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Famous Short Body Poems

Famous Short Body Poems. Short Body Poetry by Famous Poets. A collection of the all-time best Body short poems

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Body | Short Famous Poems and Poets

by Richard Brautigan

Just Because

 Just because
people love your mind, 
doesn't mean they 
have to have 
your body, 

by Robert Burns

121. Epitaph on “Wee Johnnie”

 WHOE’ER thou art, O reader, know
 That Death has murder’d Johnie;
An’ here his body lies fu’ low;
 For saul he ne’er had ony.

by Dorothy Parker

Charles Dickens

 Who call him spurious and shoddy
Shall do it o'er my lifeless body.
I heartily invite such birds To come outside and say those words!

by Robert Frost

A Question

 A voice said, Look me in the stars
And tell me truly, men of earth,
If all the soul-and-body scars
Were not too much to pay for birth.

by Odysseus Elytis

From Maria Nephele 1979.

If you are of the Atreides go
elsewhere to shout aloud.
Such fire doesn't kindle the sun here where conscience rose and took on a maiden's real body.

by Walt Whitman

I am He that Aches with Love.

 I AM he that aches with amorous love; 
Does the earth gravitate? Does not all matter, aching, attract all matter? 
So the Body of me, to all I meet, or know.

by William Butler Yeats

A Man Young And Old: III. The Mermaid

 A mermaid found a swimming lad,
Picked him for her own,
Pressed her body to his body,
Laughed; and plunging down
Forgot in cruel happiness
That even lovers drown.

by William Soutar

Bed Time

Cuddle-doun my bairnie
The dargie day is dune:
Yon’s a siller sternie
Ablow the siller mune.
Like a wabster body Hingin on a threed Far abune my laddie In his wee creepie-bed.

by James Wright

The Jewel

 There is this cave
In the air behind my body
That nobodyt is going to touch:
A cloister, a silence
Closing around a blossom of fire.
When I stand upright in the wind, My bones turn to dark emeralds.

by Gerard Manley Hopkins

Love Preparing to Fly

 He play'd his wings as tho' for flight; 
They webb'd the sky with glassy light.
His body sway'd upon tiptoes, Like a wind-perplexed rose; In eddies of the wind he went At last up the blue element.

by John Gould Fletcher

Aspatias Song

 LAY a garland on my herse
 Of the dismal yew;
Maidens, willow branches bear;
 Say, I died true.
My love was false, but I was firm From my hour of birth.
Upon my buried body lie Lightly, gentle earth!

by Jean Toomer

A Portrait in Georgia

 Hair-braided chestnut,
coiled like a lyncher's rope,
Lips-old scars, or the first red blisters,
Breath-the last sweet scent of cane,
And her slim body, white as the ash
of black flesh after flame.

by Emily Dickinson

The Body grows without --

 The Body grows without --
The more convenient way --
That if the Spirit -- like to hide
Its Temple stands, alway,

Ajar -- secure -- inviting --
It never did betray
The Soul that asked its shelter
In solemn honesty

by Mahmoud Darwish

A Lover From Palestine

 Her eyes are Palestinian
Her name is Palestinian
Her dress and sorrow Palestinian
Her kerchief, her feet and body Palestinian
Her words and silence Palestinian
Her voice Palestinian
Her birth and her death Palestinian

by Jean Toomer

Portrait in Georgia

 Hair--braided chestnut,
coiled like a lyncher's rope,
Lips--old scars, or the first red blisters,
Breath--the last sweet scent of cane,
And her slim body, white as the ash
of black flesh after flame.

by Walt Whitman

As Adam Early in the Morning.

 AS Adam, early in the morning, 
Walking forth from the bower, refresh’d with sleep; 
Behold me where I pass—hear my voice—approach, 
Touch me—touch the palm of your hand to my Body as I pass; 
Be not afraid of my Body.

by Carl Sandburg


 THEY are crying salt tears
Over the beautiful beloved body
Of Inez Milholland,
Because they are glad she lived,
Because she loved open-armed,
Throwing love for a cheap thing
Belonging to everybody—
Cheap as sunlight,
And morning air.

by Odysseus Elytis

From Body of Summer 1943.

O body of summer, naked, burnt
Eaten away by oil and salt
Body of rock and shudder of the heart
Great ruffling wind in the osier hair
Breath of basil above the curly pubic mound
Full of stars and pine needles
Body, deep vessel of the day! 

by Robert Burns

475. Epigram on a Country Laird (Cardoness)

 BLESS Jesus Christ, O Cardonessp,
 With grateful, lifted eyes,
Who taught that not the soul alone,
 But body too shall rise;
For had He said “the soul alone
 From death I will deliver,”
Alas, alas! O Cardoness,
 Then hadst thou lain for ever.

by Sara Teasdale


 I am not sorry for my soul
That it must go unsatisfied,
For it can live a thousand times,
Eternity is deep and wide.
I am not sorry for my soul, But oh, my body that must go Back to a little drift of dust Without the joy it longed to know.

by Emily Dickinson

I am afraid to own a Body --

 I am afraid to own a Body --
I am afraid to own a Soul --
Profound -- precarious Property --
Possession, not optional --

Double Estate -- entailed at pleasure
Upon an unsuspecting Heir --
Duke in a moment of Deathlessness
And God, for a Frontier.

by Yehuda Amichai

My Father

 The memory of my father is wrapped up in
white paper, like sandwiches taken for a day at work.
Just as a magician takes towers and rabbits out of his hat, he drew love from his small body, and the rivers of his hands overflowed with good deeds.

by Carl Sandburg

Old Osawatomie

 JOHN BROWN’S body under the morning stars.
Six feet of dust under the morning stars.
And a panorama of war performs itself Over the six-foot stage of circling armies.
Room for Gettysburg, Wilderness, Chickamauga, On a six-foot stage of dust.

by Amy Levy

To Death

 (From Lenau.
) If within my heart there's mould, If the flame of Poesy And the flame of Love grow cold, Slay my body utterly.
Swiftly, pause not nor delay; Let not my life's field be spread With the ash of feelings dead, Let thy singer soar away.

by Alexander Pushkin

A Little Bird

 In alien lands I keep the body
Of ancient native rites and things:
I gladly free a little birdie
At celebration of the spring.
I'm now free for consolation, And thankful to almighty Lord: At least, to one of his creations I've given freedom in this world!