: It is we who are all; in truth, there is no other God
beside us, and if we are separated, it is only by a simple
point almost invisible.

by Emily Dickinson

The pretty Rain from those sweet Eaves

 The pretty Rain from those sweet Eaves
Her unintending Eyes --
Took her own Heart, including ours,
By innocent Surprise --

The wrestle in her simple Throat
To hold the feeling down
That vanquished her -- defeated Feat --
Was Fervor's sudden Crown --

by Amy Levy

In the Nower

 To J.
De P.
Deep in the grass outstretched I lie, Motionless on the hill; Above me is a cloudless sky, Around me all is still: There is no breath, no sound, no stir, The drowsy peace to break: I close my tired eyes--it were So simple not to wake.

by Robert Burns

387. Epigram on Miss Fontenelle

 SWEET naïveté of feature,
 Simple, wild, enchanting elf,
Not to thee, but thanks to Nature,
 Thou art acting but thyself.
Wert thou awkward, stiff, affected, Spurning Nature, torturing art; Loves and Graces all rejected, Then indeed thou’d’st act a part.

by Dejan Stojanovic

It Is So Simple

I feel the light inside and out 
Sun is a close keen 

The world glows, and so I glow 
The world is growing 

And I grow glowing 
Thinking so is so simple 

Not to think, but glisten 
Not to analyze, but feel 

The light inside and out 
And grow by glowing 

by Jiri Mordecai Langer

The poem

 The poem
that I chose for you
is simple,
as are all my singing poems.
It has the trace of a veil, a little balsam, and a taste of the honey of lies.
There is also the coming end of summer when heat scorches the meadow and the quick waters of the river cease to flow.