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The Father of the Predicaments

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Written by: Heather McHugh | Biography
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 He came at night to each of us asleep
And trained us in the virtues we most lacked.
Me he admonished to return his stare Correctly, without fear.
Unless I could, Unblinking, more and more incline Toward a deep unblinkingness of his, He would not let me rest.
Outside In the dark of the world, at the foot Of the library steps, there lurked A Mercury of rust, its cab half-lit.
(Two worldly forms who huddled there Knew what they meant.
I had no business With the things they knew.
Nor did I feel myself Drawn back through Circulation into Reference, Until I saw how blue I had become, by virtue Of its five TVs, their monitors abuzz with is's Etymologies.

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