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Staying Overnight with Abbot Zan (Abbot of Dayun Temple in the capital, exiled to this place)

Written by: Du Fu | Biography
Cane tin how come here
Autumn wind already sough
Rain waste large court chrysanthemum
Frost topple half pool lotus
Banish rather against nature
Void not leave Chan
Mutual meet all night stay
Gansu moon toward man round

How did your tin-edged cane get here?
The autumn wind's already sighing.
The rain's laid waste the great court's chrysanthemums,
And frost has felled half the pond's lotuses.
Banished, you don't renounce your nature,
In limbo, you don't depart from Chan.
Now we've met, we can spend all night together,
The Gansu moon shines round upon us.

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