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Famous Horror Poems | Examples of Famous Horror Poetry

These are examples of famous Horror poems written by famous poets. PoetrySoup is a great resource of famous Horror poems about Horror. These examples illustrate what famous Horror poems looks like and its form.

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Famous PoemPoet
The Raven Poe, Edgar Allan
The Conqueror Worm Poe, Edgar Allan
Haunted Sassoon, Siegfried
Epithalamion Spenser, Edmund
Hospital Window Ginsberg, Allen
A Childs Nightmare Graves, Robert
The Progress of Poesy Gray, Thomas
Hymn To Adversity Gray, Thomas
The Fatal Sisters Gray, Thomas
The Bard Gray, Thomas
chickens claw Gregory, Rg
the rest home Gregory, Rg
Middle Passage Hayden, Robert
Lizards And Snakes Hecht, Anthony
Crow Blacker than ever Hughes, Ted
How To Paint A Water Lily Hughes, Ted
We Are Those People Jeffers, Robinson
Contemplation Of The Sword Jeffers, Robinson
A Pindaric Ode ,
The Cathedral of Rheims Kilmer, Joyce
The Intruder Kizer, Carolyn
On The Meeting Of García Lorca And Hart Crane Levine, Philip
The Rat Of Faith Levine, Philip
The Great Adventure of Max Breuck Lowell, Amy
After Hearing a Waltz by Bartok Lowell, Amy
Covering Wings Mansfield, Katherine
On The Victory Obtained By Blake Over the Spaniards In The Bay Of Scanctacruze In The Island Of teneriff.1657 Marvell, Andrew
Blakes Victory Marvell, Andrew
Upon Appleton House to My Lord Fairfax Marvell, Andrew
Last Instructions to a Painter Marvell, Andrew
Dire Cure Matthews, William
Misgivings Melville, Herman
Comus Milton, John
Paradise Lost: Book 02 Milton, John
On Home Beaches Murray, Les
The Space Heater Olds, Sharon
The Show Owen, Wilfred
Saturday Night in the Parthenon Patchen, Kenneth
Eloisa to Abelard Pope, Alexander
The Rape of the Lock Pope, Alexander
The Rape of the Lock: Canto 3 Pope, Alexander
The Drowned Man Pushkin, Alexander
Sleeping at last Rossetti, Christina
Beneath Thy Cross Rossetti, Christina
Glory Of Women Sassoon, Siegfried
Counter-Attack Sassoon, Siegfried
Absolution Sassoon, Siegfried
The Rear-Guard Sassoon, Siegfried
Everyone Sang Sassoon, Siegfried
The Redeemer Sassoon, Siegfried
Trench Duty Sassoon, Siegfried
Liebestod Seeger, Alan
The Sultans Palace Seeger, Alan
Talking To Little Birdies Simic, Charles
A Song To David Smart, Christopher
The Emigrants: Book II Turner Smith, Charlotte
To Horror Southey, Robert
Mary - A Ballad Southey, Robert
Rudiger - A Ballad Southey, Robert
The Triumph Of Woman Southey, Robert
Ante Aram Brooke, Rupert
The Life Beyond Brooke, Rupert
The Lovers of the Poor Brooks, Gwendolyn
Human Life’s Mystery Browning, Elizabeth Barrett
Cleon Browning, Robert
Up At A Villa— Down In The City Browning, Robert
The Laboratory Browning, Robert
306. Election Ballad at close of Contest for representing the Dumfries Burghs 1790 Burns, Robert
528. Song—On Chloris being ill Burns, Robert
104. The Lament Burns, Robert
Did you ever stand in a Caverns Mouth -- Dickinson, Emily
What Soft -- Cherubic Creatures Dickinson, Emily
The Soul has Bandaged moments -- Dickinson, Emily
Tis so appalling -- it exhilarates Dickinson, Emily
One need not be a Chamber -- to be Haunted -- Dickinson, Emily
Two Lengths has every Day -- Dickinson, Emily
That after Horror -- that twas us Dickinson, Emily
The first Days Night had come Dickinson, Emily
The Loneliness One dare not sound -- Dickinson, Emily
I tried to think a lonelier Thing Dickinson, Emily
The Marriage Of Geraint Tennyson, Alfred Lord
The Princess (part 5) Tennyson, Alfred Lord
Lucretius Tennyson, Alfred Lord
Balin and Balan Tennyson, Alfred Lord
Gareth And Lynette Tennyson, Alfred Lord
The Holy Grail Tennyson, Alfred Lord
The Bells Poe, Edgar Allan
The Giaour Byron, George (Lord)
Bride of Abydos The Byron, George (Lord)
The Bride of Abydos Byron, George (Lord)
Hiawathas Sailing Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
Heroic Poem in Praise of Wine Belloc, Hilaire
Endymion: Book IV Keats, John
Endymion: Book II Keats, John
Fit the Seventh ( Hunting of the Snark ) Carroll, Lewis
The Three Voices Carroll, Lewis
The Hunting Of The Snark Carroll, Lewis
To Heaven Herrick, Robert
His Meditation Upon Death Herrick, Robert