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Famous Short Bird Poems

Famous Short Bird Poems. Short Bird Poetry by Famous Poets. A collection of the all-time best Bird short poems

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Bird | Short Famous Poems and Poets

by Yosa Buson

Ploughing the land

 Ploughing the land--
not even a bird singing
in the mountain's shadow.

by Hilaire Belloc

The Dromedary

 The Dromedary is a cheerful bird:
I cannot say the same about the Kurd.

by Edward Estlin (E E) Cummings



is a looking bird:the turn ing;edge of life (inquiry before snow

by James A Emanuel

Charlie Bird Parker

 Once Ugly Duckling,
rich plumage grew.
Poised, Bird flew.
Flocks followed.
Me too.

by Emily Dickinson

Distance -- is not the Realm of Fox

 Distance -- is not the Realm of Fox
Nor by Relay of Bird
Abated -- Distance is
Until thyself, Beloved.

by Richard Brautigan


 I lift the toliet seat
as if it were the nest of a bird
and I see cat tracks
all around the edge of the bowl.

by Emily Dickinson

Not knowing when the Dawn will come

 Not knowing when the Dawn will come,
I open every Door,
Or has it Feathers, like a Bird,
Or Billows, like a Shore --

by Emily Dickinson

Where every bird is bold to go

 Where every bird is bold to go
And bees abashless play,
The foreigner before he knocks
Must thrust the tears away.

by Emily Dickinson

Touch lightly Natures sweet Guitar

 Touch lightly Nature's sweet Guitar
Unless thou know'st the Tune
Or every Bird will point at thee
Because a Bard too soon --

by Robert Burns

205. Song—Go on Sweet Bird and Soothe my Care

 FOR thee is laughing Nature gay,
For thee she pours the vernal day;
For me in vain is Nature drest,
While Joy’s a stranger to my breast.

by David Herbert Lawrence


 I never saw a wild thing 
sorry for itself.
A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough without ever having felt sorry for itself.

by Dorothy Parker

Ornithology For Beginners

 The bird that feeds from off my palm
Is sleek, affectionate, and calm,
But double, to me, is worth the thrush
A-flickering in the elder-bush.

by Emily Dickinson

My friend must be a Bird

 My friend must be a Bird --
Because it flies!
Mortal, my friend must be,
Because it dies!
Barbs has it, like a Bee!
Ah, curious friend!
Thou puzzlest me!

by William Butler Yeats

The Lovers Song

 Bird sighs for the air,
Thought for I know not where,
For the womb the seed sighs.
Now sinks the same rest On mind, on nest, On straining thighs.

by Mother Goose

The Bird Scarer

Away, birds, away!
Take a little and leave a little,
And do not come again;
For if you do,
I will shoot you through,
And there will be an end of you.

by Edward Lear

There was an Old Man who said Hush!

There was an Old Man who said, "Hush!
I perceive a young bird in this bush!"
When they said, "Is it small?" he replied, "Not at all;
It is four times as big as the bush!"

by Edward Lear

There was an Old Man of Whitehaven

There was an Old Man of Whitehaven,
Who danced a quadrille with a Raven;
But they said, "It's absurd to encourage this bird!"
So they smashed that Old Man of Whitehaven.

by Henry Lawson

Send Round the Hat

 Now this is the creed from the Book of the Bush – 
Should be simple and plain to a dunce: 
"If a man’s in a hole you must pass round the hat – 
Were he jail-bird or gentleman once.

by Robert Graves

Love Without Hope

 Love without hope, as when the young bird-catcher
Swept off his tall hat to the Squire's own daughter,
So let the imprisoned larks escape and fly
Singing about her head, as she rode by.

by Emily Dickinson

It is a lonesome Glee --

 It is a lonesome Glee --
Yet sanctifies the Mind --
With fair association --
Afar upon the Wind

A Bird to overhear
Delight without a Cause --
Arrestless as invisible --
A matter of the Skies.

by Emily Dickinson

Whoever disenchants

 Whoever disenchants
A single Human soul
By failure of irreverence
Is guilty of the whole.
As guileless as a Bird As graphic as a star Till the suggestion sinister Things are not what they are --

by Emily Dickinson

All the letters I can write

 All the letters I can write
Are not fair as this --
Syllables of Velvet --
Sentences of Plush,
Depths of Ruby, undrained,
Hid, Lip, for Thee --
Play it were a Humming Bird --
And just sipped -- me --

by Emily Dickinson

A lane of Yellow led the eye

 A lane of Yellow led the eye
Unto a Purple Wood
Whose soft inhabitants to be
Surpasses solitude
If Bird the silence contradict
Or flower presume to show
In that low summer of the West
Impossible to know --

by Emily Dickinson

Which is best? Heaven --

 Which is best? Heaven --
Or only Heaven to come
With that old Codicil of Doubt?
I cannot help esteem

The "Bird within the Hand"
Superior to the one
The "Bush" may yield me
Or may not
Too late to choose again.

by Emily Dickinson

On my volcano grows the Grass

 On my volcano grows the Grass
A meditative spot --
An acre for a Bird to choose
Would be the General thought --

How red the Fire rocks below --
How insecure the sod
Did I disclose
Would populate with awe my solitude.