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Famous Short God Poems

Famous Short God Poems. Short God Poetry by Famous Poets. A collection of the all-time best God short poems

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God | Short Famous Poems and Poets

by Emily Dickinson

To their apartment deep

 To their apartment deep
No ribaldry may creep
Untumbled this abode
By any man but God --

by Stephen Crane

You tell me this is God?

 You tell me this is God?
I tell you this is a printed list,
A burning candle, and an ass.

by Ambrose Bierce


 The pig is taught by sermons and epistles
To think the God of Swine has snout and bristles.

by Mother Goose

An Equal

Read my riddle, I pray.
What God never sees,
What the king seldom sees,
What we see every day.

by Emily Dickinson

God made no act without a cause

 God made no act without a cause,
Nor heart without an aim,
Our inference is premature,
Our premises to blame.

by Emily Dickinson

How ruthless are the gentle --

 How ruthless are the gentle --
How cruel are the kind --
God broke his contract to his Lamb
To qualify the Wind --

by Emily Dickinson

God is indeed a jealous God --

 God is indeed a jealous God --
He cannot bear to see
That we had rather not with Him
But with each other play.

by Thomas Hardy

Epitaph On A Pessimist

 I'm Smith of Stoke aged sixty odd
I've lived without a dame all my life
And wish to God
My dad had done the same.

by Kalidasa

I see you hunt the spotted deer

I see you hunt the spotted deer
With shafts to end his race,
As though God Shiva should appear
In his immortal chase.

by Carl Sandburg


 I HAVE love
And a child,
A banjo
And shadows.
(Losses of God, All will go And one day We will hold Only the shadows.

by Emily Dickinson

The longest day that God appoints

 The longest day that God appoints
Will finish with the sun.
Anguish can travel to its stake, And then it must return.

by William Butler Yeats


 'Those Platonists are a curse,' he said,
'God's fire upon the wane,
A diagram hung there instead,
More women born than men.

by Friedrich von Schiller

Inside And Outside

 God alone sees the heart and therefore, since he alone sees it,
Be it our care that we, too, something that's worthy may see.

by Robert Burns

323. Epigram on Miss Davies

 ASK why God made the gem so small?
 And why so huge the granite?—
Because God meant mankind should set
 That higher value on it.

by Dorothy Parker

Harriet Beecher Stowe

 The pure and worthy Mrs.
Stowe Is one we all are proud to know As mother, wife, and authoress- Thank God, I am content with less!

by Emily Dickinson

Though the great Waters sleep

 Though the great Waters sleep,
That they are still the Deep,
We cannot doubt --
No vacillating God
Ignited this Abode
To put it out --

by Emily Dickinson

Embarrassment of one another

 Embarrassment of one another
And God
Is Revelation's limit,
Is nothing that is chief,
But still,
Divinity dwells under a seal.

by Robert Louis Stevenson

The Angler Rose He Took His Rod

 THE angler rose, he took his rod,
He kneeled and made his prayers to God.
The living God sat overhead: The angler tripped, the eels were fed

by Friedrich von Schiller

A Peculiar Ideal

 What thou thinkest, belongs to all; what thou feelest, is thine only.
Wouldst thou make him thine own, feel thou the God whom thou thinkest!

by Robert Burns

407. Epigram—Thanks for a National Victory

 YE hypocrites! are these your pranks?
To murder men and give God thanks!
Desist, for shame!—proceed no further;
God won’t accept your thanks for MURTHER

by Imamu Amiri Baraka

Monday in B-Flat

I can pray 
    all day 
    & God 
    wont come.

But if I call 
        The Devil 
            Be here

        in a minute! 

by Omar Khayyam

In a lone waste I saw a debauchee,

In a lone waste I saw a debauchee,
He had no home, no faith, no heresy,
No God, no truth, no law, no certitude;
Where in this world is man so bold as he?

by Anthony Hecht

Paradise Lost Book 5: An Epitome

 Higgledy piggeldy
Archangel Rafael,
Speaking of Satan's re-
Bellion from God:

"Chap was decidedly
Given to lewdness and

by Emily Dickinson

Should you but fail at -- Sea

 Should you but fail at -- Sea --
In sight of me --
Or doomed lie --
Next Sun -- to die --
Or rap -- at Paradise -- unheard
I'd harass God
Until he let you in!

by Omar Khayyam

To him who would his sins extenuate,

To him who would his sins extenuate,
Let pious men this verse reiterate,
«To call God's prescience the cause of sin
In wisdom's purview is but folly's prate.»