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Famous Murder Poems | Examples of Famous Murder Poetry

These are examples of famous Murder poems written by famous poets. PoetrySoup is a great resource of famous Murder poems about Murder. These examples illustrate what famous Murder poems looks like and its form.

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Famous PoemPoet
The Flea Donne, John
The Tables Turned Wordsworth, William
Astrophel and Stella Sidney, Sir Philip
Memories of West Street and Lepke Lowell, Robert
White Flock Akhmatova, Anna
Pauls Wife Frost, Robert
The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock Eliot, Thomas Stearns Eliot (T S)
It dont sound so terrible -- quite -- as it did Dickinson, Emily
The Knights Tale Chaucer, Geoffrey
Fit the Fourth ( Hunting of the Snark ) Carroll, Lewis
The Hunting Of The Snark Carroll, Lewis
Fra Lippo Lippi Browning, Robert
A Study In Feeling Butler, Ellis Parker
One Day Brooke, Rupert
The Giaour Byron, George (Lord)
Bride of Abydos The Byron, George (Lord)
Lara Byron, George (Lord)
Dtatue And The Bust The Browning, Robert
The Statue and the Bust Browning, Robert
The House Of Dust: Part 02: 04: Nightmare Aiken, Conrad
The House Of Dust: Part 02: 11: Snow falls. The sky is grey and sullenly glares Aiken, Conrad
What Can We Do? Bukowski, Charles
The Genius Of The Crowd Bukowski, Charles
From Vashti Abercrombie, Lascelles
Snowbound a Winter Idyl Whittier, John Greenleaf
To Elsie Williams, William Carlos (WCW)
from Asphodel That Greeny Flower Williams, William Carlos (WCW)
Success Comes To Cow Creek Taylor, Edward
America Ginsberg, Allen
St. Winefreds Well Hopkins, Gerard Manley
London Voluntaries IV: Out of the Poisonous East Henley, William Ernest
The Dream of Eugene Aram Hood, Thomas
Mothers Day Proclamation Howe, Julia Ward
HANS SACHS POETICAL MISSION. von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang
The Eve Of St. Agnes Keats, John
Endymion: Book IV Keats, John
Isabella or The Pot of Basil Keats, John
Chapter Headings Kipling, Rudyard
Cleared Kipling, Rudyard
The eathen Kipling, Rudyard
The Lovers of the Poor Brooks, Gwendolyn
Natural Theology Kipling, Rudyard
The Third Epigram. (On an ATHEIST) Killigrew, Anne
Ulster Kipling, Rudyard
Hiawatha And The Pearl-Feather Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
The Death Of Kwasind Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
The Ship of Death Lawrence, David Herbert
Abraham Lincoln Walks at Midnight Lindsay, Vachel
Queen Mab in the Village Lindsay, Vachel
On Reading Omar Khayyam Lindsay, Vachel
Ballade of a Special Edition Levy, Amy
A Little History Lehman, David
Wittgensteins Ladder Lehman, David
Samson Agonistes Milton, John
Then Was My Neophyte Thomas, Dylan
To-Day This Insect Thomas, Dylan
A Refusal To Mourn The Death By Fire Of A Child In London Thomas, Dylan
The Hand That Signed The Paper Thomas, Dylan
The Children Sexton, Anne
Christmas Eve Sexton, Anne
Lesson In Grammar Scannell, Vernon
Wife Killer Scannell, Vernon
A Case Of Murder Scannell, Vernon
Winter de la Mare, Walter
Marie Bateson Masters, Edgar Lee
Barry Holden Masters, Edgar Lee
Modern Love II: It Ended and the Morrow Meredith, George
Modern Love: II Meredith, George
The Victor Dog Merrill, James
Ode To Tomatoes Neruda, Pablo
The Young Soldier Owen, Wilfred
Apologia Pro Poemate Meo Owen, Wilfred
The Dead-Beat Owen, Wilfred
The Man from Iron Bark Paterson, Andrew Barton
The Man From Ironbark Paterson, Andrew Barton
The Ghost of the Murderers Hut Paterson, Andrew Barton
Saturday Night in the Parthenon Patchen, Kenneth
An Island Robinson, Edwin Arlington
Clocks Sandburg, Carl
The Bride of Abydos Byron, George (Lord)
Survivors Sassoon, Siegfried
The Imperfect Lover Sassoon, Siegfried
Ancient History Sassoon, Siegfried
The Faerie Queene Book I Canto IV (excerpts) Spenser, Edmund
Sentimental Hangman Service, Robert William
The Ballad Of Blasphemous Bill Service, Robert William
The Monster Service, Robert William
The Worlds All Right Service, Robert William
Cardiac Service, Robert William
Homeward Bound Dyke, Henry Van
The Emigrants: Book II Turner Smith, Charlotte
Cassandra Schiller, Friedrich von
Feast Of Victory Schiller, Friedrich von
Hero And Leander Schiller, Friedrich von
The Artists Schiller, Friedrich von
The Damp Donne, John
The Cranes Of Ibycus Schiller, Friedrich von
The Hostage Schiller, Friedrich von