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Famous Heart Poems | Examples of Famous Heart Poetry

These are examples of famous Heart poems written by famous poets. PoetrySoup is a great resource of famous Heart poems about Heart. These examples illustrate what famous Heart poems looks like and its form.

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Famous PoemPoet
The Raven Poe, Edgar Allan
If Kipling, Rudyard
i carry your heart with me Cummings, Edward Estlin (E E)
When We Two Parted Byron, George (Lord)
She Walks in Beauty Byron, George (Lord)
Cradle Song Blake, William
Tears Idle Tears Tennyson, Alfred Lord
O Captain! My Captain! Whitman, Walt
A Satirical Elegy on the Death of a Late Famous General Swift, Jonathan
The Childrens Hour Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
The Tyger Blake, William
The Tables Turned Wordsworth, William
They Flee from Me Wyatt, Sir Thomas
Burning Drift-Wood Whittier, John Greenleaf
Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms Moore, Thomas
To a Lady on the Death of Her Husband Wheatley, Phillis
My Last Duchess Browning, Robert
Recessional Kipling, Rudyard
To His Coy Mistress Marvell, Andrew
Lines Composed a Few Miles above Tintern Abbey Wordsworth, William
Ode on a Grecian Urn Keats, John
The Prologue Bradstreet, Anne
The Fire of Drift-Wood Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
Ozymandias of Egypt Shelley, Percy Bysshe
Sonnet -- To Science Poe, Edgar Allan
I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud Wordsworth, William
Going to him! Happy letter! Dickinson, Emily
Daddy Plath, Sylvia
The Problem Emerson, Ralph Waldo
Loves Secret Blake, William
Give All to Love Emerson, Ralph Waldo
Lots Wife Akhmatova, Anna
You Are Tired Cummings, Edward Estlin (E E)
Youth and Age Byron, George (Lord)
The Dream Donne, John
To a Skylark Shelley, Percy Bysshe
Complaint of the Skeleton to Time Ginsberg, Allen
Haunted Sassoon, Siegfried
Gray Room (1917) Stevens, Wallace
The Day is Done Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
My heart O'Hara, Frank
Israfel Poe, Edgar Allan
Event Plath, Sylvia
The Skeleton in Armor Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
To the Honourable T. H. Esq; on the Death of his Daughter Wheatley, Phillis
My Lost Youth Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
Berck-Plage Plath, Sylvia
Oh Mother of a Mighty Race Bryant, William Cullen
Lady Lazarus Plath, Sylvia
Ode to a Nightingale Keats, John
The Village Blacksmith Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
A Forest Hymn Bryant, William Cullen
Summer Night Tennyson, Alfred Lord
it is at moments after i have dreamed Cummings, Edward Estlin (E E)
Song Blake, William
The Deserted Garden Browning, Elizabeth Barrett
All in green went my love riding Cummings, Edward Estlin (E E)
along the brittle treacherous bright streets Cummings, Edward Estlin (E E)
Without Warning Sappho,
Elm Plath, Sylvia
To Eva Emerson, Ralph Waldo
Stanzas Written in Dejection near Naples Shelley, Percy Bysshe
A Musical Instrument Browning, Elizabeth Barrett
Resignation Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
Daybreak Donne, John
A Psalm of Life Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
A Lament Shelley, Percy Bysshe
One word is too often profaned Shelley, Percy Bysshe
My Native Land Scott, Sir Walter
Sonnets from the Portuguese iii Browning, Elizabeth Barrett
The Millers Daughter Tennyson, Alfred Lord
A Forest Hymn Bryant, William Cullen
Nuremberg Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
Endymion Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
Seaweed Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
The Invitation Shelley, Percy Bysshe
Sonnets from the Portuguese ii Browning, Elizabeth Barrett
Lines to an Indian Air Shelley, Percy Bysshe
Lady Clare Tennyson, Alfred Lord
Maidenhood Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
Invocation Shelley, Percy Bysshe
Maud Tennyson, Alfred Lord
On the Castle of Chillon Byron, George (Lord)
Rosalinds Scroll Browning, Elizabeth Barrett
The Past Bryant, William Cullen
The Heritage Sassoon, Siegfried
The Indian Serenade Shelley, Percy Bysshe
From the Arabic: AN IMITATION Shelley, Percy Bysshe
A Part of an Ode ,
Simplex Munditiis ,
Prothalamion Spenser, Edmund
Thanatopsis Bryant, William Cullen
To a Waterfowl Bryant, William Cullen
The Conquerors Grave Bryant, William Cullen
Astrophel and Stella Sidney, Sir Philip
Saint Francis And The Sow Kinnell, Galway
The Future Life Bryant, William Cullen
On the throne of many hues Immortal Aphrodite Sappho,
I Cry Shakur, Tupac