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Seeing off Hermit Wen Back to Former Residence White Goose Peak in the Yellow Mountains

Written by: Li Bai | Biography
Thousands of feet high towers the Yellow Mountains
With its thirty-two magnificent peaks,
Blooming like golden lotus flowers
Amidst red crags and rock columns.
Once I was on its lofty summit, Admiring Tianmu Pine below.
The place is still traceable where the immortal Before ascending to heaven made elixir out of jade.
Now you embark on your journey there alone--- Another Wen Boxue* I happened to meet--- Who've been to Five Mountains for beauty of nature, Leaving behind countless ranges of hills.
Homeward you go back to White Goose Ridge, Back to drink from your Elixir Well.
If by chance I pay you a visit, I expect to be met by your light carriage.
Eastwards from Lingyang you bend your steps, And pick your way through fragrant bushes, Many a stream and many a ford, Peaks upon peaks shutting out the sky That's where I'll call on you some other day Across a bridge that spans cliffs like a rainbow.

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