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The Wedding of the Rose and the Lotos

Written by: Vachel Lindsay | Biography
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 The wide Pacific waters 
And the Atlantic meet.
With cries of joy they mingle, In tides of love they greet.
Above the drowned ages A wind of wooing blows: — The red rose woos the lotos, The lotos woos the rose .
The lotos conquered Egypt.
The rose was loved in Rome.
Great India crowned the lotos: (Britain the rose's home).
Old China crowned the lotos, They crowned it in Japan.
But Christendom adored the rose Ere Christendom began .
The lotos speaks of slumber: The rose is as a dart.
The lotos is Nirvana: The rose is Mary's heart.
The rose is deathless, restless, The splendor of our pain: The flush and fire of labor That builds, not all in vain.
The genius of the lotos Shall heal earth's too-much fret.
The rose, in blinding glory, Shall waken Asia yet.
Hail to their loves, ye peoples! Behold, a world-wind blows, That aids the ivory lotos To wed the red red rose!

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